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  1. Musterblätter für Kunstglaser-Arbeiten / hrsg. von Rudolf Trunk.

    Trunk, Rudolf.
    Ravensburg : Otto Maier, [1889-90]

    Trunk, Rudolf. 32572 Ravensburg: Otto Maier, [1889-90] 1 p. β., 50 plates; 40 cm. NK5305 Incomplete: lacks plates 1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 21, 26, 27, 38. F-6704, 6 sheets; hard copy in library NK5305.T87 J. Accompanied by an undated price list ([8] leaves) that ...

  2. Stiegel glass / by Frederick William Hunter, A.M.; illustrated with twelve plates in color from autochromes by J.B. Kerfoot and with one hundred and fifty-nine half-tones.

    Hunter, Frederick William, 1865-1919.
    Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914.

    Hunter, Frederick William, 1865-1919. 25852 Boston; New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914. xvi, 272 p.: col. front., illus., plates (part col.) maps, facsims. (1 double); 27 cm. NK5112.3 "This edition consists of four hundred and twenty copies, of ...

  3. Le vitrail contemporain en Allemagne / sous la direction de Suzanne Beeh avec la collaboration de Jochem Poensgen, Johannes Schreiter [and] Hans-Gottfried von Stockhausen.

    Beeh-Lustenberger, Suzanne.
    Lyon : La Manufacture, [1985].

    Beeh-Lustenberger, Suzanne. Poensgen, Jochem, 1931- Schreiter, Johannes, 1930- Stockhausen, Hans Gottfried von. Centre international du vitrail. Hessisches Landesmuseum (Darmstadt, Germany) 290463830X 31299 Farbiges Licht für die Architektur Bildfenster: ...

  4. The Census of Stained Glass Windows in America: a surveyor's guide / Jean M. Farnsworth.

    Farnsworth, Jean M.
    [Phildelphia] : Philadelphia Historic Preservation Corp. : Census of Stained Glass Windows in America, c1995.

    Farnsworth, Jean M. Census of Stained Glass Windows in America (Organization) 36492 [Phildelphia]: Philadelphia Historic Preservation Corp.: Census of Stained Glass Windows in America, c1995. 63 p.: ill.; 29 cm. NK5312 A manual for how to develop a ...

  5. The Architecture of the American summer: the flowering of the shingle style / introduction by Vincent Scully; the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Columbia University, the City of New York.

    New York : Rizzoli, 1989.

    Scully, Vincent. Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture. 084780769X: $25.00 0847807827 (pbk.): $14.95 25029 New York: Rizzoli, 1989. x, 196 p.: chiefly ill.; 29 cm. NA7207 Includes index. Includes bibliographical references. ...

  6. Glas im Altertum zur Frühgeschichte und Technologie antiken Glases / Ralf-B. Wartke. Sonderausstellung des Vorderasiatischen Museums, Berlin 1982.

    Wartke, Ralf-B.
    Berlin : Staatliche Museen, 1982.

    Wartke, Ralf-B. Vorderasiatisches Museum (Berlin, Germany) 31011 Berlin: Staatliche Museen, 1982. 31 p.: ill.(some col.); 21 cm. NK5107 Bibliography: p. [32]. Stacks CorningDB Glassware, Ancient Exhibitions. Glass manufacture Early works to 1800. Glass ...

  7. Ravenhead: the first cast plate glass company / L. J. McDonald.

    McDonald, L. J.
    [St. Helens] : Pilkington Group Archives and Record Service, 1968.

    McDonald, L. J. 31845 [St. Helens]: Pilkington Group Archives and Record Service, 1968. 12 p.; 31 cm. TP860 F-2424, 1 sheet. Reproduced from typewritten copy. Cage CorningDB Plate glass England History. ...

  8. Picassiette: Guide du visiteur

    Vallès-Bled, Maïthé
    Chartres: Maison Picassiette; Amis du Musée de Chartres, 1991

    Vallès-Bled, Maïthé 39837 Chartres: Maison Picassiette; Amis du Musée de Chartres, 1991 31 pp ill. 39837 Environment incorporating glass created by Raymond Isidore House and other structures covered with faience and glass bits in Chartres, a folk ...

  9. Recherches sur les anciens vitraux incolores du Département de l' Yonne / par M. Émile Amé.

    Amé, Émile, 1821-
    Paris, V. Didron, 1854.

    Amé, Émile, 1821- 28039 Anciens vitraux incolores Paris, V. Didron, 1854. 12 p. 6 pl. 29 cm. NK5420 F-2180, 1 sheet. Cover title. Special CorningDB Windows France. Church buildings France Yonne. Leaded glass. ...

  10. Complete illustrated science teachers' descriptive guide and price list of chemical, physical, and electrical apparatus. / Manufactured by P. Jolin & Co.

    P. Jolin & Co., Bristol, England.
    Bristol : P. Jolin, 1892.

    P. Jolin & Co., Bristol, England. 28985 Chemical, physical, and electrical apparatus Bristol: P. Jolin, 1892. 3rd and enl. ed. 120, [7], 4, [8], 4, 8,15 p.: ill.; 21 cm. F-4324L Chemical apparatus: p.89-100 and p.1-2 of final section. Includes ...

  11. Alte Trinkgläser in Schleswig-Holstein / Karl-Heinz Poser.

    Poser, Karl-Heinz.
    Neumünster : K.-H. Poser, 1981.

    Poser, Karl-Heinz. 21654 Neumünster: K.-H. Poser, 1981. 120 p.: ill., map, facsims.; 25 cm. 1. Aufl. NK5150 Bibliography: p.119-120. Stacks CorningDB Drinking vessels Germany Schleswig-Holstein Region. Glassware Germany Schleswig-Holstein Region. Glass ...

  12. Il design Italiano degli anno '50 / a cura del Centrokappa. Coordinamento editoriale: Andrea Branzi, Michele De Lucchi.

    Milano : Ricerche Design Editrice, 1985.

    Branzi, Andrea. Centrokappa. 31760 Milano: Ricerche Design Editrice, 1985. 310 p.: ill.; 32 cm. NX458 Glass: p. 190-197; also includes lighting, mosaics. In Italian and English. Includes index. Stacks CorningDB Industrial design Italy. Designers Italy ...

  13. The painted windows of Glasgow cathedral: a series of forty-three photographs / by Thomas Annan.

    Annan, Thomas, d. 1887.
    Glasgow : Thomas Annan, 1867.

    Annan, Thomas, d. 1887. 33524 Glasgow: Thomas Annan, 1867. 6 p., 43 leaves of plates: ill.; 38 cm. NK5345.G54 Duncan 262. Alternate title page: Photographs of the painted windows in Glasgow Cathedral. SpecialO CorningDB Glass painting and staining ...

  14. 17 vitraux pour 89: la révolution française en 17 vitraux yemenites / par Jose-Marie Bel.

    Bel, Jose-Marie.
    [S.l. : s.n.], 1989.

    Bel, Jose-Marie. Université. Maison de la Francophonie (Paris) 34971 [S.l.: s.n.], 1989. [8] p.: ill. (some col.); 21 x 21 cm. NK5398.B42 In French and Arabic. Exhibition at the Université de Sana'a, 31 octobre-6 novembre 1989, and Maison de la ...

  15. The passage of light: an exhibition of contemporary glassworks at the Art Gallery of the Canadian Embassy, Washington, D.C. 28 June- 30 October 1990. / Organized by the Ontario Crafts Council.

    Ontario Crafts Council.
    [Toronto] : Ontario Crafts Council, 1990.

    Ontario Crafts Council. Canada. Embassy (United States). Art Gallery. 34125 [Toronto]: Ontario Crafts Council, 1990. [10] p. (folder): ill.; 28 cm. NK5113 In English and French. Curator: Rosalyn J. Morrison. Stacks CorningDB Glass art Canada 20th century ...

  16. [Lamp collection].

    [S.l. : s.n., 1965-1968?].

    35237 [S.l.: s.n., 1965-1968?]. 2 v.: ill.; 30 cm. NK6196 Looseleaf notebooks of black and white photographs of lamps with typed descriptions from an unknown collection. Photo captions bear dates 1965-1968, presumably dates of purchase. Cage CorningDB ...

  17. Cathédrales, sculptures, vitraux, objets d'art, manuscrits des XIIe et XIIIe siècles / Musée du Louvre, February-April, 1962.

    Musée du Louvre.
    Paris : Musée du Louvre, 1962.

    Musée du Louvre. 20585 Paris: Musée du Louvre, 1962. 196 p.: ill.; 21 cm. N6843 Stained glass included. Stacks CorningDB Art, Medieval France. Church buildings France. Christian art and symbolism Exhibitions. Art objects, Medieval France. Glass painting ...

  18. L'Art sacré au XXe siècle en France / textes, Jacques Bony... [et al.].

    Thonon-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie [France] : L'Albaron, Société présence du livre ; [Boulogne-Billancourt] : Musée municipal de Boulogne-Billancourt ; Centre culturel de Boulogne-Billancourt, c1993.

    Bony, Jacques, 1918- Boulogne-Billancourt. Musée municipal de Boulogne-Billancourt. 290852841X 26428 Art sacré au XXe siècle en France Thonon-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie [France]: L'Albaron, Société présence du livre; [Boulogne-Billancourt]: Musée ...

  19. Illustrated catalogue of Ch'ing enamelled wares in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art / by Lady David, curator.

    David, Sheila.
    London : Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, 1958.

    David, Sheila. Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. 25272 Ch'ing enamelled wares London: Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art, 1958. xvi, 40 p., 16 β. of pl.: ill.; 25 cm. NK4290 Section 2 Stacks CorningDB Pottery, Chinese. Enamel and ...

  20. Lanterns that lit our world: book 2: old railroad, marine, fire, carriage, farm, and other lanterns / Anthony Hobson.

    Lanterns that lit our world: book 2: old railroad, marine, fire, carriage, farm, and other lanterns / Anthony Hobson.

    Hobson, Anthony, 1944-
    Spencertown, N.Y. : Golden Hill Press : Distributed by the Talman Co., 1996.

    Hobson, Anthony, 1944- 1889029009 36838 Spencertown, N.Y.: Golden Hill Press: Distributed by the Talman Co., 1996. xi, 231 p.: ill.; 23 cm. NK6196 Includes bibliographical references (p. 223-224) and indexes. Stacks CorningDB Lanterns. Location:  Stacks ...

  21. Quarterly check-list of classical studies.

    Darien, Conn. [etc.] American Bibliographic Service.

    American Bibliographic Service. 0033-5363 37143 Darien, Conn. [etc.] American Bibliographic Service. v. 29 cm. v. 1- Oct. 1958- "An international index of current books, monographs, brochures & separates." ABS quarterly check-lists.

  22. La typologie, premier classement / Jorge Barrera.

    Barrera, Jorge.
    [s.n.] : the author?, Janvier 1987.

    Barrera, Jorge. 33702 [s.n.]: the author?, Janvier 1987. 9 p., [31] β.: ill.; 30 cm. NK5149 At head of title: Fouilles de la Cour Napoleon du Louvre: laboratorie de traitement de la verrerie. Cover-title. Photocopy of a typed manuscript. Bibliography: p. ...

  23. Hercules in Wedgwood's world.

    Luedders, Arthur R.
    [S.l.] : Wedgwood International Seminar, 1985.

    Luedders, Arthur R. Wedgwood International Seminar. 31585 [S.l.]: Wedgwood International Seminar, 1985. 43 p.: ill.; 27 cm. NK4335 Bibliography: p. 43. Cover title. Stacks CorningDB Art and mythology. Wedgwood ware. Hercules (Roman mythology) ...

  24. Personal image for social space = L'image personnelle dans l'espace collectif / [introduction by Stuart Reid]

    [S.l. : Canada Council?, 1980?]

    Artists in Stained Glass. 24784 [S.l.: Canada Council?, 1980?] 1 portfolio ([11] p., 8 folded sheets: ill.); 22 cm. NA3020 Text in English and French. Title taken from portfolio. Exhibition organized by Artists in Stained Glass [& probably shown in ...

  25. 175 Jahre Jos. Zahn & Co., Kristall- und Stilluster, 1780-1955.

    Jos. Zahn & Co. (Vienna)
    Wien : Zahn, 1955 ( Christoph Reisser's Söhne)

    Jos. Zahn & Co. (Vienna) 31650 Hundert fünfundsiebzig Jahre Jos. Zahn & Co., Kristall- und Stilluster, 1780-1955 Wien: Zahn, 1955 (Christoph Reisser's Söhne) [32] p.: ill., facsims.; 30 cm. TP854.A9 Cage CorningDB Jos. Zahn & Co. ...

  26. Exposição evocativa de Calouste Gulbenkian: XX aniversário da Fundação 1956/1976.

    Museu Calouste Gulbenkian.
    Lisboa : Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1976.

    Museu Calouste Gulbenkian. 20636 Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 1976. [161] p., [13] leaves of plates: chiefly ill. (some col.), port.; 28 cm. N3231.M9 Glassware: items 110,117; Lalique glass: items 139, 141-44, 149-52, 154. Catalog of an ...

  27. Verriers et verreries en Franche-Comté au XVIIIe siècle / Guy-Jean Michel.

    Michel, Guy J. (Guy-Jean), 1925-
    [s.l.] : Erti, 1989.

    Michel, Guy J. (Guy-Jean), 1925- 290352436X (v. 1) 2903524378 (v. 2) 33581 [s.l.]: Erti, 1989. 2 v. (715 p.): ill., maps; 24 cm. TP854.F8 Includes indexes. Thesis (Ph.D.)--Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon. Bibliography: p. 633-676. Collection ...

  28. A Guide to the great exhibition: containing a description of every principal object of interest. With a plan pointing out the easiest and most systematic way of examining the contents of the Crystal Palace.

    London : George Routledge, 1851.

    Routledge, George and Co. 22559 London: George Routledge, 1851. viii,231,17 p.: fold. plan.; 17 cm. T690 Glassware: p. 197-8. Cover title: Routledge's Guide... Spine title: Routledge's Exhibition Guide. Includes index. Special CorningDB Great ...

  29. The costumer's handbook: how to make all kinds of costumes / Rosemary Ingham, Liz Covey.

    Ingham, Rosemary.
    New York, NY. : Prentice Hall Press, 1987, c1980.

    Ingham, Rosemary. Covey, Liz. 0131812556 (pbk) 24611 New York, NY.: Prentice Hall Press, 1987, c1980. ix, 294 p., [8] leaves of plates: ill. (some col.); 25 cm. GT1741 Includes index. Originally published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. Bibliography: p. 275-278. ...

  30. Cut glass.

    Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA.
    Toledo, Ohio : Libbey Glass Co., [between 1906 and 1910] (Toledo : Franklin)
    Trade Catalogs

    Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA. 28262 World's best glass company, Toledo, Ohio, cut glass Toledo, Ohio: Libbey Glass Co., [between 1906 and 1910] (Toledo: Franklin) i, 27 leaves: ill.; 24 x 31 cm. Cut glass: Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, ...

  31. Translucence: North Carolina art glass and tapestry. [Exhibition] May 1-31, 1989, Glaxo Inc.

    Research Triangle Park, NC : Glaxo Inc., 1989.

    Glaxo, Inc. 33654 Research Triangle Park, NC: Glaxo Inc., 1989. [18] p.: chiefly col. ill.; 21 x 21 cm. NK5198 Text by Joan Falconer Byrd and Silvia Heyden. Exhibition organized for Glaxo by Lou H. Proctor of ART Gallery, Ltd. a Beecham/White, K. and W. ...

  32. Il colore nel Medioevo: arte, simbolo, tecnica: atti delle giornate di studi, Lucca, 5-6 maggio 1995.

    Lucca : Istituto storico lucchese, 1996.

    Istituto storico lucchese. Scuola normale superiore (Italy) 27088 Lucca: Istituto storico lucchese, 1996. 144 p., [41] col. leaves of plates: ill.; 25 cm. N5961 At head of title: Istituto storico lucchese, Scuola normale superiore di Pisa. Includes ...

  33. Tapio Wirkkala: Glas für Venini / Museum für Kunsthandwerk Frankfurt am Main, 9.3-30.4.1989.

    Wirkkala, Tapio, 1915-1985.
    Frankfurt am Main : Stadt Frankfurt am Main, 1989.

    Wirkkala, Tapio, 1915-1985. Museum für Kunsthandwerk Frankfurt am Main. 33234 Frankfurt am Main: Stadt Frankfurt am Main, 1989. [7] p.; 26 cm. NK5198.W79 Hrsg. im Auftrag des Dezernats Kultur und Freizeit, Frankfurt am Main vom Museum für Kunsthandwerk. ...

  34. Griechisch-römische Sammlung: Führer / J. Gy Szilagyi- L. Castiglione.

    Szépművészeti Múzeum (Hungary)
    Budapest : the Museum, 1957.

    Szépművészeti Múzeum (Hungary) Szilágyi, János György. Castiglione, Laszlo. 23251 Budapest: the Museum, 1957. 66 p., 32 plates: ill.; 21 cm. N5336.B9 At head of title: Museum der Bildenden Künste. Stacks CorningDB Art, Ancient Museums. Classical ...

  35. Technologie des Glases. Deutsche Bearbeitung: Johannes Winkler.

    Kitaĭgorodskiĭ, Isaak Ilʹich.
    München : R. Oldenbourg ; Berlin : Verlag Technik, 1957.

    Kitaĭgorodskiĭ, Isaak Ilʹich. 27934 München: R. Oldenbourg; Berlin: Verlag Technik, 1957. 723 p. illus. 25 cm. TP857 f-2488, 13 sheets. Hard copy in library TP857.K62. Cage CorningDB Glass manufacture. Glass Properties. YKM Glass furnaces. Glass ...

  36. Leerdam, Afbeeldingen en Prijzen van Kunstnijverheidskristal / N.V. Nederlandsche Glasfabriek Leerdam.

    Glasfabriek Leerdam (Netherlands)
    [s.l., Holland : Glasfabriek Leerdam, [1937?] (Amsterdam, de Bussy)]

    Glasfabriek Leerdam (Netherlands) 28694 KN Leerdam Holland [s.l., Holland: Glasfabriek Leerdam, [1937?] (Amsterdam, de Bussy)] 42 p.: ill.; 31 cm. Glasfabriek Leerdam (Netherlands) F-2972T, 1 sheet. Table glassware, toilet sets, figurines, novelties, ...