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    Littman, Brett.

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  2. Antique pewter of medical interest

    Drake, T. G. H.

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  3. 'A legspirituálisabb művészet': Üvegfestészeti kamarakiállítás, tanulságokkal.

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  4. Once Again, St. Mandé: Recent Discoveries from the Fifth French Factory.

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  5. Richard Fauguet: Le Verre détourné.

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  6. The Painter's Priory.

    Kapur, Parul.

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  7. A Page for Collectors: Everything about Glass--Two Books Reviewed.

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  8. Fenton Makes Opalescent Castor Insert.


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  9. Flash Glass Martyrs.

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  10. Questions, Answers & Comments.


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  11. L'Ivresse des flacons: trente siècles d'art du verre...

    Romand, Didier

    Romand, Didier Valeurs actuelles 24 June 1985, [n.p] AI45888 periodical CMG purchases a Gallo-Roman glass, and other sales CitationDB ...

  12. Magical Games with the Blowpipe.

    Velínská, Lenka.

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  13. Islamic Enamelled Beakers: A New Chronology.

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  14. More on Fusing with Spectrum


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  15. A Lathe Is Not Scary.

    King, Candice.

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  16. On the Cutting Edge: Two Glass Artists Offer Distinctive, Different Works.

    Netsky, Ron.

    Netsky, Ron. Democrat and Chronicle, April 21, 1991, p. u.p., ill. AI50404 Rochester, NY Concetta Mason and Michael Taylor. CitationDB Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass Artists-- Exhibitions-- Memorial Art Gallery ...

  17. Nové tvary českého broušeného křištá̓lového skla.

    Smrčková, Ludvika.

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  18. Sparkling Jewel.

    Kennedy, Karen.

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  19. Un essai de préfabrication au XVI siècle.

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  20. Hemingray Glass Co.: 150 Years of Hemingrays, 1848-1998.

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  21. Review: Light Show!

    Tudor, Morna.

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  22. Lausanne: The Museum and the Collection.

    Lippuner, Rosmarie.

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  23. X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Glass from Fort Canning, Singapore.

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  24. Gryphon's New Omni-1 Diamond Wire Saw.

    Porcelli, Joe.

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  25. Patently Poisonous.


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  26. Mursella municipium (Összefoglaló az 1975-89 közötti feltárásokról).

    Szőnyi, Eszter.

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  27. Fakes! Copies! Reproductions! Or Original Art?

    McClanahan, G. W.

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  28. English Glass in the British Museum: The Legacy of Augustus Wollaston Franks.

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  29. Twenty Years of Studies on Gilded Glass and Painted Glass: An Account and Some Innovations.

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  30. Badanie technik produkcji wczesnos|'redniowiecznymu paciorków szklanych mododami petrograficznymi

    Dekówna, Maria

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  31. Giacomo Verzelini-An Italian Glasshouse in London.

    Hayward, Helena.

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  32. I doni nuziali: Studio critico-comparato.

    Corso, Raffaele.

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  33. An Ancient Technique Rediscovered in Cologne after 1500 Years: Hollow Ware Decorated with Serpentine Glass Threads.

    Penkert, Rudolf.

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  34. Restaurování sklomalby smrti P. Marie z Kolína

    Losos, Ludvík

    Losos, Ludvík Uměni vol. 27, no. 2, 1979, pp. 140-145 AI46007 facsimile photocopy Conservation of stained glass windows in Kolin church CitationDB Call Number:  No call number available Holdings Note:  VF: Glass Painting & Staining-- Repair, ...

  35. The Glassmakers of Småland Woods

    Gustafson, Philip

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  36. Susan Edgerley: Le Verre, comme métaphore de l'existence.

    Riendeau, Isabelle.

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