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  3. Skating on Thin Ice

    Hayhurst, J.

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  4. Water Visions

    Abad Pérez, Jesús

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  5. Quest for Beauty: Louis Comfort Tiffany

    Kaufman, Jason Edward

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  6. Le Second souffle de Sars-Poteries

    Save, Colette

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  7. Protect Yourself


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  8. Glass Animal Salt Shakers

    Bredehoft, Neila

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  9. A Fetishism for Commodities: Ninth-Century Glass-Making at San Vincenzo al Volturno

    Hodges, Richard

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  10. Feeding Bottles from Woolley's 1910 Catalogue

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  11. From Brains to the Breaking of Ice.

    Désaulniers, Gilles.

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  12. Glass of '91

    Schamroth, Helen

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  13. Kunst und Kirche: Der Verhältnis einer Konkurrenz?

    Gräb, Paul

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  14. On the Cover

    Spillman, Jane Shadel

    Spillman, Jane Shadel The Glass Club Bulletin no. 164, Summer 1991, cover and p. 16 AI26938 ill. Bronze plunger from a Bakewells pressed glass mold, perhaps the earliest surviving American mold for pressing glass CitationDB Glass- United States Location:  ...

  15. Thomas Betts, the London Glass-Cutter

    Mortimer, Martin

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  16. 1995 American Craft Council Awards, Award of Distinction: Pilchuck Glass School [and] Glass Art Society


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  17. S. P. Catterson & Sons, Ltd., London


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  19. Photographing Your Work

    Dunham, Scott

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  20. Una tumba perteneciente a la necrópolis de Eras del Bosque (Palencia)

    Amo, Mariano del

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  21. Les Peintures sous verre, anciennes en Europe

    Fronsacg, Georges

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  22. Leo Moser and His Family.

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  23. Jelly Glasses from Findlay, Ohio


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  24. The Tudor Rose of York Minster

    Hoover, Richard L

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  25. A Sense of Community: Like Glass, Fragile Yet Durable

    Hall, Sarah

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  26. Vases: No Longer Carnival's Black Sheep

    Moore, Don

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  27. Union Records Solve Glass Animal Mystery

    Domitz, Carrie

    Domitz, Carrie The Daze v. 23, no. 9, Nov. 1994, p. 46 AI34493 ill. Animal drawings by Paden City CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  28. Is It NEGC or Sandwich?

    Kulles, George N.

    Kulles, George N. Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors' Association 1992, pp. 16-18 AI31558 ill. Distinguishing between paperweights made by the New England Glass Co. and Boston & Sandwich firm CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  29. Glass Diamonds: The Stained Glass Ballparks of Terry McGee

    Waggoner, Shawn

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  30. Material for Glass


    Glasswork no. 6, Aug. 1990, pp. 50-51 AI25499 ill. Additional info: Kyoto In Japanese CitationDB Glass ...

  31. Lötz, Bömisches Glas 1880-1940

    Duits, Thimo te

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  33. The Mass Production of Franciscan Piety: Another Look at Some Umbrian verres eglomisés

    Gordon, Dillian

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  34. Island Mould-- The Weishar Contribution to American Glass

    O'Connor, D. Thomas

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  35. Cute Figural Perfumes

    Dolnick, Penny

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  36. Judy Bally Jensen, Dream Spaces and Exotic Places

    Cutler, Dick

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