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  1. Ercolano. Attività dell'Ufficio Scavi: 1990

    Budetta, Tommasina

    Budetta, Tommasina Rivista di Studi Pompeiani v. 4, 1990, pp. 218-221 AI33773 ill. Report on 1990 excavations at Herculaneum; glass on p. 220 CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  2. Margot Wittkower: Design Education and Practice, Berlin--London

    Newhouse, Victoria

    Newhouse, Victoria Journal of Design History v. 3, nos. 2 and 3, 1990, pp. 83-99 AI25147 ill. Includes Deco lighting designs CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  3. Bohemian Glass-- The Beauty of Immortality.

    Hasegawa, Kimiyuki.

    Hasegawa, Kimiyuki. Honoho Geijutsu, no. 11, 1985, pp. 184-187, ill. AI39793 In Japanese. CitationDB Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  4. Couleurs et Transparence

    Fay|-̈Hallé, Antoinette

    Fay|-̈Hallé, Antoinette Neues Glas/New Glass no. 4, 1995, pp. 10-19 AI36503 ill. Comments on the glass exhibition at the Musée National de laCéramique, Sèvres In German and English CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  5. L'Invitation, un rendez-vous de prestige

    Seince, Françoise

    Seince, Françoise Le Courrier des Métiers d'Art no. 147, Nov. 1995, pp. 12-13 AI36324 ill. Glass by Verrerie de Biot and Mathias in a salon for arts ofthe table CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  6. Collecting Iodine Poisons

    Hauser, Cap

    Hauser, Cap Soehnien, Philip Federation Glass Works v. 24, no. 10, Oct. 1994, p. 1+ AI34446 ill. CitationDB Bottles ...

  7. Radioactive Glass

    Gillenberg, John

    Gillenberg, John The Clarksburg Crow no. 2, April/May/June 1993, pp. 6-7. AI31900 CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  8. The History and Mystery of Nailsea Glass

    McConnell, Kevin

    McConnell, Kevin Australian Antique Bottle Collector v. 3, no. 29, Feb./March 1989, pp. 10-11 AI22164 ill. CitationDB Glass- Great Britain Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  9. 'Crushed Glass.'

    Thompson, Jenny.

    Thompson, Jenny. The Glass Cone, no. 43, Autumn 1997, p. 6. 0265-9654 AI39174 Unmarked black pressed glass sugar and creamer seen in a New Zealand museum and possibly made in Scotland. CitationDB Glass Great Britain CMG Location:  Periodicals Call Number: ...

  10. Dale Chihuly, Venetians


    Glas & Keramiek no. 12, July/Aug./Sept. 1992, p. 30. AI29662 Exhibit at Nationaal Glasmuseum, Leerdam In Dutch CitationDB Chihuly, Dale Glass Art 1945- ...

  11. Cascades of Light.


    Waterford Reflections, v. 4, no. 3, Spring 1998, pp. 10-11, ill. AI38713 Chandeliers. CitationDB Glass Ireland ...

  12. Skydome

    Donefer, Laura

    Donefer, Laura Glass Gazette Winter 1990, pp. 4-5 AI25383 Interview with Norman Courtney about the Toronto sports stadium CitationDB Courtney, Norman Flat glass ...

  13. William Cookworthy and the Mystery of Bristol Blue

    Weeden, Cyril

    Weeden, Cyril Glass Circle News no. 50, April 1991, p. 4 AI26799 CitationDB Glass- Great Britain ...

  14. Goldbandgläser im Römisch-Germanischen Museum Köln

    La Baume, Peter

    La Baume, Peter Antike Welt v. 9, 1978, pp. 23-24 AI25901 ill. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass Styles-- Ancient-- Roman-- Types-- Millefiori/Ribbon Glass ...

  15. 'New Faces' at the Crafts Council Shop

    Price, Barclay

    Price, Barclay Crafts no. 92, May/June 1988, pp. 36-37 AI20331 ill. Bowl by Morag Gordon CitationDB Gordon, Morag Glass Art 1945- ...

  16. Ein spätrömisches Brandgrab aus Morscheid (Kreis Trier-Saarburg)

    Gilles, Karl-Josef

    Gilles, Karl-Josef Trierer Zeitschrift v. 57, 1994, pp. 379-389 AI35630 ill. Late Roman cremation burial, with nine glass vessels CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  17. Jean Nouvel.

    Chaslin, François.

    Chaslin, François. Domus, no. 800, Jan. 1998, pp. 16-19, ill. AI39894 Architectural use of glass. In Italian and English. CitationDB Flat glass CMG ...

  18. Glasjubileum

    Holkers, Märta

    Holkers, Märta Antik et Auktion no. 6, June 1993, p. 72 AI31737 ill. Notsjö glassworks, Finland, celebrates 200 years CitationDB Glass- Scandinavia Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK995.N98 ...

  19. Ján Mýtny's Intellectual Message

    Račekova, Jarmila

    Račekova, Jarmila Glass Review v. 45, no. 5, 1990, pp. 22-25 AI24257 ill. CitationDB Mýtny, Ján Glass Art 1945- ...

  20. Gathering Glass Artists in Spain


    Craft News v. 16, no. 2, Feb. 1991, p. 11. AI28368 Additional info: Toronto Nov. 1990 conference of glass artists and educators in Barcelona and Segovia CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  21. Glass Beads: Making Magic

    Jenkins, Cindy

    Jenkins, Cindy Glass Patterns Quarterly v. 9, no. 3, Fall 1993, pp. 22-28 AI32123 ill. Beadmaking techniques CitationDB Glass beads Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5305.G54 ...

  22. Cyril Manley: A Man with an Obsession

    Haden, H. Jack

    Haden, H. Jack The Black Country Man v. 28, no. 3, Summer 1995, pp. 32-34 AI35551 ill. Obituary CitationDB Glass- Great Britain ...

  23. På gott humör.

    Nordin, Anna.

    Nordin, Anna. Form, v. 93, no. 6 (714), 1997, p. 10, ill. 0015-766X AI39122 Glass designer Berit Johansson. CitationDB Johansson, Berit. Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  24. La città del vetro

    Ciarlo, Marco

    Ciarlo, Marco Alte Vitrie no. 1/2, 1991, pp. 14-17 AI27852 ill. Project for recovering area of former glassworks in Altare, with plans for a glass school and glass crafts English summary CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  25. About Those Bon-Bons

    Fry, Diane

    Fry, Diane Heart of America Carnival Glass Association Sept. 1992, 8-p. insert AI30359 ill. Candy dishes by Fenton and others CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  26. Stekliannye bal'zamarii iz nekropolia Ol'vii

    Kozub, Iu. I

    Kozub, Iu. I Antichnaia Kul'tura Severnogo Prichernomor'ia v Pervye veka Nashei| ̄éry Kiev: Izdatel'stvo Naukova Dumka, 1986, pp. 41-52 AI21979 ill. Additional info: Akademiia Nauk Ukrainskoi SSR, Institut Arkheologii Balsamaria from ...

  27. Collecting Shoes

    Holland, Susan K

    Holland, Susan K The Daze irregular series: v. 17, no. 11, Jan. 1988--v. 18, no. 10, Dec. 1988 AI20533 CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  28. Resa genom Svensk Form 1845-1995 = A Journey through Svensk Form 1845-1995


    Form no. 4, 1995, 150th anniversary of the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, pp. 5-12 AI36238 ill. Additional info: Jubileumsutställningens katalog Swedish glass at the 1925 Paris exposition; machine-made bowls by Palmqvist, 1950s In Swedish and ...

  29. UK's Tallest Stained Glass Window


    Glass v. 66, no. 1, Jan. 1989, p. 30 AI22706 ill. Additional info: U.K. Goddard & Gibbs window in new London bank building CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  30. La febbre dell'asta

    Bragliani, Laura Pasini

    Bragliani, Laura Pasini CeramicAntica v. 5, no. 10 (no. 54), Nov. 1995, pp. 71-72 AI36479 ill. 20th-c. Venetian glass offered in Milan CitationDB Glass- Italian Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK3700.C41 ...

  31. Recenti indagini nella catacomba di Castelvecchio Subequo (AQ)

    Giuntella, A. M.

    Giuntella, A. M. others Rivista di Archeologia Cristiana v. 67, no. 2, 1991, pp. 249-321 AI31579 ill. Toilet bottle from 4th-c. (or later) catacomb at Castelvecchio Subequo, Abruzzo, pp. 307-308 CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  32. Pushing the Bounds of Craft

    Geibel, Victoria

    Geibel, Victoria Metropolis v. 10, no. 5, Dec. 1990, pp. 28-29 AI25678 ill. Glassware, glass screens, lamps, etc., by Staten Island design firm CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  33. Vetri come cuccioli

    Pasti, Umberto

    Pasti, Umberto Casa Vogue no. 231, June 1991, pp. 82-83 AI27959 ill. Glass by Andrea Anastasio in Milan exhibit English summary CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  34. Types of Bases for the WG Large Animal Covered Dishes

    Chiarenza, Frank

    Chiarenza, Frank Westmoreland Glass Collector's Newsletter v. 4, no. 10, Oct. 1991, p. 3 AI28275 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  35. Glasperlefremstilling i yngre jernalder og vikingetid. En analyse af teknologi og håndvaerk

    Gam, Tine

    Gam, Tine Eksperimentel Arkaeologi. Studier i teknologi og kultur no. 1, 1991, pp. 153-176 AI31371 ill. Additional info: Historisk-Arkaeologisk Forsøgscenter, Lejre Experiments in the manufacture of glass beads of the late Iron Age and Viking period ...

  36. Utmärkt Svensk Form 1994

    Ewö, Lars

    Ewö, Lars Form v. 90, no. 3 (693), 1994, pp. 1-25 AI33135 ill. Design festival includes glass by Berit Johansson, Rolf Sinnemark, Ingegerd Råman, Anne Nilsson, Anna Ehrner, UlricaHydman-Vallien, and others In Swedish and English CitationDB Johansson ...