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  2. Fruit Jar Rambles.

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  3. Die Lüpertz-Fenster in Köln = The Lüpertz Windows in Cologne.

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  4. Fission Track Dating of Archaeological Glass Materials from Japan.

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  5. Book Reviews: Fragile and Fanciful: The Story of Nova Scotia Glass.


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  9. Mineral Water, Pig's Feet, Bass Lodge and Me.

    Digger Odell Publications.

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  10. Sächsiches Glas.

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  13. A Note on Amelung Family History.

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  14. Book Review: Classic Paperweight from Silesia/Bohemia: The Origin and Development of the First European Paperweights in the Riesen- and Isergebirge.

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  15. Wide World of Craft: Prague: Past Shaping Present.

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  16. Analize antičnega stekla brez pravih vprašanj ni pravih odgovorov.

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  18. Captured in Crystal: The Masterful Art of Victor Trabucco.

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  19. Energy Savings by Intelligent Solar Shading.

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  20. ECA Third Year Exhibition.


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  21. Amelung and the Minor Glassworks.

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  22. Origami Observatory.

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    Irion, Robert. Scientific American, v. 303, no. 4 (Oct. 2010), pp. 48-55, ill. 0036-8733 AI80554 "NASA is building an innovative and risky space telescope that promises to surpass the hugely successful Hubble. Here's an exclusive, behind-the ...

  23. English Iridescent Glass.

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  25. The Pontil as a Tool for Holding Glassware during Finishing.

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  28. Demetra Theofanous.

    Theofanous, Demetra.

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