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  1. Glas und Glaserhandwerk- gestern, heute und morgen.

    Brinkmann, Ernst.

    Brinkmann, Ernst. Glaswelt, v. 31, no. 10, Oct. 1978, pp. 895-896. AI66100 CitationDB Glass History ...

  2. Sandwich Glass and New Phases Developed through Recent Research.

    Chipman, Frank.

    Chipman, Frank. The Glass Club Bulletin, nos. 106-110 (1973-1975), pp. 24-32, ill. AI73708 Address given by Mr. Chipman before the National Early American Glass Club in Boston, Mass., 1934. CitationDB Glass United States Location:  Periodicals Call Number ...

  3. Auction News-- Pictures Courtesy of the Auction Houses.


    Glass Circle News, no. 118 (Mar. 2009), pp. 16-18, ill. AI77335 Reports on three events, which included ancient, British, and European glass. CitationDB Glass History ...

  4. Reviews: Hudson and New York, New York: John Cleater and Ana Golici, Nicole Fiacco Gallery and The Elizabeth Foundation.

    Henry, Clare.

    Henry, Clare. Sculpture, v. 29, no. 4 (May 2010), pp. 69-70, ill. 0889-728X AI79950 Artists use glass in their works. CitationDB Cleater, John Golici, Ana Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NB1.S43 ...

  5. Römische Salb- und Parfümgefässe aus Glass: Kunst oder Design?

    Bracker, Jörgen.

    Bracker, Jörgen. ̣ Glastechnische Berichte, v. 6, June, 1974, pp. 140-145, ill. AI75993 Balsam and perfume containers. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  6. Man sieht nur mit den Ohren gut-- aber mit den Augen hört man manchmal besser. Überlegungen und Erfahrungen aus dem Zürcher Grossmünster.

    La Roche, Käthi.

    La Roche, Käthi. Kunst und Kirche, no. 1, 2007, pp. 31-40, ill. 0023-5431 AI72162 Includes stained glass by Sigmar Polke, Katharina Grosse, Silvie Defraoui, Christoph Rütimann, and Olafur Eliasson. CitationDB Glass Painting and Staining ...

  7. Moravské Nálezy Skleněných Korálků Doby Bronzové a Halštatské.

    Lehečková, Eva.

    Lehečková, Eva. Ars Vitraria, v. IV, 1973, pp. 5-19, ill. AI76346 Moravian findings of glass beads from the Bronze and Halštat Ages. English summary. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  8. Fostoria's Handmade Flint Glass. Reproductions from the Henry Ford Museum Collection.

    MacMillan, Sarina.

    MacMillan, Sarina. MacMillan, Phillip. Glass Works, v. 12, no. 3, May/June 2005, p. 3+, ill. AI65744 Fostoria Glass Collectors Inc. CitationDB Glass United States ...

  9. Avontuur in miniatuur.

    Gessel, Marieke van.

    Gessel, Marieke van. Residence, v. 17, no. 10, Oct. 2004, pp. 110-115, ill. 0926-9592 AI64052 Amsterdam Designs by glass tile and mosaic company Bisazza, including some of the making processes. CitationDB Flat glass Glass Art 1945- ...

  10. What Time Do You Have?

    Turk, William.

    Turk, William. Antique Collecting, v. 41, no. 10, April 2007, pp. 8-15, ill. 0003-584X AI72283 Clocks from the 17th century through the early 1900s. CitationDB Glass History ...

  11. FYI: Stained Glass Gallery: Photographic Presentations of New Work and Recent Restoration.


    Stained Glass, v. 101, no. 4, Winter 2006, pp. 272-275, ill. 1067-8867 AI71130 Quarterly of the Stained Glass Association of America Includes Hunt Stained Glass Studios, Anna Gerrodette, and Saara Gallin. CitationDB Gerrodette, Anna Gallin, Saara Hunt ...

  12. Rare Northwood Mikado Nappy Found!

    Peterson, Dave.

    Peterson, Dave. Glowing Report, v. 8, no. 2, Jan. 2005, p. 1+, ill. AI67399 Vaseline Glass Collectors Inc. Early 20th century. CitationDB Glass United States ...

  13. How to Make a Beginner Panel-- An Introduction to Stained Glass.

    Berry, Jim.

    Berry, Jim. Glass Patterns Quarterly, v. 26, no. 2 (Summer 2010), p. 6+, ill. 1041-6684 AI79955 Step-by-step making instructions; design by Diana Dahlberg and fabrication by the author. CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5305 ...

  14. Glass Pendant Lights.

    Bisque Imports Staff Artist.

    Bisque Imports Staff Artist. Fired Arts & Crafts, v. 56, issue 7 (July 2010), pp. 44-46, ill. 0002-7812 AI79886 Step-by-step making instructions. CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TT1.F52 ...

  15. Bottles from the Willamette Mud.

    White, James Shelley.

    White, James Shelley. Old Bottle Magazine, v. 11, no. 7, July 1978, pp. 16-19, ill. AI68888 Oregon wines, medicines, etc. CitationDB Bottles ...

  16. Eighteenth-century Bohemian Glass.

    Gros-Galliner, Gabriella.

    Gros-Galliner, Gabriella. Discovering Antiques, Vol. 3, New York: Greystone Press, 1973, pp. 5258-263, ill. AI78988 CitationDB Glass Central Europe ...

  17. Analisi di metalli antichi e smalti egizi mediante cromatografia su carta e su strato sottile.

    Vigliano, Maria G.

    Vigliano, Maria G. Simon, Jolanda. Problemi di Conservazione, [1973], pp. 453-460. AI74528 Commissione per lo Sviluppo Tecnologico della Conservazione dei Beni Culturali Analysis of ancient metals and Egyptian enamels by paper and thin layer ...

  18. Antique Beads of the Philippine Islands.

    Legarda, Angelita.

    Legarda, Angelita. Arts of Asia, v. 7, no. 5, Sept./Oct. 1977, pp. 61-70, ill. AI69677 CitationDB Glass Asia, South ...

  19. Frédéric Marey.


    Ateliers d'Art, no. 57, May/June 2005, p. 23, ill. AI67105 Brief profile of the artist, who creates glass jewelry. CitationDB Marey, Frédéric Glass Art 1945- ...

  20. An Open Letter.

    Fogg, Sam.

    Fogg, Sam. The Journal of Stained Glass, v. 30, 2006, pp. 252-253, ill. AI71080 British Society of Master Glass Painters Scotland Issue Author calls for an open attitude about sharing of information on historical stained glass. CitationDB Glass Painting ...

  21. A Roman Mould-Blown Negrohead Glass Beaker from London.

    Price, Jennifer.

    Price, Jennifer. The Antiquaries Journal, v. 54, no. 2, 1974, pp. 291-292, ill. AI72994 CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  22. Glass and Pottery Manufacture at Silkstone, Yorkshire.

    Dungworth, David and others.

    Dungworth, David and others. Post-Medieval Archaeology, v. 40, no. 1, 2006, pp. 160-190, ill. 0079-4326 AI71350 Late 17th century. CitationDB Glass Great Britain ...

  23. Maryland Glass.

    Stanton, Joyce.

    Stanton, Joyce. Depression Glass Daze, v. 8, no. 3, May 1978, p. 28, ill. AI68745 Maryland Glass Corp. 1940's. CitationDB Glass United States ...

  24. Structural Changes in Silica Glass by Continuous-Wave Laser Backside Irradiation.

    Hidai, Hirofumi and others.

    Hidai, Hirofumi and others. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, v. 93, no. 6 (June 2010), pp. 1597-1601, ill. 0002-7820 AI79978 CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TP785.A51 ...

  25. Tiffany Lamps Tie for Top Spot.


    Antique Week (Eastern edition), v. 37, no. 1834, Aug. 16, 2004, p. 7, ill. 0888-5451 AI63380 Auction report. CitationDB Art Nouveau Glass United States ...

  26. A Brief History of the International Guild of Glass Artists, Inc.

    Emery, John.

    Emery, John. Phibbs, Gerry. Profitable Glass Quarterly, v. 12, no. 1 (Spring 2009), pp. 62-63, ill. AI77143 Organization founded in the early 1990s. CitationDB Glass painting and staining 1945- ...

  27. Cameo Glass Identification Can Prove Difficult Matter.

    Gilbert, Anne.

    Gilbert, Anne. Renninger's Guide, v. 4, no. 5, March 9-22, 1979, p. 5, ill. AI62763 CitationDB Art Nouveau ...

  28. Quesiti tecnici: Risposte ai lettori.


    Rivista della Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro, v. 35, no. 5, Sept./Oct. 2005, pp. 46-48, ill. 0391-4259 AI72125 Responses to readers' letters. CitationDB Technology ...

  29. Glass Production in Ancient Greece.

    Filarska, Barbara.

    Filarska, Barbara. Archeologia (Warsaw), v. 23, 1972, pp. 1-6, ill. AI73289 CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  30. Prĕd s̆edesáti léty zemr̆el arch. Jan Koula.

    Broz̆ová, Jarmila.

    Broz̆ová, Jarmila. Umĕní a R̆emesla, no. 3, 1979, pp. 2-3, ill. AI62129 Late 19th c. Czech glass engraver, Jan Koula. CitationDB Glass Central Europe ...

  31. Rosemount Wine Student Awards II.

    Hughes, Rachel.

    Hughes, Rachel. Kilgallon, Jenny Journal of the Glass Society of Ireland, v. 38, Sept. 2005, pp. 2-3, ill. AI67060 Thirteen artists talk briefly about their pieces. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  32. Une passion pour le 1900.

    Gaigneron, Axelle De.

    Gaigneron, Axelle De. Connaissance des Arts, v. 284, Oct. 1975, pp. 88-95, ill. AI74186 Brussels apartment and collection of Anne-Marie Gillion-Crowet. CitationDB Art Nouveau Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER N2.C75 ...

  33. A Sculptor and Glass.

    Vojta, J. M.

    Vojta, J. M. Glass Review, v. 29, no. 1, Jan. 1974, pp. 16-22, ill. AI75695 Jan Cerný, Czech glass sculptor. CitationDB Cerný, Jan Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5171.C9.G543 ...

  34. Glassammlung des Kunstmuseums Düsseldorf erweitert.


    Die Kunst und das Schöne Heim, v. 87, no. 4, April 1975, p. 208. AI74197 CitationDB Art Nouveau ...

  35. Archaiotetes Kai Mnemeia: Kentrikes Kai Anatolikes Kretes.


    Archaiologikon Deltion, v. 26, 1971, pp. 491-493, ill. AI72926 Mycenaean glass beads. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  36. Czechoslovak Decorative Glass.

    Stehlik, Fr.

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