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  1. Marimekko [electronic resource].

    Le Klint (Firm), Odense, Denmark.
    [Highland Park, NJ : Illuminating Experiences, 2005]

    Le Klint (Firm), Odense, Denmark. 91504 Title on CD label: UnderCover brochure [Highland Park, NJ: Illuminating Experiences, 2005] 1 CD-ROM: col. ill.; 4 3/4 in. TH7967 System requirements: Adobe Acrobat reader. Title from image of p. [1]. Published as 1 ...

  2. Important European and American fine art including Chinese and Russian works.

    Jackson's International Auctioneers & Appraisers of Fine Art & Antiques.
    Cedar Falls, IA : Jackson's, 2007.

    Jackson's International Auctioneers & Appraisers of Fine Art & Antiques. 98465 Cedar Falls, IA: Jackson's, 2007. 394 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. Jackson's July 17-18, 2007 July 17-18, 2007 Auction catalog. Includes estimated price list. ...

  3. Alphabetical index to Korean surnames in McCune-Reischauer romanization, with cross-references from alternate Korean forms, Chinese and Japanese.

    McCune, George McAfee, 1908-1948.
    [n.p., 194-?]

    McCune, George McAfee, 1908-1948. Reischauer, Edwin O. (Edwin Oldfather), 1910- joint author. 81955 [n.p., 194-?] 16 p. 27 cm. 81955 "Contains 209 names selected from the Korean dictionary, Choson-o Sajon... by Mun Seyong... (Seoul, Korea, 1938)" ...

  4. Collection Habanera.

    Glashütte Döbern GmbH, Döbern, Germany.
    Weiβwasser : Lausitzer Glas AG, [1991]
    Trade Catalogs

    Glashütte Döbern GmbH, Döbern, Germany. Glaswerk Döbern GmbH. Lausitzer Glas AG. 81677 Weiβwasser: Lausitzer Glas AG, [1991] 1 folded brochure: col. ill.; 30 cm. Glashütte Döbern GmbH, Döbern, Germany. Trade catalog. Brochure was distributed by ...

  5. Ceramiche, mobili, argenti e oggetti d'arte.

    Sotheby's, Milano.
    Milano : Sotheby's, 2005.

    Sotheby's, Milano. 87971 Milano: Sotheby's, 2005. 272 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. Sotheby's Milano June 14, 2005 In Italian and English. June 14, 2005 Auction catalog. Includes price list. Sale no.: MI246 Sale no.: MI0246 Auction CorningDB June ...

  6. Fornace Venini [picture]: fires eternal.

    New York, NY : Moss, 2003.

    Moss 84822 New York, NY: Moss, 2003. 1 poster: col. ill.; 61 x 46 cm. Unit 3, Drawer 2 Exhibiton open May 17, 2003. "'And fires eternal in thy temple shine.'--Dryden." FFPoster CorningDB Moss Exhibitions FFPoster ...

  7. [Untitled: SF 1149] [art original].

    [Untitled: SF 1149] [art original].

    Waulin, Ivan

    Waulin, Ivan 81101 1964. 1 art original: watercolor on paper; 42 x 22 cm. Unit 30, Drawer 6 Design for vase. Steinberg Foundation collection; SF 1149 FF CorningDB Glassware Czech Republic 20th century Design. FF DVDrawing ...

  8. Chiusa antica: periodico di informazione culturale.

    Chiusa di Pesio : Associazione culturale per la valorizzazione storica e artistica della Valle Pesio

    Associazione culturale per la valorizzazione storica e artistica della Valle Pesio. 83518 Chiusa di Pesio: Associazione culturale per la valorizzazione storica e artistica della Valle Pesio v.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. Semiannual Description based on n. 3 ...

  9. Fenton Art Glass Co., Willimstown, W. Va. [picture].

    [Willimstown, W. Va : Fenton Art Glass Co., 1963]

    87482 [Willimstown, W. Va: Fenton Art Glass Co., 1963] 1 postcard: col.; 11 x 16 cm. Box E Title from caption. Display of handmade glassware in the Gift Shop. Postcards CorningDB Postcards ...

  10. Ceramics, glass and decorative objects.

    Bonhams (Firm)
    London : Bonhams, 1989.

    Bonhams (Firm) 93605 London: Bonhams, 1989. 38 p.; 21 cm. Bohams February 15, 1989 February 15, 1989 Auction catalog. Estimated price list. Sale no.: 24352. Auction CorningDB February 15, 1989 Opalines. Cut glass. Steuben. Chandeliers. Auction ...

  11. The kaleidoscope: its history, theory, and construction with its application to the fine and useful arts / by David Brewster.

    Brewster, David, 1781-1868.
    Holyoke, Mass. : Van Cort Publications, 1987.

    Brewster, David, 1781-1868. Brewster, David, 1781-1868. Treatise on the kaleidoscope. 94168 Holyoke, Mass.: Van Cort Publications, 1987. 188 p.: ill.; 19 cm. QC373.K3 "Reprinted from the nineteenth century original." Reprint of a revised edition ...

  12. Sculpture 2005 [electronic resource]: Arkansas Art Center / Richard Jolley.

    Jolley, Richard, 1952-
    [Knoxville, TN : R. Jolley, 2005]

    Jolley, Richard, 1952- Arkansas Arts Center. 88164 Richard Jolley sculpture 2005 [Knoxville, TN: R. Jolley, 2005] Images. 1 CD-ROM: b&w, col. ill.; 4 3/4 in. NK5198.J75 Title from CD-ROM label. Images. System requirements: any image viewer that ...

  13. Painted glass from Leicester / [written by David T-D. Clarke].

    Clarke, David T. D.
    [Leicester] : Leicester Museums, Dept. of Antiquities, 1962.

    Clarke, David T. D. Leicester Museums and Art Gallery. 87601 [Leicester]: Leicester Museums, Dept. of Antiquities, 1962. 35 p.: ill.; 17 x 22 cm. NK5344.L52 Includes bibliographical references (p. 34). Cage CorningDB Glass painting and staining England ...

  14. 28th annual student art show [videorecording]: at The Corning Museum of Glass / The Corning Museum of Glass.

    Corning, N.Y. : The Corning Museum of Glass, 1996.

    Corning Museum of Glass. Corning-Painted Post Area School District. 97789 Shelving title: Corning Museum of Glass Student Art Show, 1996 Corning, N.Y.: The Corning Museum of Glass, 1996. 1 videocassette (5 min.): sd., col.; 1/2 in. Corning Museum of Glass ...

  15. [Schliff 300]

    Pangratz & Co., Kaiserwalde, Germany.
    Kaiserwalde, Germany : Pangratz & Co., [1928]

    Pangratz & Co., Kaiserwalde, Germany. 86605 Kaiserwalde, Germany: Pangratz & Co., [1928] [3] leaves: ill.; 28 cm. Pangratz & Co., Kaiserwalde, Germany. Accompanied by a desk card for Pangratz & Co., and another sketch sheet for item no. ...

  16. Die alte Form zum Giessen roher Bleiruten des Glasers im Heimatmuseum der Stadt Usingen und zum Bleizug / von Friedrich Karl Azzola.

    Azzola, Friedrich Karl.
    [S.l. ; s.n., 2006]

    Azzola, Friedrich Karl. Nassauische Annalen 117, 2006, pp. [267]-275. 94534 [S.l.; s.n., 2006] p. [267]-275: ill.; 24 cm. TP859.5 Includes bibliographical references. Caption title. Offprint from Nassauische Annalen 117, 2006. Cage CorningDB Heimatmuseum ...

  17. Lamps.

    Mallett and Son Antiques.
    New York : Mallett, 2006.

    Mallett and Son Antiques. 95040 New York: Mallett, 2006. 31 p.: col. ill.; 22 cm. Mallett 2006 Lamps 2006 Not an auction catalog, but lists items for sale. Auction CorningDB 2006 Lamps. Auction Stacks ...

  18. Sora Sim [electronic resource]: portfolio--my works.

    Sim, Sora, 1976-
    [Seoul, Korea : S. Sim, 2005]

    Sim, Sora, 1976- 89320 Portfolio--my works [Seoul, Korea: S. Sim, 2005] 1 CD-ROM: chiefly col.; 4 3/4 in. NK5198.S575 Title from container. System requirements: Microsoft Power Point. English and Korean. Stacks CorningDB Sim, Sora, 1976- Catalogs. Glass ...

  19. Hot shop videos [videorecording] / [Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art]

    [Tacoma, Wash.] : Museum of Glass, c2006.

    Museum of Glass: International Center for Contemporary Art. 99214 Title on disc: Hot shop videos: how it's done [Tacoma, Wash.]: Museum of Glass, c2006. 1 videodisc (9 min.): sd., col.; 4 3/4 in. Hot shop videos digitized 20130415 CMoG Digital file ...

  20. Rettet das römische Trier: Denkschrift der Archäologischen Trier-Kommission mit einer Kartenbeilage der archäologischen Schutzzonen.

    Archäologische Trier-Kommission.
    [Trier] : Eigenverlag Archäologischen Trier-Kommission, 1972.

    Archäologische Trier-Kommission. 87330 [Trier]: Eigenverlag Archäologischen Trier-Kommission, 1972. 56 p.: ill.; 27 cm. + 1 folded map (89 x 77 cm. folded to 26 x 18 cm.). DD901.T85 Folded col. map inserted at end. Includes bibliographical references. ...

  21. Ventes publiques à pontoise.

    Maîtres Guy Martinot, Yves Savignat et Denis Antoine (Firm)
    Pontoise, France : Enchères MSA, 2006.

    Maîtres Guy Martinot, Yves Savignat et Denis Antoine (Firm) Enchères MSA. Hôtel des Ventes de Pontoise. 95772 Juin 2006 à pontoise Pontoise, France: Enchères MSA, 2006. 120 p.: col. ill.; 30 cm. Maîtres Guy Martinot, Yves Savignat et Denis Antoine ...

  22. Ruby cleft vase [slide].

    Maslach, Steven, 1950-
    [Greenbrae, Ca], 1982.

    Maslach, Steven, 1950- 99689 [Greenbrae, Ca], 1982. glass; 45 cm. x 10.5 cm. Maslach, Steven; NGR 4, entry 636.2 blown Sandblasting Slide condition: Good, no marks. Copies in drawer: 1 Slide is property of The Corning Museum of Glass. Copyright for image ...

  23. American diner / Richard J.S. Gutman and Elliott Kaufman, in collaboration with David Slovic.

    Gutman, Richard.
    New York : Harper & Row, c1979.

    Gutman, Richard. Kaufman, Elliott, joint author. Slovic, David, joint author. 0060116986: $20.00 90876 New York: Harper & Row, c1979. 1st ed. 154 p.: ill. (some col.); 24 x 28 cm. NA7855 Stained glass: p. 9, 11, [27]; mirrors: p. 10; glass blocks: p. ...

  24. Hieronymus Hackel: Mojster vzhajajočega sonca = Hieronymus Hackel: der Meister der aufgehenden Sonne / Paul von Lichtenberg; [prevod: Hanka Štular; English summary: Paul von Lichtenberg].

    Lichtenberg, Paul von.
    Celje : Pokrajinski Muzej, c2005.

    Lichtenberg, Paul von. Pokrajinski muzej Celje. 9789616411042 (hd.bd.) 9616411047 (hd.bd.) 89162 Mojster vzhajajocega sonca Hieronymus Hackel: der Meister der aufgehenden Sonne Meister der aufgehenden Sonne Celje: Pokrajinski Muzej, c2005. 144 p.: ill.; ...

  25. Wire wrapped angels: the complete reference: glass fusing, wire work, color & design, resources.

    Adair, Jennifer.
    Dickson, Tenn. : Studio Wren Press, c2006.

    Adair, Jennifer. 0975857509 9780975857502 97039 Dickson, Tenn.: Studio Wren Press, c2006. [2nd ed.] 103 p: ill. (chiefly col.); 26 cm. TT298 Includes bibliographical references (p. 100) and index. Color, quick & dirty-- So much glass, so little time-- ...

  26. Catalog no. 71: NAGS auto glass parts service.

    National Auto Glass Specifications, Detroit, MI, USA.
    Detroit, Mich. : NAGS Publishing Co., c1970.

    National Auto Glass Specifications, Detroit, MI, USA. National Auto Glass Specifications Publishing Co. Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company. 82570 NAGS auto glass parts service Auto glass parts: catalog no. 71 Detroit, Mich.: NAGS Publishing Co., c1970. 96 p. ...

  27. Imperial and post-Revolutionary Russian art and icons, including property from the estate of the late Victor Provatoroff.

    London : Christie's, 1998.

    Christie's. 82206 London: Christie's, 1998. 128 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. Christie's December 17, 1998 December 17,1998 Auction catalog. Sale no.: QUINTESSENTIAL-6069 Includes estimated price list. Includes index. Auction CorningDB December 17 ...

  28. Chapters on machinery and labor, by George E. Barnett...

    Barnett, George Ernest, 1873-1938.
    Cambridge, Harvard university press, 1926.

    Barnett, George Ernest, 1873-1938. 84553 Cambridge, Harvard university press, 1926. vi p., 2 l., 3-161 p. 23 cm. F-3650 F-3650, 3 sheets. CMGL has microfilm only; filmed from a borrowed original. CMGL also has just the sections on the bottle machinery on ...

  29. [Untitled: SF 1654] [art original]

    Plátek, Václav, 1917-
    Prints & Drawings

    Plátek, Václav, 1917- 80574 [1974-1975]. 1 art original: Ink on paper; 42 x 30 cm. Unit 29, Drawer 3 Design for two drinking glasses. Signed in ink "V. Platek 1974-75". Marked in ink "Sandliskem le opukalaram/4dilna forme/Stry Walted 1-2 ...

  30. Waretex price list January 05: hospital & laboratory glassware.

    Ware Medics Glass Works, Inc., Garnerville, NY, USA.
    Garnerville, N.Y. : Ware Medics Glass Works, Inc., [2005]

    Ware Medics Glass Works, Inc., Garnerville, NY, USA. 84686 Hospital & laboratory glassware Hospital and laboratory glassware Garnerville, N.Y.: Ware Medics Glass Works, Inc., [2005] 22 p.: ill.; 28 cm. Ware Medics Glass Works, Inc. Cover title. Trade ...

  31. Moves of press blanks made at the Libbey factory, Toledo, Ohio.

    Libbey Glass Company.
    [S.l. : Libbey?, ca. 1911]

    Libbey Glass Company. 85710 [S.l.: Libbey?, ca. 1911] [4] p.; 14 cm. HD4966.G52U5 Published in A new discussion of figured blanks and other developments of the American Brilliant era (1876-1920), by LindaJo Hare: 132938, p. 321-324. Cage CorningDB Wages ...

  32. [Untitled: SF 1078] [art original]

    [Untitled: SF 1078] [art original]

    Vachtova, Dana.

    Vachtova, Dana. 80983 1968. 1 art original: gouache and watercolor on paper; 45 x 35 cm. Unit 30, Drawer 1 Signed in pen "Vachtova, 1968". Design for object. Steinberg Foundation collection; SF 1078 FF CorningDB Glassware Czech Republic 20th ...

  33. Riedel: the wineglass company.

    Riedel-Glas Austria (Firm), Kufstein, Austria.
    Kufstein, Austria : Ridel-Glas (Austria) Firm), c2002.
    Trade Catalogs

    Riedel-Glas Austria (Firm), Kufstein, Austria. 87785 Kufstein, Austria: Ridel-Glas (Austria) Firm), c2002. [1] folded poster: col. ill.; 30 (folded) cm., (unfolds to 60 x 84 cm.) Riedel-Glas Austria (Firm), Kufstein, Austria. Trade catalog. Cover title. ...

  34. Udaglass: always unique...always UDA.

    Udaglass, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL : Udaglass, [2001]
    Trade Catalogs

    Udaglass, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA. 86165 Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Udaglass, [2001] 1 folded brochure (3 panels): col. ill.; 28 (folded) cm. Udaglass, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA. Trade catalog. Cover title. Accompanied by "Summer 2001 price list"; and ...

  35. Stora kvalitén.

    Stockholms Auktionsverk.
    Stockholm : Stockholms Auktionsverk, 2006.

    Stockholms Auktionsverk. 95720 Fine art & antiques Stockholm: Stockholms Auktionsverk, 2006. 476 p.: col. ill.; 27 cm. Stockholms Auktionsverk November 29-December 1, 2006 Catalog entirely in Swedish. November 29-December 1, 2006 Auction catalog. ...