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  1. Glass City Blews.

    Glass City Blews (Firm), Toledo, OH, USA.
    Toledo, OH : Glass City Blews, [2002]
    Trade Catalogs

    Glass City Blews (Firm), Toledo, OH, USA. 76894 Toledo, OH: Glass City Blews, [2002] [2] p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. Glass City Blews, Toledo, OH, USA. Trade catalog. Pressed glass hearts, watch heart, and heart vases, all for Valentines Day sales. " ...

  2. Making a living without making pipes / by Milon Townsend.

    Townsend, Milon.
    Hilton, NY : Blue Moon Press, c2003.

    Townsend, Milon. 78670 Hilton, NY: Blue Moon Press, c2003. 92 p.: ill.; 22 cm. TP859.2 CMGL c. 2-3 lack the copyright statement. Introduction: historical overview & flameworking today-- Goals-- On copying & being copied, excellence & ...

  3. Enemy in the fort / by Sarah Masters Buckey.

    Enemy in the fort / by Sarah Masters Buckey.

    Buckey, Sarah Masters, 1955-
    Middleton, Wis. : Pleasant Company, 2000.

    Buckey, Sarah Masters, 1955- 1584853077 1584853069 (pbk.) 67220 Middleton, Wis.: Pleasant Company, 2000. 163 p.: ill.; 21 cm. 1st ed. PZ7 In 1754, with her own parents taken captive, twelve-year-old Rebecca must confront her fear and hatred of the Abenaki ...

  4. At Sotheby's.

    Sotheby's (Firm)
    New York, NY : Sotheby's, c1996-

    Sotheby's (Firm) 66848 Sotheby's New York, NY: Sotheby's, c1996- v.: ill.; 28 cm. Vol. 1, no. 1 (June/July 1996)- Title from cover. At Sotheby's Periodical CorningDB Sotheby's (Firm) Periodicals. Art auctions United States ...

  5. Ludvik Moser glass: 1983 calendar / text by Mural K. Charon [calendar].

    Charon, Mural K.
    S.l. : Mural K. Charon and Sharon L. Mareska , 1982.

    Charon, Mural K. 65082 S.l.: Mural K. Charon and Sharon L. Mareska, 1982. [26] p.: col. ill.; 26 cm. Unit 1, Drawer 3 This calendar represents the first in an anticipated series of annual callendars featuring glass objects of art by Ludvik Moser and Sons. ...

  6. Seventeenth century Italian compound microscopes / Silvio A. Bedini.

    Bedini, Silvio A.
    Firenze : L.S. Olschki, 1963.

    Bedini, Silvio A. Physis anno 5, fasc. 4, 1963, pp.[383]-422 71191 Firenze: L.S. Olschki, 1963. [383]-422 p.: ill.; 25 cm. QH204 Offprint. From: Physis, Rivista di storia della scienza, Vol. V- Fasc. 4- 1963. History and art of glass (1959-1979), 12 ...

  7. Baal: Bulletin d'archéologie et d'architecture libanaises.

    Beyrouth, Liban : Direction Générale des Antiquités

    Lebanon. Mudīrīyah al-ʻĀmmah lil-Āthār. 1683-0083 67621 Bulletin d'archéologie et d'architecture libanaises Alternate t.p. in Arabic: Baʻal: Nashrat al-Āthār wa-al-ʻImārah al-Lubnānīyah Nashrat al-Āthār wa-al-ʻImārah al ...

  8. Antiques & Fine Art auction: the lifetime collection of Donald H. Goodyear,... the estate of Dr. Samuel Morrison,... the estate of Beatrice S. Blatner...

    York Town Auctions, Inc.
    York, Pa. : York Town Auctions, 2001.

    York Town Auctions, Inc. 69881 York, Pa.: York Town Auctions, 2001. 88 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. York Town Auction Inc. November 2-3, 2001 November 2-3, 2001 Auction catalog. Estimated price list. Auction CorningDB November 2-3, 2001 Goodyear, Donald H ...

  9. Archaeology of things / K. Krishna Murthy.

    Krishna Murthy, K.
    New Delhi : Sundeep Prakashan, 1998.

    Krishna Murthy, K. 8175740051 65281 New Delhi: Sundeep Prakashan, 1998. viii, 190 p.; 26 cm. 65281 UNCAT CorningDB Technology History. Archaeology and history. Material culture. UNCAT ...

  10. [Notebooks on trademarks].

    Brothers, J. Stanley, compiler.
    Kalamazoo, MI : J. Stanley Brothers, [1873-1960]

    Brothers, J. Stanley, compiler. United States. Patent Office. 68635 Kalamazoo, MI: J. Stanley Brothers, [1873-1960] 2 looseleaf notebooks: ill.; 28 cm. JSB: Patents R-509-b. Trademarks (chiefly of glass tableware and novelties) 1873-1960, and notes on ...

  11. Nancy, architecture 1900 / par Francis Roussel; photographies, Daniel Bastien.

    Roussel, Francis.
    Metz : Editions Serpenoise, 1992.

    Roussel, Francis. Inventaire général des monuments et des richesses artistiques de la France. Région de Lorraine. 2876921367 (v.1) 2876921375 (v.2) 2876921383 (v.3) 60793 Metz: Editions Serpenoise, 1992. 3 v.: col. ill., maps; 31 cm. 60793 At head of ...

  12. Design catalyst & editing to essence [videorecording] / by Richard Millard; International Conferences on Environmental Glass.

    Oklahoma City, Okla. : International Conferences on Environmental Glass, 1990.

    Millard, Richard, 1935-2011. International Conferences on Environmental Glass. (1990: Oklahoma City, Okla.) 62729 Shelving title: International Conferences on Environmental Glass. 1990. Tape 27 Design catalyst and editing to essence Oklahoma City, Okla.: ...

  13. Loire, un atelier familial à Chartres au XXe siècle: catalogue de l'exposition / textes, Cedric; photographies, Catherine Salvat.

    Curzay-sur-Vonne : Musée du vitrail du pays Mélusin, [1998]

    Cédric. Musée du vitrail du pays Mélusin. 291206502X 60808 Curzay-sur-Vonne: Musée du vitrail du pays Mélusin, [1998] 31 p.: ill. (some col.); 21 cm. NK5398.L834 Includes bibliographical references (p. 29). Catalog of an exhibition presenting the ...

  14. Story of glass: coloring book / illustrations by Peter F. Copeland; text by John H. Martin.

    Story of glass: coloring book / illustrations by Peter F. Copeland; text by John H. Martin.

    New York : Dover Publications, c1981.

    Copeland, Peter F. Martin, John H., 1922-2007. 0486241998 67749 New York: Dover Publications, c1981. 45 p.: ill.; 28 cm. TP857.3 Text author was Deputy Director, Administration of The Corning Museum of Glass. Includes CMoG objects: 55.1.60, cover (bottom ...

  15. Architecture now! = Architektur heute = L'architecture d'aujourd'hui / Philip Jodidio.

    Architecture now! = Architektur heute = L'architecture d'aujourd'hui / Philip Jodidio.

    Jodidio, Philip.
    Köln ; New York : Taschen, c2001.

    Jodidio, Philip. 3822860654 73129 Architektur heute Architecture d'aujourd'hui Köln; New York: Taschen, c2001. 576 p.: ill. (chiefly col.), ports. (some col.); 26 cm. NA680 Includes index. Parallel text in English, German and French. Stacks ...

  16. ["Ripening series"] [picture].

    Alex Brand Functional and Sculptural Hand Blown Glass.
    [Corning, NY : Alex Brand , n. d.].

    Alex Brand Functional and Sculptural Hand Blown Glass. 77602 [Corning, NY: Alex Brand, n. d.]. 1 postcard: col. ill.; 11 x 16 cm. Box D Postcards CorningDB Postcards ...

  17. Wedgwood Society of New York auction: October 25, 1998.

    Wedgwood Society of New York.
    Syosset, NY : The Society, 1998.

    Wedgwood Society of New York. 63177 Syosset, NY: The Society, 1998. [24] p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. Wedgwood Society of New York October 25, 1998 98/10/25 October 25, 1998 Auction catalog. No price list. Auction CorningDB 98/10/25 October 25, 1998 Auction ...

  18. The lexicon of Czech visual artists born in the 20th century [electronic resource] / Jozef Sučik.

    Sučik, Josef.
    Ostrava-Vítkovìce, Czech Republic : Barbora Sučíková , c1996-

    Sučik, Josef. 1213-9572 73418 Title from disc label: Lexicon of the Czech visual artists born in 20th century Ostrava-Vítkovìce, Czech Republic: Barbora Sučíková, c1996- Computer laser optical disks; 4 3/4 in. Annual NK5171.C9 In English and Czech. ...

  19. Václav Cigler.

    Špálova Galerie.
    Praha : Špálova Galerie, [1970].

    Špálova Galerie. Chalupecký, Jindřich, 1910- 72891 Praha: Špálova Galerie, [1970]. [10] p.: ill.; 21 cm. NK5198.C57 Czech and English. Booklet for the exhibition held April 16-May 10, 1970. Cover title. Text by Jindřich Chalupecký; translated by ...

  20. Glass in Murano / [texts by Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Tullio Toninato].

    Barovier Mentasti, Rosa.
    [Venice : Veneto Region and the Venice Chamber of Commerce, 1984].

    Barovier Mentasti, Rosa. Toninato, T. 74513 [Venice: Veneto Region and the Venice Chamber of Commerce, 1984]. 131 p.: ill. (some col.); 25 cm. NK5152 Glossary: p. 44-47; Murano glass factories, a selected list: p. 115-130. Includes bibliographical ...

  21. Antiquities.

    Christie's, NY.
    New York : Christie's, 2003.

    Christie's, NY. 76971 New York: Christie's, 2003. 193 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. Christie's NY December 11, 2003 Includes property from Mr. & Mrs. Leo S. Bing, Maurice d. D'Aria, the board of trustees of the Dayton Art Institute, the ...

  22. Jugendstil.

    Wiener Kunstauktionen (Vienna, Austria)
    Wien : Wiener Kunst Auktionen, 1998.

    Wiener Kunstauktionen (Vienna, Austria) 63663 Wien: Wiener Kunst Auktionen, 1998. [76] p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. 98/09/30 September 30, 1998 Auction catalog. Sale no.: 20. Includes estimated prices. Wiener Kunst Auktionen September 30, 1998 Auction CorningDB ...

  23. Helpful hints on the use of glass in your home.

    Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
    Pittsburgh, Pa. : Pittsburgh Plate Glass, c1942.

    Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 75863 Pittsburgh, Pa.: Pittsburgh Plate Glass, c1942. [14] p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Cover title. Trade catalog. G11478-150M-1-42 TC CorningDB ...

  24. Christmas decoration.

    Daum, Paris, France.
    Paris : CFC-Daum, Inc., [2002]
    Trade Catalogs

    Daum, Paris, France. CFC-Daum, Inc. 78372 Paris: CFC-Daum, Inc., [2002] [1] leaf: col. ill.; 22 x 28 cm. Daum, Paris, France. Computer generated page. Trade catalog. Laid in: 2002 christmas ornaments [price list], and undated cover letter. Please request ...

  25. [Small sketchbook of designs for etching]

    Locke, Joseph, 1846-1936.

    Locke, Joseph, 1846-1936. 78555 [18??-19??] 1 v. (unpaged): ill.; 13 cm. Locke: Green box 2 Archives Small green notebook of pencil drawings with cover title: Notes. A few pages have been torn out. P. [2] of cover has recipe for etching fluid for steel. ...

  26. Newsletter / Furniture History Society.

    [London] : The Society, 1987-

    Furniture History Society (London, England) 1366-722X 64386 Furniture History Society newsletter [London]: The Society, 1987- v.: ill.; 25 cm. Quarterly No. 85 (Mar. 1987)- Title from caption. CorningDB Furniture History Periodicals. Furniture Great ...

  27. European & American furniture and decorations: including asian works of art.

    Adam A. Weschler & Son.
    Washington, DC : Weschler's, 2003.

    Adam A. Weschler & Son. 77237 European and American furniture and decorations: including asian works of art Washington, DC: Weschler's, 2003. 1 v. (unpaged): ill.; 27 cm. Weschler's December 12, 2003 Includes property from Emily E. Bradley, ...

  28. Auction #10: two-day antiques auction: the personal collection of Sandra Mitchell: 19th and 20th century folk art, American Indian items, personal reference library, furniture and accessories.

    Delaware, OH : Garth's, 2001.

    Garth's. 66726 Auction number ten Arts & antiques Personal collection of Sandra Mitchell Delaware, OH: Garth's, 2001. 144 p.: ill. (some col.); 22 cm. Garth's September 29-30, 2001 September 29-30, 2001 Auction catalog. Sale no.: 10 ...

  29. Area glass factories [electronic resource].

    [Corning, NY : T. Dimitroff, 2003?]

    74823 [Corning, NY: T. Dimitroff, 2003?] Images of 13 postcards of various glassworks in the Corning, NY vicinity, including the Hoare, Corning Glass Works and Columbia Window Glass Works in Wellsboro; Eygabroat Ryon Cut Glass; Coudersport glass plant; ...

  30. Monongah Glass Co. 1915 catalog

    Monongah Glass Co., Fairmont, WV, USA.
    Weston, WV : West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd. 1999[1915].

    Monongah Glass Co., Fairmont, WV, USA. 64449 Weston, WV: West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd. 1999[1915]. 50 p.: ill. Reprinted in 1999 by West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd..."edited 50 pgs. of 300 plus pg. catalog". Includes: ...

  31. Palomar pictorial / [photographs by T.V. Watterson, Jr.]

    Watterson, T. V.
    San Diego, Calif. : Frye & Smith, c1965.

    Watterson, T. V. 64956 San Diego, Calif.: Frye & Smith, c1965. 60 p.: ill.; 21 x 28 cm. QB82.P17 "This booklet presents, primarily by means of pictures, the history and operation of the installations on Palomar Mountain"--P. 2. 200 inch disk ...

  32. Two Irish finds of glass beads of the Viking period / by E. C. R. Armstrong.

    Armstrong, E. C. R.
    [S.l. : s.n.], 1921.

    Armstrong, E. C. R. Man London, England v. 20, May 1921, pp. 71-73. 71472 [S.l.: s.n.], 1921. p. 71-73: ill.; 26 cm. NK3650 Includes bibliographical references. Bound with: The chronology of prehistoric glass beads and associated ceramic types in Britain, ...

  33. Museum Loan Network news.

    Cambridge, Mass. : Museum Loan Network,

    Museum Loan Network. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Pew Charitable Trusts. 71255 Cambridge, Mass.: Museum Loan Network, v.: ill.; 28 cm. Annual. Began in 1995? Description based on the 1996/97 issue. Museum Loan Network News Periodical CorningDB ...

  34. Ancient oil-lamps from the Mediterranean: Nakayama & Orsetti collections, Ancient Orient Museum, Tokyo.

    Kodai Oriento Hakubutsukan (Tokyo, Japan)
    Tokyo, Japan : Ancient Orient Museum , c1997.

    Kodai Oriento Hakubutsukan (Tokyo, Japan) Bailey, Donald M. 67135 Tokyo, Japan: Ancient Orient Museum, c1997. 64 p.: ill. (some col.); 26 cm + 1 English translation booklet (16 p.; 22 cm). NK4680 Cover title. Includes bibliographical references. ...

  35. European sculpture, early furniture and works of art.

    Sotheby's, Amsterdam
    Amsterdam : Sotheby's, 1999.

    Sotheby's, Amsterdam 61667 Amsterdam: Sotheby's, 1999. 111 p.: ill.; 27 cm. 99/05/18 May 18, 1999 Auction catalog. Sale no.: AM0730. Includes price list. Sotheby's, Amsterdam May 18, 1999 Auction CorningDB 99/05/18 May 18, 1999 Auction ...

  36. Cartons de vitraux du XVIIe siècle: la Cathédrale Saint-Michel, Bruxelles / par Yvette vanden Bemden, Chantal Fontaine-Hodiamont, Arnout Balis; en collaboration avec l'Institut royal du patrimoine artistique.

    Bemden, Yvette vanden.
    [Bruxelles] : Union académique internationale, 1994.

    Bemden, Yvette vanden. Fontaine-Hodiamont, Chantal. Balis, Arnout. Union académique internationale. Institut royal du patrimoine artistique (Belgium) 60827 [Bruxelles]: Union académique internationale, 1994. 242 p.: ill. (some col.); 33 cm. NK5304 " ...