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  1. Diversity & Creativity: Cultural Influences in Glass Beadmaking.


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  2. Val St. Lambert's Old Masters and Americana Plates.

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  3. Beth Lipman: Banquet Years.

    Clowes, Jody.

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  4. A Conversation with Johnathon Schmuck.

    Longini, Susan.

    Longini, Susan. A Glance at Glass, (Jan. 2010), pp. 2-6, ill. 1934-8665 AI80238 Glass Alliance of Northern California Artist talks about his career and new book titled The Joy of Coldworking, A Guide to Grinding, Smoothing, and Polishing Blown and Fused ...

  5. European Vases Part VI-- Reclusive Rindskopf.

    Nielsen, Loretta.

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  6. MAG Purchases Large Selection of Federal Glass from Walter Jones Collection.

    Six, Dean.

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  7. Neuerwerbungen- Bayerisches Nationalmuseum.

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  8. Opera (Actress) Pattern.

    Sanford, Bob.

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  9. Apsley Pellatt: Glass Pioneer.

    Hajdamach, Charles R.

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  10. L'Ecole de Nancy. 3. Verres: Daum.

    Duret-Robert, François.

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  11. Colour, Proportion, Detail.

    Markšíkova, Jaromíra.

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  12. The Firing of Stained Glass.

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  13. Das awarenzeitliche Gräberfeld von Dunaszekeśö.

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  14. The Aesthetic and Practical Application of Diamond-point Glass Engraving.

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  15. A Study of the Cut Glass Bottles Excavated at the Province of Gilan, Iran.

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  16. From Slave to Siren.

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  17. Philadelphia and the China Trade.

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  18. Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Crystalline Patterns on SrO-0.5Li₂O-4.5B₂O₃ and BaO-0.5Na₂O-4.5B₂O₃ Glasses and Optical Second Harmonic Generation.

    Vaish, Rahul and others.

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  19. Four British Schools.

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  20. Vier Körbchen von Portieux, Brockwitz, Fenne und unbekannt, um 1890-1918.

    Hott, Wilfried.

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  21. Arbeidsplass av glass.


    Nye Bonytt No. 1, 1973, pp. 18-19 ill. AI81704 Plate glass used in home furnishings. CitationDB Glass Scandanivan ...

  22. Remploi de verreries romaines dansdes sépultures mérovingiennes du Hainaut.

    Faider-Feytmans, G.

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  23. Glasmaler & Lichtgestalter.


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  24. New Creations in Glass by Pavel Ilava.

    Šindelář, Dušan.

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  25. Current & Coming: East and West in Corning.


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  26. Szkloslowiańskie na z Kongtesie Miedzynarodowychdni szkla w Damaszku *Syria) 14-23 XI 1964r.

    Dekówna, Maria.

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  27. French Paperweights II- St. Louis; III-Baccarat; IV-Clichy.

    Lazarus, Peter.

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  28. Currier & Ives on Glass.


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  29. Museum Accessions.


    Maryland History Notes, 28, No. 3, Fall 1970, p. 11, ill. AI83451 Jefferson Davis goblet. CitationDB Glass United States ...

  30. Victorian Colors of Geo. Duncan & Sons...The Color Production Began as Early as Two Years Previous to 1884.

    National Duncan Glass Society.

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  31. Glas.

    Hennig, Wolfgang.

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  32. Review: SOFA New York, Park Avenue Amory [sic], 14-17 April 2011.

    Cavalieri, Joseph.

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  33. Collections de verre de Beliguque-Beurne-Provincial Mueum voor Kunstambachten.

    Baudouin, P.

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  34. Heisey's No. 500 Octagon.


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  35. Review: Vanishing Point.

    Beal, Suzanne.

    Beal, Suzanne. American Craft, v. 71, no. 3 (June/July 2011), pp. 28-31, ill. 0194-8008 AI82949 Review of the exhibition by the artists Ingalena Klenell and Beth Lipman. CitationDB Klenell, Ingalena Lipman, Beth Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call ...

  36. Creating Sea-Life Sculpture with Basic Techniques.

    Telposky, Ron.

    Telposky, Ron. Glass Line, v. 24, no. 6 (Apr./May 2011), pp. 48-53, ill. AI81114 Step-by-step making instructions. CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP859.G55 ...