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  1. Emile Gallé... A Master of Many Mediums

    Gilbert, Anne

    Gilbert, Anne Renninger's Antique Guide v. 17, no. 15, July 22- Aug. 4, 1991, p. 1 AI26963 ill. CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  2. Engraved Glass in Wiltshire

    Lloyd, Philip

    Lloyd, Philip The Glass Engraver no. 64, Autumn 1991, pp. 13-18 AI29751 ill. 17th-20th-c. pieces: Williamite and Jacobite glasses, Laurence Whistler, etc CitationDB Glass- Great Britain Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP863.G55 ...

  3. Exhibitions: Fred Tschida

    Kangas, Matthew

    Kangas, Matthew Glass no. 43, Spring 1991, p. 52 AI26613 ill. Additional info: New York Experimental Glass Workshop Review of Seattle exhibit CitationDB Tschida, Fred Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N54 ...

  4. Das neue Bild vom Glas des Mittelalters

    Ricke, Helmut

    Ricke, Helmut Weltkunst v. 58, no. 10, May 15, 1988, pp. 1528-1531 AI21050 ill. Bonn exhibition, "Phönix aus Sand und Asche." CitationDB Glassware, Medieval ...

  5. Everglassting-- Recent Commissions.

    Baveystock, Zelda.

    Baveystock, Zelda. Cameo, no. 17, Summer 1998, p. 1. AI38002 Broadfield House Glass Museum. The museum's resident glass artists, Susan Nixon and Allister Malcolm, receive individual commissions. CitationDB Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  6. Treasures of Islamic Art

    Atil, Esin

    Atil, Esin The World & I v. 6, no. 2, Feb. 1991, pp. 202-209 AI27510 ill. Enameled vase, 14th c CitationDB Glassware, Islamic ...

  7. Green Glass. Recycling: Mehr als nur ein Wort

    Kuckuk, Alexander

    Kuckuk, Alexander Art Aurea no. 1, 1995, p. 22 AI36721 ill. Examples of recycled glass drinking glasses CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  8. Reviews: Gerard Perrone, Science and Vision

    Cutler, Dick

    Cutler, Dick New Work no. 35, Fall 1988, pp. 33-35 AI21228 ill. CitationDB Perrone, Gerard Flat glass Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N54 ...

  9. What Was the Primary Use of 'Low Side Windows'

    Gardner, Iltyd

    Gardner, Iltyd Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Transactions v. 43, 1921, pp. 219-226, plate 17 AI30549 ill. CitationDB ...

  10. Boston Diary

    Lamar, Michael

    Lamar, Michael New Work no. 35, Fall 1988, pp. 8-17 AI21271 ill. 12 glass artists in the Boston area CitationDB Kurtz/d'Onofrio/Walters/Ross/Grebe/Pappenheimer/Cohen/Hutter / S.C. Black/Zelaya/Magdanz/Shapiro Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals ...

  11. Swarovski Designer Adi Stocker


    Swarovski Collector v. 9, no. 1, Spring/Summer 1995, p. 5 AI36428 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  12. Vessel Glass Deterioration at the Victoria and Albert Museum: Surveying the Collection

    Oakley, Victoria

    Oakley, Victoria The Conservator no. 14, 1990, pp. 30-36 AI24799 ill. CitationDB Glass ...

  13. Stained Glass Past and Present

    Robinson, Geoffrey A. K

    Robinson, Geoffrey A. K Umbrella v. 2, no. 8, Summer 1962, pp. 157-162 AI28329 ill. Additional info: Coventry CitationDB ...

  14. Notable Works: Shawn Athari


    Professional Stained Glass v. 9, no. 11, Nov. 1989, pp. 44-45 AI23179 ill. CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5300.P96 ...

  15. Olga Dvigoubsky Cinnamon: A Passion for Beads and Fiber.

    Pitkin, Doree.

    Pitkin, Doree. Beadwork, v. 1, no. 1, Winter 1998, pp. 15-17, ill. 1088-3630 AI39978 CitationDB Glass beads CMG ...

  16. Pictorial Pattern Parade

    Britt, John

    Britt, John Britt, Lucile Heart of America Carnival Glass Association Bulletin continuing series: Jan. 1989--Dec. 1989 AI24075 CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  17. Kostbarkeiten des Historismus

    Neuwirth, Waltraud

    Neuwirth, Waltraud Antiquitäten Zeitung no. 7, March 27, 1987, pp. 160-162 AI20036 ill. Oriental-style glasses by Lobmeyr CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- Central Europe ...

  18. Exhibition: Jacqueline Lillie, Beaded Jewelry

    Ross, Anne L

    Ross, Anne L Ornament v. 14, no. 3, Spring 1991, p. 35 AI26648 ill. Washington, DC, exhibit CitationDB Lillie, Jacqueline Glass Art 1945- ...

  19. A Bit of Detective Work

    Nightingale, Mark

    Nightingale, Mark British Bottle Review no. 44, Jan./Feb./March 1990, p. 18 AI26144 ill. 18th-c. wine bottles with seals CitationDB Bottles Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5440.B6.B86 ...

  20. De fascinatie van het onbekende

    Mars, Alexandra

    Mars, Alexandra Liefkes, Reino Vormen uit Vuur no. 146, 1992, pp. 28-33 AI35609 ill. H. E. Henkes, collector of 16th-18th-c. Dutch glasses CitationDB Glass- Netherlands ...

  21. Top 100 Treasures: Big In-vestment.


    Art & Antiques, v. 21, no. 3, March 1998, p. 88, ill. 0195-8208 AI37928 Libenský/Brychtová sculpture Vestment I given to the Mint Museum in North Carolina. CitationDB Libenský, Stanislav. Brychtová, Jaroslava. Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  22. Exhibitions: Diana Hobson

    Lynn, Martha Drexler

    Lynn, Martha Drexler Glass no. 43, Spring 1991, p. 48 AI26624 ill. Additional info: New York Experimental Glass Workshop Review of Los Angeles exhibit CitationDB Hobson, Diana Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N54 ...

  23. Types of Cutting Styles and Their Associated Motifs

    Havens, James M

    Havens, James M The Hobstar v. 13, no. 4, Dec. 1990, pp. 6-8 AI25128 ill. English and American cut glass CitationDB Glass History Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5112.H68 ...

  24. Native American Beadwork

    Klinkenborg, Verlyn

    Klinkenborg, Verlyn Architectural Digest v. 49, no. 6, June 1992, pp. 132-137+ AI28815 ill. CitationDB Glass beads ...

  25. The Stewart & Holmes Drug Company

    Bethman, David

    Bethman, David Bottles and Extras no. 6, Aug. 1990, pp. 13-19 AI25922 ill. Medicine bottles CitationDB Bottles ...

  26. Current Research on Beads and Pendants from San Luis de Talimali Mission, Florida

    Mitchem, Jeffrey M

    Mitchem, Jeffrey M The Bead Forum no. 18, April 1991, pp. 8-11 AI27024 CitationDB Glass beads ...

  27. Bruce Chao's Arc from Purity to the Uncanny

    Kuspit, Donald

    Kuspit, Donald Glass no. 51, Spring 1993, pp. 16-23 AI30974 ill. Additional info: New York Experimental Glass Workshop CitationDB Chao, Bruce Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N54 ...

  28. On the East Window of St. Stephen's Church, Norwich

    Harford, Dundas

    Harford, Dundas Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society for the Encouragement and Prosecution of Research into the Early Arts and Monuments of the County of Norfolk, Original Papers v. 15, part 3, 1904, pp. 335-348, 1 plate AI32484 ill. CitationDB ...

  29. Tumblers

    Clark, Gordon

    Clark, Gordon Pony Express three-part series: v. 20, no. 9, Sept. 1995--v. 20, nos. 11/12, Nov./Dec. 1995. AI36939 Heisey tumblers CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  30. Expositions, actualités: Le Verre dans l'art contemporain

    Rhebergen, Robi

    Rhebergen, Robi La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre no. 45, March/April 1989, p. 66 AI23110 ill. Bert van Loo pieces at a Rotterdam gallery CitationDB Van Loo, Bert Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK4097.R45 ...

  31. Az irizáló üveg: Pantocsek Leó Valentin munkássága/Iridescent Glass: The Oeuvre of Leó Valentin Pantocsek

    Varga, Vera

    Varga, Vera Művészet no. 4, 1988, pp. 20-25 AI21193 ill. Hungarian who developed an iridizing technique in the Zahn factory, Zlatno, in the 1860s CitationDB Glass- Balkan Peninsula ...

  32. The Touro Synagogue Windows

    Waggoner, Shawn

    Waggoner, Shawn Glass Art Magazine v. 7, no. 1, Nov./Dec. 1991, pp. 4-7 AI27753 ill. Rambusch Studios translates Gene Koss and Ida Kohlmeyer's designs into windows, New Orleans CitationDB Koss, Gene Glass Painting & Staining Location:  ...

  33. Challenges in Architectural Glass

    Cahill, Maureen

    Cahill, Maureen Ausglass Magazine post-Conference edition, 1991, pp. 35-38 AI27920 CitationDB Flat glass ...

  34. Návrat do Čech: Sklářský ateliér Lobmeyr

    Adlerová, Alena

    Adlerová, Alena Umění a Řemesla v. 36, no. 1, 1994, pp. 17-23 AI32862 ill. 19th- and 20th-c. Lobmeyr glass, especially engraved glass, and present-day efforts to revive contacts with Czech engravers English summary CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- ...

  35. Das latènezeitliche Gräberfeld bei Dubník. I

    Bujna, Jozef

    Bujna, Jozef Slovenská Archeológia v. 37, no. 2, 1989, pp. 245-354 AI25249 ill. Beads CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  36. Current and Coming: Glass Drinking Vessels

    Ledes, Allison Eckardt

    Ledes, Allison Eckardt Antiques v. 143, no. 4, April 1993, p. 524+ AI30934 ill. Exhibition at The Corning Museum of Glass CitationDB Glass ...