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  1. Verrerie suédoise: Kosta Boda, aujourd'hui


    Revue des Industries d'Art Offrir no. 273, Oct. 1990, pp. 9-12 AI25670 ill. Ulrica Hydman-Vallien CitationDB Hydman-Vallien, Ulrica/Kosta Boda Glass Art 1945- ...

  2. Les Nouvelles Connaissances sur la fabrication du verre aux alentours de la commune Moldava dans les Monts Métalliques à l'époque du haut Moyen Age

    Černá, Eva

    Černá, Eva Archeologia e storia della produzione del vetro preindustriale Firenze: Edizioni All'Insegna del Giglio, 1991, pp. 451-462 AI29163 ill. Additional info: Marja Mendera, ed 13th-15th-c. glass sites in the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) region ...

  3. Market Trends: 20th-Century Engraved Glass Stem and Tableware


    Collectors News v. 33, no. 10, Feb. 1993, p. 46. AI30679 CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  4. La Stuart Collection: Un'idea originale per il campus dell'University of California, San Diego

    Restany, Pierre

    Restany, Pierre Domus no. 705, May 1989, p. 16 AI23661 ill. Bruce Nauman neon sculpture In Italian and English CitationDB Nauman, Bruce Glass Art 1945- ...

  5. The Use of Refractory Materials in the Melting of Glasses and Frits


    Monthly Bulletin for the Glass Industry four-part series: no. 635, June/July 1989--no. 638, Oct. 1989 AI23939 Additional info: Cookson Ceramics & Plastics Division CitationDB Glass ...

  6. Design: Deconstructing Display

    Duncan, Michael

    Duncan, Michael Art in America v. 82, no. 10, Oct. 1994, p. 57+ AI33547 ill. Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibit of visionary GermanExpressionist architecture, including Bruno Taut's Glashaus,1914 CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- Central Europe ...

  7. The Bead Column: Beads of the Future?

    Beadle, The Venerable.

    Beadle, The Venerable. Glass Line, v. 11, no. 6, April/May 1998, pp. 8-9, ill. AI39240 Producing three-dimensional images within a block of glass. (This entry was incorrectly reported in New Glass Review, no. 20, 1999.) CitationDB Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  8. Reviews: The Southwest England Branch Exhibition

    Edwards, Sybil

    Edwards, Sybil The Glass Engraver no. 69, Winter 1992/1993, pp. 28-29. AI31443 Glass engraving by Jill Chaplin and others CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP863.G55 ...

  9. Sydney Hotel Bottles

    Montgomery, John

    Montgomery, John McCarthy, Tony Australian Antique Bottles & Collectables v. 1, no. 16, Feb./March 1993, pp. 22-23 AI31801 ill. CitationDB Bottles ...

  10. Fragments of Late Roman Cage Cups in the United States

    Whitehouse, David

    Whitehouse, David Annales du 12e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre Amsterdam: A.I.H.V., 1993, pp. 111-119 AI34300 ill. Additional info: Vienna, Aug. 26-31, 1991 Includes CMoG object: 78.1.17, p. 113 (fig. 2); pp. ...

  11. Marvelous Marbles

    Mortensen, Kristine

    Mortensen, Kristine Glass no. 48, Summer 1992, pp. 28-35 AI29479 ill. Additional info: New York Experimental Glass Workshop Mark Matthews, Josh Simpson CitationDB Matthews, Mark/Simpson, Josh Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110 ...

  12. A Bristol Bottle from Bratton

    Luckett, Larry

    Luckett, Larry The Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine v. 83, 1990, p. 212 AI27021 ill. Sealed bottle, 1709 CitationDB Bottles Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass Types-- Bottles-- Foreign (English language) ...

  13. Neon Techniques: Bombarding.

    Strattman, Wayne.

    Strattman, Wayne. Signs of the Times, v. 219, no. 13, Dec. 1997, p. 64+, ill. 0037-5063 AI37684 CitationDB Technology CMG ...

  14. Experiments on the Properties Impressed Upon Light by the Action of Glass Raised to Different Temperatures...

    Brewster, David

    Brewster, David Royal Society of London. Philosophical Transactions 1814, pp. 436-439 AI25814 CitationDB Glass Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass Properties-- Physical-- Optical ...

  15. Novelty Glass Made by Lancaster Glass Company

    Domitz, Carrie

    Domitz, Carrie The Daze v. 24, no. 6, Aug. 1995, p. 32 AI36966 ill. Ohio firm, 1908-1933 CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  16. Introductory Remarks

    Leighton, John

    Leighton, John White, Mary B. The Glass Art Society Journal 1994 1994, p. 8 AI34780 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.G23j ...

  17. Collectors Find Hatpins Sitting Pretty

    Mellish, Susan

    Mellish, Susan Antique Week v. 26, no. 34, Nov. 15, 1993, p. 1+ AI31966 ill. Additional info: Eastern edition Includes glass examples CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  18. Art Nouveau, Frederick Carder, and the Steuben Glass Works: An Exhibition at the Rockwell Museum

    Peterson, Robyn G

    Peterson, Robyn G Glass Collector's Digest v. 9, no. 2, Aug./Sept. 1995, pp. 58-63 AI35656 ill. Includes CMoG objects: L 767.4.2001, p. 60-- L 1068.4.2001, p. 60-- L 1018.4.2001, p. 60. CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau Location:  Periodicals Call ...

  19. Obituary: Edward Payne

    Cormack, Peter

    Cormack, Peter Crafts no. 112, Sept./Oct. 1991, p. 13 AI27061 ill. Additional info: U.K. English stained glass artist in the Arts and Crafts tradition CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  20. Milk in a Bottle.

    Harbor, Glenn.

    Harbor, Glenn. Antiques & Collecting Magazine, v. 103, no. 4, June 1998, pp. 18-21+, ill. AI38280 History of milk bottles and collecting tips. CitationDB Bottles CMG ...

  21. Those Spectacular Spectacles

    Johnson, Frances

    Johnson, Frances Antiques & Collecting Hobbies v. 93, no. 8, Oct. 1988, pp. 80-83 AI21023 ill. CitationDB Glass History ...

  22. Scottish Art Glass: Marianne Isobel Moncrieff (1874-1961), Glass Designer

    Vaughan, Michael Thomas

    Vaughan, Michael Thomas Women Designing: Redefining Design in Britain between the Wars Brighton, England: University of Brighton, 1994, pp. 71-81 AI33455 ill. Additional info: Jill Seddon and Suzette Worden, ed. CitationDB Glass- Great Britain ...

  23. The Portland Vase: Bibliography

    Whitehouse, David, comp

    Whitehouse, David, comp Journal of Glass Studies v. 32, 1990, pp. 177-188 AI25222 CitationDB Glassware, Ancient Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5100.J86 ...

  24. A Study of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Lead Calme and the Deterioration and Stability of Leaded Stained Glass

    Cannon, Linda

    Cannon, Linda Goldkuhle, Dieter Corpus Vitrearum: Tagung für Glasmalereiforschung Bern and Stuttgart: Verlag Paul Haupt, 1991, pp. 117-119. AI30707 Additional info: Ellen Judith Beer, ed. Akten des 16. Internationalen Kolloquiums, Bern, 1991 German and ...

  25. New Gallé Cameo


    Antique & Collectors Reproduction News v. 2, no. 10, Oct. 1993, p. 1+ AI31791 ill. CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  26. Gläserne Kunsthandwerke von Klassisch bis Avantgarde


    Porzellan + Glas no. 2, Feb. 1988, pp. 182-183 AI21944 ill. Munich craft fair: Theodor Sellner, Erwin Eisch, Heinz Fischer/Ingrid Donhauser CitationDB Sellner, Theodor/Eisch, Erwin/Fischer, Heinz/Donhauser, / Ingrid Glass Art 1945- ...

  27. Expanded Glass

    Takeda, Atsushi

    Takeda, Atsushi Neues Glas/New Glass no. 2, 1995, pp. 46-49 AI35477 ill. Yokohama exhibition "Expanded Glass: Traditional and Contemporary" with Littleton, Eisch, Libenský/Brychtová, Fujita In German and English CitationDB Littleton/Eisch ...

  28. Focus on CC's

    Gregory, J. Matt

    Gregory, J. Matt The Candy Gram v. 10, no. 3, Dec. 1988, p. 6 AI21430 Identifying candy containers made in 1930s-1940s by Jeannette, Turney Stough, McKee, Westmoreland CitationDB Bottles ...

  29. Beads, Beads, and More Beads: Not Just Mere Decoration at International Bead Conference

    DeWitt, Karen

    DeWitt, Karen The Crafts Report v. 16, no. 177, Dec. 1990, p. 8 AI26194 CitationDB Glass beads ...

  30. Cape Glass Co., Glencairn: Archaeology of an Historical Site

    Saitowitz, S. J.

    Saitowitz, S. J. Lastovica, Etheleen Heckroodt, R. O The South African Archaeological Bulletin v. 40, 1985, pp. 88-93 AI37385 erratum attached CitationDB ...

  31. Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte: Leicht wie ein Zelt, transparent wie ein Gewächshaus.


    Transparent, no. 2, 1992, pp. 20-27, ill. AI39296 Vegla Vereinigte Glaswerke. Courtyard of Hamburg museum is to be fitted with a "virtually invisible" glass roof. English summary, p. 27. CitationDB Flat glass CMG ...

  32. Making Millefiori with Borosilicate Glass

    Bloom, Murray

    Bloom, Murray Glass Line v. 5, no. 2, Aug./Sept. 1991, p. 4 AI27757 CitationDB Glass Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP859.G55 ...

  33. Un balsamario de vidrio camafeo procedente de Ostippo (Estepa, Sevilla)

    Caldera de Castro, Maria del Pilar

    Caldera de Castro, Maria del Pilar Archivo Espaŏ̃l de Arqueologia v. 29, 1986, pp. 211-218, ill. AI26881 Cameo bottle from Estepa, Spain CitationDB Glassware, Ancient Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass types-- Cameo-- ...

  34. Lumières apprivoisées

    Dolden, Mary

    Dolden, Mary Techniques & Architecture no. 391, Aug./Sept. 1990, u.p. [8 pp.] AI25256 ill. Additional info: Paris James Carpenter projects English summary CitationDB Carpenter, James Flat glass ...

  35. Zur Erinnerung den Glasgestalter Roberto Niederer: '...denn Glas ist meine Liebe'


    Glaswelt v. 43, no. 5, May 1990, pp. 22-23 AI25471 ill. Glass work and philosophy of Niederer CitationDB Niederer, Roberto Glass Art 1945- ...

  36. English Embroidered Cabinets of the Seventeenth Century

    Levey, Santina M

    Levey, Santina M Antiques v. 139, no. 6, June 1991, pp. 1130-1139 AI27020 ill. Includes beaded boxes CitationDB Glass beads ...