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  3. Curiosity Corner: Ruby Glass.

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  4. Daniel Thomas Howells, May 1984-April 2011.


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  5. Excavations at Sarachane in Istanbul, 1965.

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  6. Notes on Activities in the U. A. R.


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  8. Review: Kiki Smith: Lodestar: The Pace Gallery, 545 West 22nd Street, NYC, 30 April-19 June 2010.

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  10. 210 Jahre freie Glasmacherfamilie Riedel.

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  11. Glasverarbeitung auf der Insel Murano.

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  12. Glass in Groups.

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  13. Blow Hose Assembly-- It's Not Just for Boro.

    Nessel, Laurie.

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  14. Paperweight Corner.

    Giles, Richard.

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  15. A Journey from Art to Craft (Part 2).

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  16. Short Research History of Satsuma Cut Glass and on Some Exhibits at the Exhibition 'A Glittering Interlude: Visions of Satsuma-kiriko.'

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  17. Cut Glass Lamp Decorated with Branning's 'Fan Scallop' Design, Keystone Cut Glass Co.

    McGarvey, Linda J.

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  18. Snake Thread Glass with Applied Shells from Stein (Dutch Limburg).

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  20. Bellicia Fedelissima Virgo- Zum Problem der Imitation frühchristlicher Goldgläser.

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  21. On the Scent.

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  22. Mosaic Marathon: Piecing Lives Together.

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  23. L'incisione all'acido.

    Franceschini, Felice.

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  24. Eye Candy: The Member Showcase.

    McEwen, Cindy.

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  25. Jury Statements.

    Jury Statements.

    Aldridge, Peter and others.

    Aldridge, Peter and others. New Glass Review, v. 23 (2002), pp. 26-35. 0275-469X AI85486 Essays by Peter Aldridge, Tina Oldknow, Pike Powers, and Jack Wax. In English and German. Peter Aldridge mentions the following objects in Jury Statement: 124058 p. ...

  26. 'Howard's Vegetable Cancer and Canker Syrup': Bottles and How Mary Struggled to Live.

    Samuelson, Peter B.

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  27. Agate Lantern-- An Introduction to Stained Glass.

    Thomas, Michael C.

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  28. Die Glassammlung Hentrich im Kunstmuseum.

    Saldern, Axel von.

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  29. Kreativ Sein: Studioglas in Japan (30) = Ai Kigoshi: 'To Create.'

    Kigoshi, Ai.

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  30. Roman Britain in 1969.

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  31. Patrick Pollen: Metaphysician in Glass.

    Bowe, Nicola Gordon.

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  32. When Mandarins Used Scented Snuff.

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  33. Tinker, Designer, Researcher, Artist: Mark Peiser.

    Yood, James.

    Yood, James. Glass, no. 122 (Spring 2011), pp. 20-27, ill. 1064-900X AI82414 The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly "A variety of roles coalesce in the artist's rigorous explorations and unique expressions in the material of glass." CitationDB Peiser ...

  34. Hotbels Recognises US Glass Expert.


    Glass Worldwide, issue 31 (Sept./Oct. 2010), p. 14, ill. 1748-6661 AI80314 John T. Brown of Corning Incorporated. CitationDB Glass History Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP845.G55 ...

  35. Persian Export Glass.

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  36. Die Neuerwerbunger des Monats September 1969 des Germanischen Nationalmuseums Nürnberg.

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