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  1. Una bottiglia vitrea con marchio di Cerdo

    Antico Gallina, M. V

    Antico Gallina, M. V Bollettino della Società Piemontese di Archeologia e Belle Arti v. 35/37, 1981-1983, pp. 5-10 AI24012 Square bottle with mark "CERDONIS C C" from Tortona in Piedmont CitationDB Glassware, Ancient Call Number:  No call ...

  2. Rich Tapestries: Helen Banes

    Fitzgerald, Diane

    Fitzgerald, Diane Ornament v. 14, no. 4, Summer 1991, pp. 52-55 AI27015 ill. Beaded jewelry CitationDB Glass beads ...

  3. Fux Team: Its Search for Time and Space in Glass

    Rathanová, Tereza

    Rathanová, Tereza New Glass Review v. 48, no. 12, 1993, p. 29 AI32951 ill. Additional info: Czech Prague group creates architectural and exhibition projects In English and German CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5171 ...

  4. Alassa (Cyprus). Excavations.

    Karageorghis, V.

    Karageorghis, V. Fasti Archaeologici, vv. 36-37, 1991, pp. 1175-1176. AI37783 Bracelets and vessels found at 7th-14th-c. sites. CitationDB Glassware, Medieval CMG ...

  5. Sandblasting: The Abrasive Etch

    McDaniel, Will Roy

    McDaniel, Will Roy Stained Glass, The Magazine of the Society of British Master Glass-Painters Spring/Summer 1992, pp. 16-19 AI29670 ill. CitationDB Glass ...

  6. News-Briefs: Burial Chambers Discovered


    European Cultural Heritage Newsletter v. 4, no. 1, Feb. 1990, p. 47 AI24981 Brief note about glass vessels found in 3rd-c. A.D. Teuton grave near Krefeld, Germany CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  7. Mir iskusstva. Sled ot vzmakha-- krylat

    Polyanskaya, Arina

    Polyanskaya, Arina Dekorativnoe Iskusstvo SSSR no. 7 (no. 392), 1990, pp. 2-6 AI25564 ill. Soviet artist Lyubov Savelyeva English summary CitationDB Savelyeva, Lyubov Glass Art 1945- ...

  8. Jiří Harcuba, Czech Artist, Receives Rakow Commission


    Journal of Glass Studies v. 37, 1995, p. 154. AI36360 CitationDB Harcuba, Jiří. Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5100.J86 ...

  9. Yoshinogari, a Yayoi Settlement in Northern Kyushu

    Hudson, Mark

    Hudson, Mark Barnes, Gina L Monumenta Nipponica v. 46, no. 2, Summer 1991, pp. 211-235 AI27277 ill. Additional info: Tokyo Cylindrical lead-glass beads, probably made in China CitationDB Glass- East Asia ...

  10. Expositions actualités: Dana Zámečníková (Paris); Sylvie Gaudin (Coutances); Erich Schamschula (Paris)

    Andréani, Carole

    Andréani, Carole La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre no. 55, Nov./Dec. 1990, pp. 57-58 AI25118 ill. CitationDB Zámec|ňíková, Dana/Gaudin, Sylvie/Schamschula, Erich Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK4097.R45 ...

  11. Artists Profile: Katherine Gray.


    Glass Gazette, Summer 1992, p. 13, ill. AI29756 Additional info: Toronto CitationDB Gray, Katherine Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  12. Unravelling Ruffner

    Kangas, Matthew

    Kangas, Matthew Glass no. 43, Spring 1991, pp. 20-29 AI26614 ill. Additional info: New York Experimental Glass Workshop Ginny Ruffner CitationDB Ruffner, Ginny Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N54 ...

  13. Photosensitive Resists

    Fenton, Dan

    Fenton, Dan Bradford, Kathy Professional Stained Glass v. 8, no. 1, Feb. 1988, pp. 12-17 AI21812 ill. CitationDB Glass Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5300.P96 ...

  14. Expositions actualités: Magic Room, verriers slovaques

    Morlot, Valérie

    Morlot, Valérie La Revue de la Céramique et du Verre no. 47, July/Aug. 1989, p. 77 AI22281 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK4097.R45 ...

  15. Gallery.


    American Craft, v. 58, no. 2, April/May 1998, pp. 82-87, ill. 0194-8008 AI37670 Work in recent exhibitions by Shane Fero, Jose Chardiet, Rick Beck, Peter Kreider. CitationDB Fero, Shane. Chardiet, Jose. Beck, Rick. Kreider, Peter. Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  16. 19th Century Pharmaceutical Glassware

    Richardson, K. D

    Richardson, K. D The Glass Cone no. 16, Winter 1987-1988, pp. 3-5 AI20338 ill. CitationDB Glass- Great Britain Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5104.G5383 ...

  17. A Glass Education

    Layton, Peter

    Layton, Peter Crafts no. 95, Nov./Dec. 1988, p. 13 AI21276 Additional info: U. K. Programs at Sars Poteries CitationDB Sars Poteries Glass Art 1945- ...

  18. Lead Plays Supporting Role in Stained Glass Architecture


    Elements, a Publication of the Doe Run Company v. 5, no. 2, Fall 1992, p. 2 AI29879 ill. Additional info: St. Louis Windows by Mel Meyer and Emil Frei Studios CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  19. Southwest Art


    Glass Line v. 2, no. 3, Oct./Nov. 1988, p. 1+ AI21712 ill. Additional info: Huntington Beach, CA Lampworker Lewis Wilson CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP859.G55 ...

  20. The Enterprising Czechs. Part 3

    Harris, Elizabeth

    Harris, Elizabeth The Bead Museum Quarterly v. 5, no. 3, April 1991, p. 3 AI33421 ill. Representational beads CitationDB Glass beads ...

  21. 'Children' of Indo-Pacific Beads

    Francis, Peter, Jr

    Francis, Peter, Jr Ornament v. 13, no. 4, Summer 1990, pp. 70-71+ AI24805 ill. Subsidiary beads first made in Arikamedu, India CitationDB Glass beads ...

  22. Marvin Lipofsky, Roving Ambassador of Glass

    White, Cheryl

    White, Cheryl American Craft v. 51, no. 5, Oct./Nov. 1991, pp. 46-51 AI27095 ill. CitationDB Lipofsky, Marvin Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TT1.C875 ...

  23. Harmoniously Integrated.


    Schott Information, no. 81, Jan. 1997, p. 21, ill. 0586-7665 AI37703 Windows for Munich church designed by Jörg Zimmerman. CitationDB Zimmerman, Jörg. Glass painting and staining CMG ...

  24. Sklářské výstavy v létě 1987

    Adlerová, Alena

    Adlerová, Alena Umění a Řemesla no. 1, 1988, pp. 1-4 AI20492 ill. Prague exhibition: Libenský/Brychtová, Rybák, Forejtová CitationDB Libenský/Brychtová/Rybák, Forejtová Glass Art 1945- ...

  25. Glas in lood


    Vereniging van Vrienden van Modern Glas, Bulletin v. 3, no. 4, Dec. 1989, pp. 7-8 AI23783 Summary of a lecture on Dutch stained glass CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  26. Marianne Davies, the Glass Harmonica and Nerve Derangement

    Piotrowski, Kenneth R

    Piotrowski, Kenneth R Glass Music International Journal 1988, pp. 5-7 AI21852 CitationDB Glass ...

  27. Die frühmittelalterlichen Gräberfelder von Gusen und Auhof bei Perg in Oberösterreich. Teil 1: Gusen

    Tovornik, Vlasta

    Tovornik, Vlasta Archaeologia Austriaca v. 69, 1985, pp. 165-214 AI21178 ill. Beads of various types from Austrian site CitationDB Glassware, Medieval Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass Styles-- Medieval (German) ...

  28. A chacun son ouvrier ou le développement du culte de saint Joseph dans le vitrail du XIXe siècle en Trégor et Léon

    Dantec, Dominique

    Dantec, Dominique Bulletin de la Société Archéologique du Finistère v. 113, 1984, pp. 377-389 AI24745 CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  Location: Glass painting and staining-- France-- ...

  29. Unser beiden Herzen


    Antiquitäten Zeitung no. 20, Sept. 29, 1989, pp. 579-580 AI24049 ill. Auction of 18th-c. cut glass at Heilbronn CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- Central Europe ...

  30. 'The Glass Canvas'

    Boyer, Diane

    Boyer, Diane Artists in Stained Glass Bulletin June/July 1994, p. 4. AI33365 Review of exhibit at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery, Waterloo CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  31. Notable Works: Dawn Douet


    Professional Stained Glass v. 10, no. 9, Sept. 1990, pp. 44-45 AI25057 ill. CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5300.P96 ...

  32. Creative Glass Center of America Welcomes 5 Masterwork Artists


    The Journal, A Newsletter for Friends of Wheaton Village v. 13, no. 3, July/Aug./Sept. 1990, p. 2 AI26517 ill. Lucartha Kohler/Suzanne Reese Horvitz, David Levi/Dimitri Michaelides, William Dexter CitationDB Kohler/Horvitz/Levi/Michaelides/Dexter/Creative ...

  33. Beauté fragile.

    Rogelin, Thierry.

    Rogelin, Thierry. Revue des Industries d'Art Offrir, no. 334, June 1996, p. 23, ill. 0295-5849 AI39683 CitationDB Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  34. Wheaton Village to Attempt Largest Bottle


    The Journal, a Newsletter for Friends of Wheaton Cultural Alliance v. 15, no. 3, Summer 1992, p. 1 AI29272 ill. Wheaton Village team will blow largest bottle ever made CitationDB Bottles ...

  35. Alltid med bästa sidan upp.

    Hårde, Ulla.

    Hårde, Ulla. Antik & Auktion, nos. 7/8, July/Aug. 1995, pp. 40-47, ill. 0282-8200 AI39439 Includes glass. CitationDB Glass Scandinavia CMG Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK995.N98 ...

  36. Levay's Panorama of Color. Part 2

    Grizel, Ruth

    Grizel, Ruth The 'Other' Glass Newsletter v. 3, no. 3, March 1995, p. 1 AI36935 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...