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  1. Les verreries de la Cère et leurs gentilshommes verriers: l'art du verre en Limousin / Amédée Muzac.

    Muzac, Amédée.
    Brive : Imp. Roche, 1908.

    Muzac, Amédée. 34777 Brive: Imp. Roche, 1908. 23 p.; 25 cm. TP854.F8 Extrait de Lemouzi, 1908. Notes pour la généologie des de Colomb: p. 21-23. Inscribed by author. f-4017, 1 sheet. f-4017, 1 sheet. Hard copy in library TP854.F8.M99. Cage CorningDB ...

  2. "Master-Etchings" 1936-1972: a study guide / by Juanita Williams, Therese McIlrath, Maryann Roberts.

    Williams, Juanita L.
    Chatsworth, CA : Fostoria Glass Society of Southern California, 1993.

    Williams, Juanita L. McIlrath, Therese. Roberts, Mary Ann. 35534 Chatsworth, CA: Fostoria Glass Society of Southern California, 1993. 180 p.: ill., facsims.; 28 cm. NK5112.9.F7 Includes facsimiles of Fostoria patents. Includes index (p. 177). Cage ...

  3. Archaeology at Franklin's Court / by Barbara Liggett.

    Liggett, Barbara.
    [s.l.] : Eastern National Park and Monument Association, c1973 (Harrisburg, Pa. : McFarland Co.)

    Liggett, Barbara. 22356 [s.l.]: Eastern National Park and Monument Association, c1973 (Harrisburg, Pa.: McFarland Co.) [40] p.: ill.; 21 cm. F158.67.F8 Glass types found: English, Wistar, Stiegel, Amelung. Bibliography: p. [38]-[39] Stacks CorningDB ...

  4. Glass art: Marni Bakst, Rick Bernstein, Jon F. Clark, Albert J. Garber, Ray King, Deborah Lamden, Andrew Magdanz, Elizabeth Quantock, Josh Simpson, Joseph Upham.

    Buscaglia-Castellani Art Gallery.
    Niagara Falls, N.Y. : Buscaglia-Castellani Art Gallery, 1981.

    Buscaglia-Castellani Art Gallery. 31701 Niagara Falls, N.Y.: Buscaglia-Castellani Art Gallery, 1981. 24 p.: col. ill.; 21 x 21 cm. NK5198 Catalog of an exhibition held June 26-July 26, 1981. Stacks CorningDB Glass artists United States 20th century ...

  5. Cruets only!

    Murray, Dean L.
    Phoenix, Ariz., Killgore Graphics, 1969.

    Murray, Dean L. 25668 Phoenix, Ariz., Killgore Graphics, 1969. 18 p. 18 col. plates. 23 cm. NK5440.C7 Price guide to identification of Cruets only! by Dean L. Murray [1969]: tipped in back cover of copy 1. Cruets illustrated are from the collection of ...

  6. Chartres stained glass windows postcards: 24 ready-to-mail cards.

    Chartres stained glass windows postcards: 24 ready-to-mail cards.

    New York : Dover, 1995.

    0486286150 36881 New York: Dover, 1995. [16] p.: col. ill.; 31 cm. NK5349.C4 Stacks CorningDB Cathédrale de Chartres Pictorial works. Glass painting and staining France Chartres Pictorial works. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  NK5349.C4C48 Location:  ...

  7. Book of distillation. With a new introd. by Harold J. Abrahams.

    Brunschwig, Hieronymus, ca. 1450-ca. 1512.
    New York, Johnson Reprint Corp., 1971.

    Brunschwig, Hieronymus, ca. 1450-ca. 1512. Abrahams, Harold J. Andrew, Laurence, fl. 1510-1537. 25780 New York, Johnson Reprint Corp., 1971. cxx, 274 p. illus. 27 cm. RS81 A facsimile of the English translation by Laurence Andrew of the author's ...

  8. Beaux vitraux des églises de France (XIIe au XVe siècle) / Texte de C. Tarpel.

    Tarpel, C.
    Paris, G. Le Prat [1964?]

    Tarpel, C. 21882 Paris, G. Le Prat [1964?] 11, [4] p. 32 mounted col. plates 32 cm. NK5349 Bibliography: p. [13] Cage CorningDB Glass painting and staining France. ...

  9. Transparences et diffractions: [exposition] Intervention cloitre des Augustins, Ville de Toulouse, Novembre/Decembre 88; Regis Gal/Patrice Guyomard.

    Musée des Augustins.
    Toulouse : Musée des Augustins, 1988.

    Musée des Augustins. 34685 Toulouse: Musée des Augustins, 1988. [15] p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5349 Cover-title: Diffraction. Stacks CorningDB Gal, Regis, 1956- Guyomard, Patrice, 1956- Glass painters France 20th century. Location:  Stacks Call ...

  10. Matteo Thun / Nally Bellati... [et al.]; hrsg. von Alex Buck und Matthias Vogt.

    Buck, Alex.
    Berlin : Ernst & Sohn, c1993.

    Buck, Alex. Bellati, Nally. Vogt, Matthias. 343302426X 3433025479 1854909029 (St. Martins Press) 26612 Berlin: Ernst & Sohn, c1993. 144 p.: ill. (some col.); 29 cm. NX548 Includes bibliographical references (p. 139) and indexes. Includes glass. ...

  11. Travaux du IVe Congrès International du Verre, Paris, 2 au 7 juillet 1956.

    Paris : [s.n.], 1956 ( Imp. Chaix)

    International Commission on Glass. International Congress on Glass (4th, 1956, Paris, France) 30545 Paris: [s.n.], 1956 (Imp. Chaix) 500 p.: ill.; 28 cm. F-4572 f-4572, 9 sheets. In English, French and German. Microform CorningDB Glass Congresses. Glass ...

  12. Německá secese: Umění a umělecké řemeslo kolem roku 1900 ze sbírek muzeí Spolkové republiky Německa Jugenstil in Deutschland: Kunst und Kunsthandwerk um 1900 aus Museen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. [Exhibition] 16.9.-2.11.1980.

    Praze [Prague] : Ministerstvo Kultury ČSR, Národní Galerie v Uměleckoprůmyslové Museum v Praze, 1980.

    Spielmann, Heinz. Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum v Praze. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. 21475 Jugendstil in Deutschland Praze [Prague]: Ministerstvo Kultury ČSR, Národní Galerie v Uměleckoprůmyslové Museum v Praze, 1980. 168 p.: ill. (some ...

  13. Förteckning över Magnus Eidems samling av böcker rörande glas och glastillverkning.

    Göteborg : Oscar Ericson, 1923.

    32230 Göteborg: Oscar Ericson, 1923. 65 p.; 25 cm. Ny tillökad upplaga. Z6046 Duncan 15417. Cage CorningDB Eidem, Magnus Art collections. Glass Bibliography. ...

  14. Schwarzwälder Hinterglasmalerei / mit Beiträgen von Peter Assion und Gudrun Hahner.

    Freiburg : Rombach, 1992.

    Assion, Peter. Hahner, Gudrun. 3793006360 35215 Freiburg: Rombach, 1992. 168 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. 1. Aufl. ND1590 Exhibition Dec. 23, 1992-Feb. 21, 1993 in Freiburg Ausstellungshalle Marienbad; March 26-May 30, 1993 in Franziskanermuseum and two ...

  15. The handbook of American bottles.

    Hanson, Gary C.
    Atlanta, Ga. : Gary C. Hanson, 1971.

    Hanson, Gary C. 32814 Atlanta, Ga.: Gary C. Hanson, 1971. 128 p.: ill., facsims., tables; 22 cm. NK5440.B6 f-3936, 2 sheets. Hard copy in library NK5440.B6.H25. Cage CorningDB Bottles Collectors and collecting. Bottles United States. Bottles Prices. ...

  16. Avicenna, his life and works.

    Afnan, Soheil Muhsin.
    London, G. Allen & Unwin [1958]

    Afnan, Soheil Muhsin. 23994 London, G. Allen & Unwin [1958] 298 p. 23 cm. B751 Includes bibliography. Stacks CorningDB Avicenna, 980-1037. ...

  17. The Glass engraver.

    [London?] : Guild of Glass Engravers, 1975-1995.

    Guild of Glass Engravers. 23028 [London?]: Guild of Glass Engravers, 1975-1995. v.: ill.; 21-31 cm. Quarterly Began in July 1975.-no. 77 (spring 1995). TP863 Description based on no. 5 (summer 1976); title from masthead. First three issues are lacking ...

  18. Diary; the record of a pilgrimage to China in search of the law.

    Ennin, 794-864.
    New York, Ronald Press Co. [1955]

    Ennin, 794-864. Reischauer, Edwin O. (Edwin Oldfather), 1910- 27319 Pilgrimage to China in search of the law New York, Ronald Press Co. [1955] 454 p. 25 cm. DS707 Flooded, slight damage. f-689, 7 sheets. Stacks CorningDB China Description and travel. ...

  19. Tvorchestvo.

    Moskva [etc.]

    Soi︠u︡z khudozhnikov SSSR. Soi︠u︡z sovetskikh khudozhnikov i skulʹpturov. 0041-4565 37470 Moskva [etc.] Began publication in 1934. Cf. Half a century of Soviet serials, 1917-1968. Journal of the Soi︠u︡z khudozhnikov SSSR (formerly Soi︠u︡z sovetskikh ...

  20. L'Exposition Universelle de 1867 illustrée: publication internationale autorisée par la Commission Impériale. / Rédacteur en chef: Fr. Ducuing.

    Paris : [Commission Impériale], 1867.

    Ducuing, Fr. 31033 Exposition Universelle de 1867 illustrée Paris: [Commission Impériale], 1867. 2 v. (488, 488 p. (i.e., 480, 480 p.)): ill.; 38 cm. T801 Apparently issued weekly in 30 livraisons of 16 p. per volume. No. 8, May 16, 1867 is first dated ...

  21. Design in Scandinavia; an exhibition of objects for the home from Denmark, Finland, Norway [and] Sweden.

    [Oslo, Kirstes boktr., 1954]

    Remlov, Arne. American Federation of Arts. 21990 [Oslo, Kirstes boktr., 1954] 125 p., 8 β. col. plates: ill., 23 cm. NK979 "Four committees... were appointed to propose representative articles from each of the four Scandinavian countries... The ...

  22. La verrerie pratique / par Edgard Golinveaux.

    Golinveaux, Edgard.
    Cuesmes-lez-Mons : Imp. Coopérative Ouvrière, 1909.

    Golinveaux, Edgard. 29478 Cuesmes-lez-Mons: Imp. Coopérative Ouvrière, 1909. 56 p.; 27 cm. TP857 Flooded, slight damage, previously pin-bound; rebound 9/2008. f-1565, 1 sheet; hard copy in library TP857.G62. Cage CorningDB Glass manufacture Chemistry. ...

  23. Exposicion de vidrio y cristal: de La Real Fabrica de La Granja de San Ildefonso.

    Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas (Spain)
    [Madrid] : Ministerio de Cultura, Direccion General de Bellas Artes y Archivios, [1960-1975?]

    Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas (Spain) Vizcayno, Elena Ramírez-Montesinos. 36297 [Madrid]: Ministerio de Cultura, Direccion General de Bellas Artes y Archivios, [1960-1975?] [6] p. (folded): ill.; 30 cm. NK5162 Text by Elena Ramírez-Montesinos ...

  24. All that glitters: the glory of costume jewelry / Jody Shields; photographs, Max Vadukul, Paul Lachenauer, and others.

    Shields, Jody.
    New York : Rizzoli, 1987.

    Shields, Jody. 0847808688: $40.00 0847808718 (pbk.): $25.00 25870 New York: Rizzoli, 1987. 175 p., [16] p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 32 cm. NK7310 Includes index. Bibliographical references: p. [172]-173. Stacks CorningDB Jewelry, Costume 20th c. ...

  25. Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch.

    1952- : Köln : E.A. Seemann, 1952-

    Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. Freunde. Freunde des Wallraf-Richartz-Museums und Museums Ludwig. 0083-7105 0083-7105 36978 1952-: Köln: E.A. Seemann, 1952- v.: ill., maps; 28 cm. Annual Bd. 14- Some vols. combined. German and English, with summaries in both ...

  26. 880-01 The garasu / [henshū Firumu Aōtosha; satsuei Meikyō Katsurō... et al.]

    880-02 Tōkyō : Yomiuri Shinbunsha, 1977.

    880-03 Meikyō, Katsurō. 880-04 Firumu Ātosha. 32550 Glass 880-02 Tōkyō: Yomiuri Shinbunsha, 1977. [180] p.: ill. (some col.); 29 cm. NK5104 CMG objects: p. 29-36. Laid in copy 1: Table of contents translation: 5 p. Subtitle on cover: The glass. 880 ...

  27. Prehistoric production and exchange: the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean / edited by A. Bernard Knapp and Tamara Stech.

    Knapp, Arthur Bernard.
    [Los Angeles] : Institute of Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles, c1985.

    Knapp, Arthur Bernard. Stech, Tamara. California, University of, at Los Angeles. Institute of Archaeology. Monograph, 25. 0917956494 (pbk.) 23163 [Los Angeles]: Institute of Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles, c1985. ix, 133 p.: ill.; 28 ...

  28. A history of science, technology, and philosophy in the 18th century.

    Wolf, A. (Abraham), 1876-1948.
    Gloucester, Mass. Peter Smith, 1968.

    Wolf, A. (Abraham), 1876-1948. 25515 Gloucester, Mass. Peter Smith, 1968. 2 v. illus. 21 cm. 2d rev. ed. by Douglas McKie. Q125 Reprinted from 2 rev. ed., originally published in 1952. Stacks CorningDB Science History. Technology History. Industrial arts ...

  29. Enamels: 1. An historic review. 2. Commissioned pieces for the Museum of Contemporary Crafts collection. 3. Three Americans in retrospect. 4. A survey of contemporary work. [Exhibit] September 18 through November 29, 1959.

    American Crafts Council. Museum of Contemporary Crafts.
    New York : the Museum, 1959.

    American Crafts Council. Museum of Contemporary Crafts. 29782 New York: the Museum, 1959. 47 p.: illus. (some col.); 19 cm. NK5000 List of American museums having enamels: p. 45-47. Stacks CorningDB Enamel and enameling Exhibitions. Enamel and enameling ...

  30. Ars vitraria.

    Jablonec nad Nisou : Muzeum skla a bižutérie, 1966-1989.

    Muzeum skla a bižutérie v Jablonci nad Nisou. 37772 Jablonec nad Nisou: Muzeum skla a bižutérie, 1966-1989. v.: ill., facsims.; 23 cm. 1-9 (1966-1989). NK5100 CMGL has v. 1-v. 5 (1966-1974) on microfilm (R-431b). Text in Czech, with summaries in ...

  31. A survey of glassmaking from ancient Egypt to the present / The Corning Museum of Glass; compiled by Charleen K. Edwards.

    Corning Museum of Glass.
    Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1977, c1974.

    Corning Museum of Glass. Edwards, Charleen K., 1927- 0226689026 28509 Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1977, c1974. vii, 59 p.; 23 cm. & microfiche (2 sheets: col. ill.; 11 x 15 cm.) in pocket. NK5106 Corning Museum of Glass exhibition, 1977. f ...

  32. Personality lighting fixtures / Moe-Bridges.

    Moe-Bridges Company.
    Milwaukee : Moe-Bridges, 1939.

    Moe-Bridges Company. 29030 Milwaukee: Moe-Bridges, 1939. 48 p.: ill.; 28 cm. f-3462, l sheet. Fiche only, original loaned by Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Includes price list effective June 1, 1939. Catalog no. 40. CorningDB Electric lighting, ...

  33. Priced and illustrated catalogue thermometers and meterological instruments / made, imported and sold by James W. Queen & Co.

    James W. Queen & Company, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Philadelphia : Queen, 1892.

    James W. Queen & Company, Philadelphia, PA, USA. 29367 Priced and illustrated catalog of meteorological instruments Thermometers and meteorological instruments Meteorological instruments Philadelphia: Queen, 1892. 153 p.: ill.; 22 cm. 8th ed. Trade ...

  34. The collector's guide to old fruit jars: an illustrated price guide: lists over 4350 prices / by Alice M. Creswick.

    Creswick, Alice M.
    Grand Rapids, MI : Alice Creswick, 1986.

    Creswick, Alice M. 23536 Red book no. 5 Red book of fruit jars 5 Grand Rapids, MI: Alice Creswick, 1986. 208 p.: ill.; 28 cm. NK5440.F7 Stacks CorningDB Glass fruit jars Collectors and collecting. Glass fruit jars Prices. Trademarks. Location:  Stacks ...

  35. Kunsthandwerk des 18. Jahrhunderts: Schloss Pillnitz, Wasserpalais.

    Museum für Kunsthandwerk (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden)
    Dresden : Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, [1967]

    Museum für Kunsthandwerk (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden) 30681 Dresden: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, [1967] 117 p.: ill.; 20 cm. N2286 "Sächsisches Glas" by Gisela Messner: p. 68-81. Stacks CorningDB Decorative arts History 18th century. ...

  36. Il vetro soffiato da Roma antica e Venezia / Giovanni Mariacher.

    Mariacher, Giovanni.
    Milano : Electa, 1960.

    Mariacher, Giovanni. 27874 Milano: Electa, 1960. 1. ed. 241 p.: ill. (some mounted), mounted col. plates; 30 cm. NK5152 CMGL also has editions in English, French and Swedish. Includes bibliographical references (p. 59-60) and index. Includes CMoG object: ...