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  1. Les gentilshommes verriers, ou: Recherches sur l'industrie et les privilèges des verriers dans l'ancienne Lorraine aux XVè, XVIè et XVIIè siècles / par M. Beaupré.

    Beaupré, Jean-Nicolas, ca. 1792-1869.
    Nancy : Hinzelin, 1846.

    Beaupré, Jean-Nicolas, ca. 1792-1869. 34740 Nancy: Hinzelin, 1846. 49 p.; 22 cm. 2è éd., rev. et augm. TP854.F8 Date on cover: Janvier 1847. f-3509, 1 sheet. Hard copy in library TP854.F8.B38.1846. Cage CorningDB Glassworkers France. Glass manufacture ...

  2. Glas und Fenster; ihr Wesen, ihre Geschichte und ihre Bedeutung in der Gegenwart, von Otto Völckers.

    Völckers, Otto, b. 1888.
    Berlin, Bauweltverlag, 1939.

    Völckers, Otto, b. 1888. 20899 Berlin, Bauweltverlag, 1939. 128 p. illus. (incl. plan.) diagrs. 29 cm. NA4140 "Schrifttum und Quellennachweis": p. 127-128. Cage CorningDB Architectural glass. Windows. Flat glass. ...

  3. Northwood, king of carnival glass / by Bill Edwards.

    Edwards, Bill.
    Paducah, Ky. : Collector Books, 1978.

    Edwards, Bill. 089145070x: $8.95 20125 Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, 1978. 132 p.: col. ill.; 22 cm. NK5112.73 Stacks CorningDB Carnival glass. Glassware Patterns. YKM Northwood glass. YKM ...

  4. Das Glas von Samarra / Carl Johan Lamm.

    Lamm, C. J. (Carl Johan), 1902-1981.
    Berlin, D. Reimer, 1928.

    Lamm, C. J. (Carl Johan), 1902-1981. 30886 Berlin, D. Reimer, 1928. vii, 130 p., 12 pl. (1 col. mounted): ill.; 32 cm. NK5108.5 Bibliographical footnotes. Errata and Addenda tipped in opposite t-p. Forschungen zur islamischen Kunst... II. Die Ausgrabungen ...

  5. Turn of the century glass: the Murray Collection of Glass / edited by Philip D. Zimmerman; with an essay by Paul V. Gardner.

    Currier Gallery of Art.
    Manchester, N.H. : Currier Gallery of Art ; Hanover, N.H. : distributed by the University Press of New England, c1983.

    Currier Gallery of Art. Zimmerman, Philip D. Gardner, Paul Vickers, 1908- 0874512808: $17.50 22361 Murray collection of glass Manchester, N.H.: Currier Gallery of Art; Hanover, N.H.: distributed by the University Press of New England, c1983. 96 p.: ill. ...

  6. A complete manual of field archaeology: tools and techniques of field work for archaeologists / Martha Joukowsky.

    Joukowsky, Martha.
    Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1980.

    Joukowsky, Martha. 0131621645 0131621564 (pbk.) 21289 Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, c1980. 630 p.: ill.; 23 cm. CC75 Bibliography: p. 543-607. Includes index. A Spectrum book Stacks CorningDB Archaeology Methodology. Excavations (Archaeology) ...

  7. 880-01 Sekai no garasu bunka ten: Ejiputo ōchō kara gendai made = Glass'es culture exhibition / [shusai Chūbu Nihon Shinbunsha]

    [Nagoya-shi : Orientaru Nakamura?], Shōwa 36 [1961]

    Chūbu Nihon Shinbunsha. Oriental Nakamura. 32719 Glass'es[sic] culture exhibition [Nagoya-shi: Orientaru Nakamura?], Shōwa 36 [1961] 26 p.: chiefly ill.; 26 cm. NK5101.5.T6 Cover title. "Kaiki Shōwa 36-nen 4-gatsu 11-nichi--19-nichi; kaijō ...

  8. Les émaux limousins de la fin du XVe siècle et de la première partie du XVIe; étude sur Nardon Pénicaud et ses contemporains, par J.J. Marquet de Vasselot...

    Marquet de Vasselot, Jean Joseph, 1871-1946.
    Paris, A. Picard, 1921.

    Marquet de Vasselot, Jean Joseph, 1871-1946. 22121 Paris, A. Picard, 1921. 2 p. β., 412 p. 1 illus. 27 x 20 cm. and portfolio of 85 pl. 28 x 21 cm. NK5000 "Bibliographie": p. [385]-396. Includes index. Stacks CorningDB Pénicaud, Léonard, ca. ...

  9. Schloss Wilhelmshöhe / verfasst von Eberhard Freiherr Schenk zu Schweinsberg mit einem Vorwort von Heinz Biehn.

    Schenk zu Schweinsberg, Eberhard, Freiherr, 1893-
    München: Deutsche Kunstverlag, 1962 ( : München : Schumacher-Gebler KG).

    Schenk zu Schweinsberg, Eberhard, Freiherr, 1893- 34865 München: Deutsche Kunstverlag, 1962 (: München: Schumacher-Gebler KG). 27 p., 17 pl.: ill., plans; 18 cm. N2308.4 Glass: pl. 17. "Herausgegeben im Auftrage der Verwaltung der Staatlichen ...

  10. From Bauhaus to our house / Tom Wolfe.

    Wolfe, Tom.
    New York : Farrar Straus Giroux, c1981.

    Wolfe, Tom. 0374158924: $10.95 0374158932 (lim. ed.): $50.00 22975 New York: Farrar Straus Giroux, c1981. 143 p.: ill.; 20 cm. NA712 Stacks CorningDB Bauhaus Influence. Architecture, Modern 20th century United States. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  NA712 ...

  11. Art in architecture, retrospective exhibition, Joseph Young.

    Palm Springs Desert Museum.
    Los Angeles : Palm Springs Desert Museum, [1963?].

    Palm Springs Desert Museum. 21361 Los Angeles: Palm Springs Desert Museum, [1963?]. [24] p.: ill.; 28 cm. NA3860.Y7 Cover title. Exhibition held January 19th through February 10th, 1963. Cage CorningDB Young, Joseph L., 1919- Mosaics 20th century. ...

  12. The Victorian house catalogue / foreword by Peter Howell.

    New York : Sterling Pub., 1992.

    Howell, Peter, 1941- Young & Marten (Firm) 080698614X: $16.95 ($22.95 Can.) 26210 New York: Sterling Pub., 1992. 202 p.: ill. (some col.); 29 cm. TH2055 Reprinted from the catalogues of Young & Marten. Includes index. Lamps and lighting fixtures: ...

  13. Photographing stained glass / by Otto B. Rigan. Edited by Maureen R. Michelson.

    Rigan, Otto B.
    Lake Oswego, OR : Mercury Press, 1983.

    Rigan, Otto B. 0913099007 22410 Lake Oswego, OR: Mercury Press, 1983. 84 p.: col. ill.; 21 cm. TR657 Glossary: p. 66-68. Stacks CorningDB Photography. Glass painting and staining. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  TR657.R56 Location:  Secured Stacks Call ...

  14. Supplement no. 1 to the standard fruit jar reference / by Dick Roller.

    Roller, Dick.
    Paris, Ill. : Acorn Press, 1992.

    Roller, Dick. $29.00 (pbk.) 35455 Standard fruit jar reference Paris, Ill.: Acorn Press, 1992. v, 29 p.: ill.; 29 cm. NK5440.F7 Stacks CorningDB Trademarks. Glass fruit jars United States Catalogs. Glass fruit jars Collectors and collecting United States. ...

  15. Perlenschmuck = Beads at work / Jacqueline I. Lillie.

    Lillie, Jacqueline I.
    [Wien? : J.I. Lillie?, 1990?]

    Lillie, Jacqueline I. 34833 Beads at work [Wien?: J.I. Lillie?, 1990?] [66] p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. NK3650.9 Artist won the CMoG 1992 Rakow Commission. Includes bibliographical references. In German and English. Vial of tiny glass beads attached to the ...

  16. Aegean Turkey; an archaeological guide [by] George E. Bean.

    Bean, George Ewart.
    New York, F. A. Praeger [1966]

    Bean, George Ewart. 27416 New York, F. A. Praeger [1966] 288 p. illus., maps (1 fold.), plans, plates. 23 cm. DS156.I6 Bibliography: p. 281-284. Stacks CorningDB Turkey Antiquities. Sardis (Extinct city) Turkey. ...

  17. Tavern treasures: a book of pub collectables / Charles E. Tresise.

    Tresise, Charles E.
    Poole, Dorset : Blandford Press ; New York : Dist. in the U.S. by Sterling Pub. Co., 1983.

    Tresise, Charles E. Heath, T. 1899 catalogue. 0713711922: $10.95 22389 Poole, Dorset: Blandford Press; New York: Dist. in the U.S. by Sterling Pub. Co., 1983. 176 p.: ill., facsims.; 23 cm. GT3843 Includes index. Lists "Notable pubs and museums" ...

  18. Joyce Scott: I-con-no-body, I-con-o-graphy.

    Corcoran Gallery of Art.
    Washington, D.C. : Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1991.

    Corcoran Gallery of Art. 35058 Washington, D.C.: Corcoran Gallery of Art, 1991. [16] p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. NK3650.9 Artist's work uses fabric, beadwork and paper. Bibliography: p. [15]. Cover-title. Exhibition Sept. 14-Nov. 17, 1991. Cage ...

  19. 880-01 [Meiji kōgyōshi]

    880-02 [Tōkyō : Keimeikai, Taishō 14 i.e. 1925]

    880-04 Shiota, Rikizō. 32396 880-05 Garasu 880-02 [Tōkyō: Keimeikai, Taishō 14 i.e. 1925] v.; 20 cm. HC462 Library has Sect. 2, chapt. 2: Garasu. Together with translation of p. 397-452, 64 typewritten p. On shelf as HC462.M45.Transl. Photostat. 195-. ...

  20. Le vitrail, à l'Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs, Paris, 1925, présénte par Jacques Gruber.

    Le vitrail, à l'Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs, Paris, 1925, présénte par Jacques Gruber.

    Gruber, Jacques, 1871-1936.
    Paris, : C.Moreau, [c1926]

    Gruber, Jacques, 1871-1936. 28599 Paris,: C.Moreau, [c1926] 2 β., 42 plates (some col.); 34 cm. NK5349 In portfolio. C. 2 and c. 1 plates 1, 3, 9-10, 19, 29, 31, 34 digitized by Boston Photo Imaging April 2013. Plate 26 sent to photography for inclusion ...

  21. [Glassware useful and ornamental. Supplement].

    Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA.
    Moundsville, W.Va. : Fostoria Glass Company, 1909.
    Trade Catalogs

    Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA. 29910 Moundsville, W.Va.: Fostoria Glass Company, 1909. 28 p.: entirely ill.; 23 x 30 cm. Cut glass: Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA. (F-5849C) Clearwater, C0038 Includes blown ware, both cut and ...

  22. The history of South Yorkshire glass / by Denis Ashurst.

    Ashurst, Denis.
    [Sheffield, England] : J.R. Collis, [1992].

    Ashurst, Denis. 0906090466 35403 [Sheffield, England]: J.R. Collis, [1992]. 150 p.: ill.; 23 cm. TP854.E5 Includes bibliographical references (p. 141-143) and index. Stacks CorningDB Glass manufacture England Yorkshire. Glassworkers England Yorkshire. ...

  23. Porcelaines de Sèvres au XIXe siècle: [exposition], Musée national de céramique, Sèvres, 24 mai-3 novembre 1975.

    Paris : Éditions des Musées nationaux, c1975.

    Sèvres. Musée national de céramique. Réunion des musées nationaux (France) 26193 Paris: Éditions des Musées nationaux, c1975. 51 p.: ill.; 31 cm. NK4390 "Exposition... réalisée par la Réunion des musées nationaux." Stacks CorningDB ...

  24. Hot Glass Information Exchange / [compiled by John M. Bingham].

    Louisville, Colo. : J. Bingham, c1979.

    Bingham, J. (John) 21210 Louisville, Colo.: J. Bingham, c1979. 201 p.: ill.; 28 cm. TP859 Includes information on glass furnaces, batches, melting, annealing, casting, sandblasting, grinding, polishing, engraving and photographing of glass. Cage CorningDB ...

  25. Belgian art, 1880-1914 = Belgische kunst = L'art Belge: The Brooklyn Museum.

    Brooklyn Museum.
    Brooklyn, N.Y. : Brooklyn Museum, 1980.

    Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn Museum. 0872730786: $13.95 21337 Brooklyn, N.Y.: Brooklyn Museum, 1980. 256 p.: ill. (some col); 28 cm. N6967 Catalogue of exhibition held Apr. 23-June 29, 1980, and organized jointly by the Museum and the Ministries of ...

  26. Our own snug fireside: images of the New England home, 1760-1860 / Jane C. Nylander.

    Nylander, Jane C., 1938-
    New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House, 1993.

    Nylander, Jane C., 1938- 0394549848: $30.00 ($39.00 Can.) 26246 New York: Knopf: Distributed by Random House, 1993. xiv, 317 p.: ill.; 24 cm. NK2003 Includes bibliographical references (p. [301]-310) and index. Stacks CorningDB Material culture New ...

  27. The history of the barometer.

    Middleton, W. E. Knowles (William Edgar Knowles), 1902-
    Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press [1964]

    Middleton, W. E. Knowles (William Edgar Knowles), 1902- 22021 Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press [1964] xx, 489 p.: ill.; 25 cm. QC886 Bibliographical footnotes. Stacks CorningDB Barometers History. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  QC886.M62 Books ...

  28. The Glass Circle journal.

    [London] Glass Circle, c1996-

    Glass Circle. 37220 [London] Glass Circle, c1996- v.: ill.; 26 cm. 8- NK5100 Issued every 3-5 years. Glass Circle Journal Periodical CorningDB Glassware Collectors and collecting Periodicals. Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  NK5100.G545j Periodicals ...

  29. Contract interiors.

    New York, Billboard Publications.

    0148-012X Interiors (New York, N.Y. 1978) 0164-8470 (DLC) 79644017 (OCoLC)ocm4374237 37407 New York, Billboard Publications. v. ill. 28 cm. v. 136, no. 11-v. 138, no. 2; June 1977-Sept. 1978. NK1700 Available on microfilm reels from University Microfilms. ...

  30. Western Canadian bottle collecting, book two / by G. Watson, R. Skrill, J. Heidt.

    Watson, George.
    [Nanaimo, B.C.?] : Evergreen Press, [1972?]

    Watson, George. 30938 [Nanaimo, B.C.?]: Evergreen Press, [1972?] 113 p.: ill.; 28 cm. NK5440.B6 Bibliography: p. 113. Special section on ink bottles by Gerard and Joan Bentryn. Cage CorningDB Bottles Canada. Bottles Collectors and collecting. ...

  31. Lichter Leuchten im Abendland. Zweitausend Jahre Beleuchtungskörper.

    Jarmuth, Kurt.
    Braunschweig, Klinkhardt u. Biermann [1967]

    Jarmuth, Kurt. 20927 Braunschweig, Klinkhardt u. Biermann [1967] ix, 416 p. with illus., and maps. 29 cm. NK6196 Bibliography: p. 408-409. Cage CorningDB Chandeliers. Lighting History. ...

  32. Die Glas-Sammlung / bearb. von Christel Mosel.

    Hannover : Kestner Museum, 1957.

    Kestner-Museum. Mosel, Christel. 30084 Hannover: Kestner Museum, 1957. 108 p., [72] p. of plates; 22 cm. NK5150 f-2897, 3 sheets; hard copy in library NK5150.H24. Bibliography: p. 43-45. Bildkataloge des Kestner-Museums Hannover, II. Cage CorningDB ...

  33. British pottery and porcelain, 1780-1850, by Geoffrey A. Godden.

    Godden, Geoffrey A.
    New York : A.S. Barnes, 1963.

    Godden, Geoffrey A. 35555 New York: A.S. Barnes, 1963. 144 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. NK4085 Bibliography: p. 138-140. Includes index. Stacks CorningDB Ceramics Great Britain. Pottery, British History. Porcelain, British History. ...

  34. A point on glass: engraved goblets by Laurence Whistler, with three glasses by his son Simon Whistler. [Exhibition at] Thos. Agnew & Sons, Ltd., London, April 10-May 10th, 1969.

    Whistler, Laurence, 1912-2000.
    London : Thos. Agnew, 1969 (Bradbury Agnew Press)

    Whistler, Laurence, 1912-2000. 34716 London: Thos. Agnew, 1969 (Bradbury Agnew Press) 25 p., [12] p. of plates: ill.; 21 cm. NK5198.W5 f-3409, 1 sheet. Hard copy in library NK5198.W5.W57p. Cage CorningDB Whistler, Simon, 1940- Whistler, Laurence, 1912 ...

  35. Carved & decorated European art glass / by Ray and Lee Grover.

    Grover, Ray.
    Rutland, Vt. : C. E. Tuttle, [1970]

    Grover, Ray. Grover, Lee. 0804807078 27.50 27210 European art glass Rutland, Vt.: C. E. Tuttle, [1970] [1st ed.] 244 p.: 424 col. illus.; 31 cm. NK5109 Bibliography: p. 239. f-8685, 5 sheets. Hard copy in library NK5109.G88c. Cage CorningDB Art glass 19th ...

  36. Identifying American furniture: a pictorial guide to styles and terms, colonial to contemporary / Milo M. Naeve.

    Identifying American furniture: a pictorial guide to styles and terms, colonial to contemporary / Milo M. Naeve.

    Naeve, Milo M.
    Nashville, Tenn. : American Association for State and Local History, c1981.

    Naeve, Milo M. American Association for State and Local History. 091005052X 21627 Nashville, Tenn.: American Association for State and Local History, c1981. 87 p.: ill.; 16 x 24 cm. NK2405 Includes index. Bibliography: p. 77-82. Stacks CorningDB Furniture ...