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  2. Dickensian Bottles.


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  9. Casting a Figure: From Concept to Finished Piece.

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  10. Rogers Ramblings.


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  11. All Things Imaginable.

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  15. South Africa Comes Up Trumps.


    BBR, no. 131 (Apr./June 2012) p. 12, ill. 0963-7443 AI89788 Rudds Auction House in Cape Town had three star bottle turns in a recent sale. British Bottle Review CitationDB Bottles ...

  16. Piecing Together an Ecosystem.

    Clark, Edward (Ted).

    Clark, Edward (Ted). The Glass Art Society Journal, (2011), pp. 84-85, ill. AI89813 How the author combines his love for glassblowing with his passion for marine biology. CitationDB Technology ...

  17. The Rose Marble.

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  19. Trailer Park.

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  20. A Very Rare Argentinean Whiskey- Carson.

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  21. Rogers Ramblings.


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  22. Panel: Couples Collect: A Conversation.

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  28. Pursuit of Perfection: Damon MacNaught.

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  29. Ej Blot til Lys....


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  35. Shades of Green.

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  36. Technische Abhängigkeiten des frühmittelalterlichen Glasmacherhandwerks. Eine Zusammenfassung archäologischer Hinweise zum Transport von Rohstoffen und know how aus dem Orient nach Europa.

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