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  1. A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Filachellos.

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  3. Reflections: A Review of a British Studio Glass Seminar.

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  4. A La Tène III Burial at Welwyn Garden City.

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  6. The Perfect 10: Rating American Brilliant Cut Glass.

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  7. Depression Glass.

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  8. Unsichtbare Perlen-- Unter dem Rock (2) = Invisible Beads-- Under the Skirt (2).

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  11. In the Medicine Chest: Some Indian Bottles.

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  12. The Father of Art Glass.

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  13. A Look at American Cut Glass after 130 Years.

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  17. Glass Reviewed in Pictures.


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  18. Traditions et progrès dans les Matériaux Vitreux de la Mosaique.

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  19. Glass Lamps of the 1800's and Their Imitators from the 1900's, or Tips on Recognizing Reproduction Whale / Fluid Burning Lamps.

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  20. Frederick Carder, Genius of Glass.

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  22. The Tumuli of Ömerlí on the Síle-Üsküdar Highway in Bithynia.

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  23. Alien Being: The de la Torre Brothers.

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  25. Sculpturing with Glass.


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  27. Vladimir Klein-- Lichtbrechungen = Vladimir Klein-- Refracted Light.

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  28. Das Glas-Centrum in Corning, New York.


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  29. 26. How Does the Glass of the Wall Mosaics at Torcello Contribute to the Study of Trade in the 11th Century?

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  30. Oszklenia nowozytne. (Modern Glazing).

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  33. Reflections of Empire.

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  36. Kurze Bemerkungen zu Glaskameen.

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