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  1. Anemone Air Trap Implosion Marble.

    Alé, Bashi.

    Alé, Bashi. The Flow, (Summer 2011), pp. 51-53, ill. AI84213 Step-by-step demonstration by the author. CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP859.2.F64 ...

  2. The Glasshouse.


    Pottery Gazette, XCV, No. 1115, May 1970, p. 23, ill. AI84157 Studio at Neal Street, London. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  3. Laser Applications: Laser Engraving Glass.

    Spence, J. Stephen.

    Spence, J. Stephen. The Engravers Journal, v. 36, no. 4 (Oct. 2010), p. 8+, ill. 0099-0043 AI80233 Topics include engraving a flat glass ornament/sun catcher, a wine bottle, a flat mirror, engraving with or without a cylindrical attachment, and preparing ...

  4. Journée d'Etudes Perrot.

    Painchart, Benoît.

    Painchart, Benoît. Eclats de Verre, no. 16 (nov. 2010), p. 54, ill. 1777-1056 AI85339 Revue des Généalogies des Familles Verrières Report on the Bernard Perrot study day, held in Orléans and Fay-aux-Loges, France. CitationDB Glass France Location:  ...

  5. Painting With Light Through Colored Glass.

    Tryggvadotter, Nina.

    Tryggvadotter, Nina. Stained Glass 67, No. 1, Spring 1972, pp. 4-13, ill. AI81821 CitationDB Glass Painting and Staining Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5300.S78 ...

  6. A Box of Schackert Porcelain.

    Strasser, Rudolf von.

    Strasser, Rudolf von. Journal of Glass Studies, IX, 1967, pp. 118-121, ill. AI84983 CitationDB Glass Germany Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5100.J86 ...

  7. Die Anfänge der römischen Glashütten Kölns.

    Dexel, Th.

    Dexel, Th. Glastechnische Berichte, 40, No. 10, October 1967, p. 409, ill. AI84761 CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  8. Twentieth Anniversary of The Corning Museum of Glass.

    Butler, Joseph T.

    Butler, Joseph T. Connoisseur, 178, No. 715, September 1971, pp. 57-58, ill. AI82204 CitationDB Glass History ...

  9. Behandlung korrodierter geschliffener Gläser.

    Karl, F. W.

    Karl, F. W. Arbeitsblätter für Restauratioren, 3, No. 2, 1970, pp. 17-19, ill. AI83297 Impregnation with Durol. CitationDB Glass Technology ...

  10. Denominazioni antiche dei prodotti muranesi.

    Zecchin, Luigi.

    Zecchin, Luigi. Vetro e Silicati, XIII, No. 74, No. 2, March-April 1968, pp. 25-28, ill. AI83114 CitationDB Glass Italy ...

  11. Eingeglaste pasten der Neuwelter Glashütte aus der ersten Hälfte des 19 Jahrhunderts.

    Brožová, Jarmila.

    Brožová, Jarmila. Annales du 5 Congrès International d'Etude Historique du Verre, Prague, 1970. Liège, 1972, pp. 251-260, ill. AI82005 CitationDB Glass Central Europe ...

  12. Constrained Sintering of a Glass Ceramic Composite: I. Asymmetric Laminate.

    Ollagnier, Jean-Baptiste.

    Ollagnier, Jean-Baptiste. Guillon, Olivier. Rödel, Jürgen. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, v. 93, no. 1 (Jan. 2010), pp. 74-81, ill. 0002-7820 AI80770 CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP785.A51 ...

  13. The Man Who Could Do Everything.

    Scherer, Barrymore Laurence.

    Scherer, Barrymore Laurence. The Magazine Antiques, v. 178, no. 4 (July/Aug. 2011), pp. 146-153, ill. 0161-9284 AI83067 "The full measure of Louis Comfort Tiffany's many talents comes to life in the Morse Museum's new wing evoking Laurelton ...

  14. Pattern Glass Depends on Dominant Motif.

    Jenkins, Dorothy H.

    Jenkins, Dorothy H. Tri-State Trader 5, No. 8, May 27, 1972, p. 1, ill. AI81479 CitationDB Glass United States ...

  15. Another Gilt Glass Bottle.

    Watson, Oliver.

    Watson, Oliver. Islamic History and Civilization, v. 68: Facts and Artefacts: Art in the Islamic World: Festschrift for Jens Kröger on His 65th Birthday, Leiden, Boston: Koninklijke Brill NV, 2007, pp. 105-120, ill. AI83873 Wadad Kadi, Annette Hagedorn, ...

  16. Exposition d'art folklorique et graphique ukrainien.

    Hegedus, E.

    Hegedus, E. Müvészet, X, No. 4, April 1969, pp. 37, ill. AI82967 Ukranian folk glass. CitationDB Glass History ...

  17. CGS Mentoring Scheme: The End of the Journey.

    McManus, Liz Waugh.

    McManus, Liz Waugh. Thwaites, Angela. Glass Network, issue 38 (Dec. 2010), p. 6, ill. 1476-9247 AI80710 Contemporary Glass Society, U.K. Mentor and mentee talk about their experience. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  18. Glas des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts mit Ordensketten.

    Ohm, Analiese.

    Ohm, Analiese. Journal of Glass Studies, XII, 1970, pp. 102-135, ill. AI83561 CitationDB Glass Central Europe Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5100.J86 ...

  19. Susan Longini: A Glass Residency.

    Longini, Susan.

    Longini, Susan. A Glance at Glass, (Summer 2010), pp. 2-5, ill. 1934-8665 AI80281 Glass Alliance of Northern California Artist talks about her residency at North Lands Creative Glass, Lybster, Scotland. CitationDB Longini, Susan Glass Art 1945- Location:  ...

  20. Un sarofago di eta romana scoperto nella necropoli tumulare di Callasir (Manfalia).

    Radulescu, A.

    Radulescu, A. Coman, E. Sravru, C. Pontica, 6, 1973, pp. 247-265, ill. AI81351 Objects from a Roman sarcophagus, mid 2nd century A.D. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  21. #555 English Hobnail in Roselin or Pink.

    Mitchell, Linda.

    Mitchell, Linda. Westmoreland Glass Society Inc, (Summer 2010), pp. 1-2, ill. AI80112 Newsletter of the Westmoreland Glass Society Overview of Westmoreland's largest tableware line, introduced in the 1920s. CitationDB Glass United States Location:  ...

  22. Glassware of the Xth-XIIIth centuries on Site I in Gdanśk.

    Chmielowska, Aldona.

    Chmielowska, Aldona. Gdanśk Wezesnośredniowieczny, III, 1960, pp. 105-158, ill. AI82656 In Polish; English abstract pp. 157-158. CitationDB Glassware, Medieval ...

  23. 1231 Ribbed Octagon.

    Ludwig, Walter.

    Ludwig, Walter. Heisey News, v. 39, no. 12 (Dec. 2010), cover and pp. 5-7, ill. 0731-8014 AI80453 Pattern produced about 1929 to 1933. CitationDB Glass United States Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5112.9.H4.H4737 ...

  24. Made in the U.S.A. or in Canada?

    Schwartz, Barry K.

    Schwartz, Barry K. HLSC Font & Flame, v. 10, nos. 1/2 (2009), pp. 19-26, ill. 1187-1989 AI80194 The Journal of the Historical Lighting Society of Canada Miniature glass lamps. CitationDB Glass United States Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  25. Specialist Profile: Chapel Studio.

    Terry, Chris.

    Terry, Chris. House & Garden, v. 65, no. 10 (Oct. 2010), pp. 151-152, ill. AI80556 "Conservator and maker of stained glass, which has played a pivotal role in the restoration of Strawberry Hill." CitationDB Chapel Studio Glass Art 1945- ...

  26. Vragenubriek.

    Heukenseldt, Jansen M.-A.

    Heukenseldt, Jansen M.-A. Antiek, 6, No. 3, October 1971, p. 211, ill. AI82694 English glass engraved in style of J. Sang. CitationDB Glass Great Britain ...

  27. Paperweights for the Advanced Collector.

    Leffingwell, B. H.

    Leffingwell, B. H. The Fourth Antiques Treasury 1969, pp. 12-14, ill. AI81511 CitationDB Glass United States ...

  28. The Glass of Choice: Color Creating Impressions.

    Oddy, Robert.

    Oddy, Robert. Glass Craftsman, no. 219 (Autumn 2010), pp. 16-19, ill. 1079-199X AI81870 Focus on technical aspects. CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TT298.G545 ...

  29. Be Sure to Look for that Hidden Embossing.

    Maurath, Joseph, Jr.

    Maurath, Joseph, Jr. Western Collector, VIII, Nos. 1-2, January-February 1970, pp. 48-49, ill. AI83484 Insulators. CitationDB Glass United States ...

  30. Boda: We Are Bailing Out the Boat and Spreading Production.

    Boman, Monica.

    Boman, Monica. Forum, 67, No. 529, No. 1, 1971, pp. 4, 5, 12-13, 14, ill. AI82882 In Swedish, English summary. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  31. Pâte-de-verre.

    Garner, Philippe.

    Garner, Philippe. Discovering Antiques, No. 57, 1971, np., ill. AI82759 CitationDB Glass History ...

  32. Cast Pyrex Glass Block: Illuminating Its History and Conservation Issues.

    Jablonski, Mary.

    Jablonski, Mary. APT Bulletin, v. 41, no. 2/3 (2010), pp. 37-45, ill. 0044-9466 AI81061 The Journal of Preservation Technology CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TH3401.B93 ...

  33. Flame Synthesis of Aluminate Glass Microspheres.

    Prnová, Anna and others.

    Prnová, Anna and others. Glass Technology, v. 51, no. 6 (Dec. 2010), pp. 248-252, ill. 1753-3546 AI80695 European Journal of Glass Science and Technology, Part A CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP854.S67j ...

  34. Insight Gained: Freezing Perfection in Glass.

    Harbrecht, Linda.

    Harbrecht, Linda. The Crafts Report, v. 37, no. 426 (Oct. 2011), pp. 8-11, ill. 0160-7650 AI84222 Profile of beadmaking artist Nina "Sam" Hibler. CitationDB Hibler, Nina "Sam" Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  35. Deux Japonais à Murano.

    Vedrenne, Elisabeth.

    Vedrenne, Elisabeth. Connaissance des Arts, no. 694 (juin 2011), pp. 68-73, ill. 0293-9274 AI81886 Profile of artists Ritsue Mishima and Yoichi Ohira. CitationDB Mishima, Ritsue Ohira, Yoichi Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER N2.C75 ...

  36. A Beginners Guide to the Chinese Snuff Bottles.

    Moss, Hugh.

    Moss, Hugh. Antique Dealer and Collectors Guide, December 1970, pp. 93-97, ill. AI84166 CitationDB Glass East Asia ...