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  1. International modern and contemporary art: including Arab, Iranian, Indian and western art.

    Christie's Dubai (Firm)
    London : Christie's, 2007.

    Christie's Dubai (Firm) 99871 London: Christie's, 2007. 259 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. Christie's Dubai October 31, 2007 October 31, 2007 Auction catalog. Sale no.: TALKING HEADS-7477. Includes price list. Includes index. Auction CorningDB ...

  2. [Miscellaneous brochures and literature]

    Jen Violette (Firm).

    Jen Violette (Firm). 92688 Violette, Jen (Firm) Glass firm file. 1) [Postcard]: Jen Violette glass(Baltimore show Feb. 21-23, 2006) GFF CorningDB Violette, Jen. Jen Violette (Firm). Glass art. Tableware. Glass studios Vermont Wilmington YKM GFF ...

  3. [Untitled: watercolor] [art original].


    Tiffany, Louis Comfort, 1848-1933. 89001 1 art original: watercolor on paper; 22 x 29 cm. "C #28"-- on back. ArtB CorningDB ArtB ...

  4. Showroom of T. G. Hawkes, Corning, N. Y. [picture]: glass sent to Paris Exposition 1889.


    T.G. Hawkes & Co. 94032 Glass sent to Paris Exposition 1889 1889. 1 photo: b&w; 28 x 36 cm., mounted on cardboard 36 x 43 cm. Hawkes archive, Box H-59 Exhibited in The Rakow Research Library for the ACGA conference, July 17-21, 2006. Photo ...

  5. Antique English furniture.

    Ronald Phillips Ltd.
    London : Ronald Phillips, 2006.

    Ronald Phillips Ltd. 95546 Antique English furniture 2006. London: Ronald Phillips, 2006. 251 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. Phillips, Ronald, Ltd. 2006 2006 Includes bibliography. Not an auction catalog, but lists items for sale. Includes chronology. No price ...

  6. 1989 Steuben [calendar].

    Steuben Glass, inc., Corning, NY, USA.
    [New York : Steuben Glass, inc., 1989]
    Trade Catalogs

    Steuben Glass, inc., Corning, NY, USA. Corning Glass Works. 85673 [New York: Steuben Glass, inc., 1989] 30 p.: col. ill.; 23 cm. Steuben Glass, inc. Cover title. Accompanied by "1989 calendar price list." Steuben catalog published as a 1989 ...

  7. [Glassworking tools]

    Nortel Machinery, Inc., Buffalo, NY, USA.
    Buffalo, NY : Nortel Machinery, [1994]
    Trade Catalogs

    Nortel Machinery, Inc., Buffalo, NY, USA. 86090 Buffalo, NY: Nortel Machinery, [1994] [11] p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. Nortel Machinery, Inc., Buffalo, NY, USA. Trade catalog. Cover title. Price list, dated 06/94, on last page. Please request permission to copy ...

  8. Tulip by Dema: the elegant glass with a fine rim.

    Dema Glass Ltd., Surrey, England.
    Surrey : Dema Glass Ltd., [1960-1970]

    Dema Glass Ltd., Surrey, England. 81469 Surrey: Dema Glass Ltd., [1960-1970] 1 leaf: ill.; 28 cm. Dema Glass Ltd., Surrey, England. Received with several loose sales sheets and brochures, from Thomas Webb & Sons, Edinburgh Crystal Glass Co. Please ...

  9. Catalogue 1997/98.

    Royal Scot Crystal, Loughton, Essex, England.
    Loughton, Essex : Malcolm Sergent Associates Limited, [1997]
    Trade Catalogs

    Royal Scot Crystal, Loughton, Essex, England. 81697 Loughton, Essex: Malcolm Sergent Associates Limited, [1997] 28 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. Royal Scot Crystal, Loughton, Essex, England. Cover title. Trade catalog. Cover letter dated June 24th, 1997, and ...

  10. Vŭrkhu sŭstava na drevnobŭlgarski stŭkla ot Pliska i Preslav (IX-XIII v.) / M. Bezborodov i M. Marinov.

    Bezborodov, Mikhail Alekseevich, 1898-
    Sofii︠a︡ : Bŭlgarska akademii︠a︡ na naukite, Khimicheski in-t, 1959.

    Bezborodov, Mikhail Alekseevich, 1898- Marinov, M. R. 91210 Russian title from summary: Drevnebolgarskie stekla Pliski i Preslava (IX-XIII vv.) German title from summary: Altbulgarische Glaserzeugnisse aus Pliska und Preslav (IX.-XIII Jahrhundert) ...

  11. [Infant feeding bottles].

    Glassexport, Prague, Czech Republic.
    Prague : Glassexport, [1953]

    Glassexport, Prague, Czech Republic. 86433 Prague: Glassexport, [1953] 1 folded brochure (4 panels): col. ill.; 21 cm., (opens to) 21 x 58 cm. Glassexport "Fonds Chambon" stamped on front. Cover title. Trade catalog. A brochure about the care of ...

  12. A century in Blackfriars / by G.P. Hughes.

    Hughes, G. P.
    [London : J. Clark & Eaton, 1955]

    Hughes, G. P. 87611 [London: J. Clark & Eaton, 1955] 85 p.: ill., ports.; 22 cm. TP854.E5 "Produced to mark the centenary of James Clark & Eaton Ltd., 1855-1955." Includes bibliographical references. James Clark & Eaton Ltd. produced ...

  13. Fine 18th & 19th century furniture, decorations and tapestries.

    Sotheby's, Amsterdam.
    Amsterdam : Sotheby's, 1998.

    Sotheby's, Amsterdam. 82182 Fine eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture, decorations, and tapestries. Amsterdam: Sotheby's, 1998. 96 p.: ill. (some col.); 27 cm. Sotheby's, Amsterdam October 15, 1998 October 15, 1998 Auction catalog. ...

  14. Feuerspiele: Gläser, Masken, Bilder / Hans Jürgen Westphal.

    Westphal, Hans Jürgen, 1952-
    Bahnhof Keitum/Sylt : Westphal Glas, c2006.

    Westphal, Hans Jürgen, 1952- Glasmuseum (Immenhausen, Germany) Westphal Glas (Firm) 96341 Hans Jürgen Westphal Bahnhof Keitum/Sylt: Westphal Glas, c2006. 79 p.: col. ill.; 21 cm. NK5198.W53 Cover title. "Der Katalog erscheint anlässlich der ...

  15. Verre & menuiserie actualités.

    Paris : B.I.P., 2004-

    1772-3108 0180-0078 80292 Verre et menuiserie actualités Paris: B.I.P., 2004- v.: ill.; 28 cm. Bimonthly No. 191 (fév./mars 2004)- TP860 Title from cover. "Le magazine des materiaux verriers." Filed chronologically with Verre Actualités ...

  16. Annual meeting of I.C.G.: Symposium on Defects in Glass, Tokyo-Kyoto, 12th-17th September 1966: program / [sponsored by] International Commission on Glass and Ceramic Association of Japan.

    [S.l. : s.n., 1966]

    International Commission on Glass. Yōgyō Kyōkai (Japan) Symposium on Defects in Glass (1966: Tokyo, Japan and Kyoto, Japan) 87320 Annual meeting of International Commission on Glass Symposium on Defects in Glass, Tokyo-Kyoto, 12th-17th September 1966: ...

  17. A Jewish glass-blower from Spain.

    Engle, Anita.
    [Granada : Universidad de Granada, 1966]

    Engle, Anita. Miscelánea de estudios árabes y hebraicos vol. 14-15, fasc. 2, 1965/1966, pp. 43-61. 99204 [Granada: Universidad de Granada, 1966] p. 43-61; 24 cm. F-813 Record entered from target sheet. Location of hard copy unknown, 9/07. " ...

  18. Cannes de collection Lilian et Euro Capellini; étains, curiosités, haute-époque.

    Artcurial Briest, Le Fur, Poulain, F. Tajan.
    Paris : Artcurial, 2006.

    Artcurial Briest, Le Fur, Poulain, F. Tajan. Hôtel Dassault. 96069 Étains, curiosités, haute-époque Curiosités: dont cannes, collection Lilian et Euro Capellini Paris: Artcurial, 2006. 52 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. Artcurial December 18, 2006 Glass: lots ...

  19. Customs on the table top; how New England housewives set out their tables.

    Sprackling, Helen, 1896-
    Sturbridge, Mass., Old Sturbridge Village [1958]

    Sprackling, Helen, 1896- 95050 Sturbridge, Mass., Old Sturbridge Village [1958] 22 p. illus. 22 cm. Old Sturbridge Village booklet series, 8 Stacks CorningDB Table setting and decoration. Pottery. Stacks ...

  20. Flameworking through the ages.

    Glass Art Society. Conference (36th : 2006 : Saint Louis, Mo.), author

    Glass Art Society. Conference (36th: 2006: Saint Louis, Mo.), author 94524 1 folded brochure (6 unnumbered pages): illustrations (chiefly color), map, portraits (chiefly color); 29 x 44 cm folded to 29 x 15 cm Cover title. At head of title: Gallery Hop ...

  21. Glass Temple: Jeffrey & Heather Thompson, 2005-2006.

    Glass Temple, Bend, OR, USA.
    Bend, OR : Glass Temple, [2005]
    Trade Catalogs

    Glass Temple, Bend, OR, USA. 89330 Bend, OR: Glass Temple, [2005] 1 folded brochure: col. ill.; 28 cm. Glass Temple, Bend, OR, USA. Trade catalog. Glass Temple established 2000, by Jeffrey & Heather Thompson. Colorful novelty glassware including ...

  22. 2 verkaufsschlager 1. ranges: die neuen Zubindegläser marke "Speer" und die neuen schönen "Gelee-gläser" (beides gefällige praktische tischgläser).

    J. Weck & Co., Öflingen (Baden), West Germany.
    Öflingen (Baden) : J. Wck & Co., [1932?]
    Trade Catalogs

    J. Weck & Co., Öflingen (Baden), West Germany. 86615 Öflingen (Baden): J. Wck & Co., [1932?] [1] sheet: ill. (some col.); 15 x 21 cm. Weck, J., & Co., Öflingen (Baden), West Germany. Trade catalog. Cover title. Two new "Speer" ...

  23. Invoices to Mather Bros., New Castle, Pa.

    Bawo & Dotter (Firm).
    New York, N.Y. : Bawo & Dotter, 1906.

    Bawo & Dotter (Firm). Mather Bros. 94178 New York, N.Y.: Bawo & Dotter, 1906. 1 item: ill.; 18 x 21 cm. Unit 1, Drawer 1, Folder #94178 Letterhead shows exterior of Bawo & Dotter building. "Henry Witte, President; Carl Bawo, Vice Pres. ...

  24. Ceramics, glass and decorative objects.

    Bonhams (Firm)
    London : Bonhams, 1988.

    Bonhams (Firm) 93615 London: Bonhams, 1988. 28 p.; 22 cm. Bonhams November 9, 1988 November 9, 1988 Auction catalog. Cover title. Sale no.: 24257. Auction CorningDB November 9, 1988 Cut glass. Paperweights. Lamps. Auction ...

  25. Le Pyrex moulé et souffle ́: pour laboratoires et industries chemiques.

    Société le Pyrex, Paris, France.
    Paris : Société le Pyrex, 1941.

    Société le Pyrex, Paris, France. 87492 Pyrex laboratoires et industries chimques Paris: Société le Pyrex, 1941. 63 p.: ill.; 28 cm. Pyrex, Le, La Societe, Paris, France. Catalog has been flooded, probably during the June 1972 flood in Corning, NY. ...

  26. Die Kunst der Glasbläserie vor dem Lothrohre und and der Lampe, oder, Darstellung eines neuen Verfahrens [microform]: um alle physicalischen und chemischen Instrumente, welche in den Bereich dieser kunst gehören, als Barometer, Thermometer, Areometer, heber u. s. v. mit dem geringsten kosten-Aufwande und auf bei leichteste Art zu verfertigen; mit 4 Tafeln Ubbildungen / von T.P. Danger.

    Danger, T.-P.
    Quedlinburg : Gottfr. Basse, 1833.

    Danger, T.-P. 94345 Quedlinburg: Gottfr. Basse, 1833. iv, 76 p.: ill.; 19 cm. F-5539 Aus dem Franzosischen übersetz. Microform CorningDB Glass blowing and working 19th century. Measuring instruments 19th century. Chemical apparatus 19th century. ...

  27. Glasruten: en guide til glaskunst i Ebeltoft.

    [Ebeltoft] : Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, [2002].

    91514 [Ebeltoft]: Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, [2002]. [18] p.: col. ill., col. map; 13 cm. NK5158 Danish, English, and German. Cover title. "International glas kunst." Guide to glass studios and museums in Ebeltoft, Denmark. Glasmuseet Ebeltoft-- ...

  28. [Untitled: SF 1538/2] [art original]

    Plátek, Václav, 1917-
    [c. 1957].

    Plátek, Václav, 1917- 80424 [c. 1957]. 1 art original: Ink and pencil on paper; 16 x 20 cm. Unit 29, Drawer 2 Design for flakon, two views. Steinberg Foundation collection; SF 1538/2 FF CorningDB Glassware Czech Republic 20th century Design. FF ...

  29. DuMouchelles auction at the gallery: November 2004.

    DuMouchelles Art Galleries.
    Detroit : Du Mouchelles, 2004.

    DuMouchelles Art Galleries. 83508 Collection from Nancy Williams Gram, and the late honorable G. Mennen Williams, former governor of Michigan Detroit: Du Mouchelles, 2004. 21 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. Du Mouchelles November 12-14, 2004 November 18, 2004 ...

  30. Tiffany reproductions.

    Quoizel, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, USA.
    Hauppauge, NY : Quoizel, Inc., [1996]
    Trade Catalogs

    Quoizel, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, USA. 84403 Hauppauge, NY: Quoizel, Inc., [1996] [1] sheet: col. ill.; 27 cm. Quoizel, Inc., Hauppauge, NY, USA. Trade catalog. Reproduction Tiffany table lamps and shades, featuring "Zinnia", "Fish", " ...

  31. Sets [art original]

    Sets [art original]

    Wünsch, Karel, 1932-

    Wünsch, Karel, 1932- 81111 1958. 1 art original: watercolor and ink on paper; 21 x 33 cm. Unit 30, Drawer 6 Abstract composition. Signed in pencil "Wunsch 58". Steinberg Foundation collection; SF 705 FF CorningDB Glassware Czech Republic 20th ...

  32. [Handel lamp no. 6688] [advertisement].

    [S.l. : s. n. , 1919].

    96391 [S.l.: s. n., 1919]. [1] p.: col. ill.; 25 cm. 96391 Advertisement for Handel lamps, "durable materials, lasting colors, fashioned by craftsmen into a wide variety of beautiful designs". The ad features an image of no. 6688, a floral ...

  33. Party animals.

    Crystal Images. Division of Crystallite Enterprises, Inc., San Rafael, CA, USA.
    San Rafael, CA : Crystallite Enterprises, Inc., [1988]
    Trade Catalogs

    Crystal Images. Division of Crystallite Enterprises, Inc., San Rafael, CA, USA. 81667 San Rafael, CA: Crystallite Enterprises, Inc., [1988] [1] leaf: b col. ill.; 28 cm. Crystal Images. Division of Crystallite Enterprises, Inc., San Rafael, CA, USA. Trade ...

  34. Observations faites par ordre du roi sur les côtes de Normandie: au sujet des effets pernicieux qui sont attribués dans le pays de Caux, a la fumée du varech, lorsqu'on brûle cette plante pour la réduire en soude.

    Tillet, Mathieu, ca. 1720-1791.
    Newcastle upon Tyne : De l'Imprimerie de D. Akenhead & Sons, [1772?]

    Tillet, Mathieu, ca. 1720-1791. Fougeroux de Bondaroy, Auguste-Denis, 1732-1789. Académie royale des sciences (France) 96943 Newcastle upon Tyne: De l'Imprimerie de D. Akenhead & Sons, [1772?] 39 p.; 20 cm. Uncataloged #535 "Ces ...

  35. Exceptional antique auction (2 sessions).

    Fontaine's Auction Gallery.
    Pittsfield, MA : Fontaine's, 2005.

    Fontaine's Auction Gallery. 85188 Pittsfield, MA: Fontaine's, 2005. 1 sheet p.: col. ill.; 56 cm folded to 28 cm. Fontaine's Auction Gallery January 14, 2005 January 14, 2005 Auction catalog. No price list. Catalog not available. Auction ...

  36. Portland Art Museum.

    Portland Art Museum (Or.)
    Portland, OR : Portland Art Museum, -2006.

    Portland Art Museum (Or.) 83115 Portland Art Museum (Or.) Members' Magazine (OCoLC)ocm83802246 Portland, OR: Portland Art Museum,-2006. v.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. Quarterly Ceased in 2006. N712 Description based on v. 3, no. 1 (summer/fall 2004). ...