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  1. International Forum for Glass Organizations.

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  2. The CID Competition.

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  3. Live Glassblowing and Hands-On Fun-- Every Day.


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  4. End-of-Day or Splatter Glass, It's Lovely.

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  5. Shin-ichi + Kimiake Higuchi: Details Molded from Life.


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  6. In the Medicine Chest: Heart Remedies.

    Cannon, Richard.

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  7. Two Near Eastern Glasses Recently Acquired by the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden at Leiden.

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  8. Alte Glashütten im Solling.

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  9. A Page for Collectors: Mixed Bag.

    Davis, Frank.

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  10. Hourglass.


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  11. Slovglass: Elegance and Attractive Simplicity.


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  12. The Multiple of Glass.


    This Side Up! (Valkenswaard, the Netherlands), no. 25, Spring 2004, pp. 20-21, ill. 1389-1707 AI62780 Series of three exhibitions at the Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam will include works by Gerard Thomassen, Menno Jonker, Siem van den Marel, Sunny van Zijst ...

  13. Cranberry Opalescent Coin Dot in 1958.

    Coe, Debbie.

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  14. Cœur de verre, production et diffusion du verre antique.


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  15. Side by Side.


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  16. La Verrerie provenant d'un dépotoir (99 AA ST) du centre historique d'Alost.

    Caluwé, Danielle.

    Caluwé, Danielle. Bulletin de l'Association Française pour l'Archéologie du Verre, 2004, pp. 37-39, ill. AI61511 Excavation of a late 15th-/early 16th-century factory used for mass production of glass and ceramics. CitationDB Glassware, ...

  17. Colourless Romano-British Vessel Glass from the Technological Point of View.

    Stawiarska, Teresa.

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  18. Bronwen's Tool Review: RGT Bead Liner.

    Heilman, Bronwen.

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  19. Material Tension.

    Wei, Lilly.

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  20. Miroslav Havel, a Glass Master, Is Dead at 86.

    Weber, Bruce.

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  21. Albrecht V. und Wilhelm V. von Bayern: Zwei Kristallschnitte von Valentin Drausch.

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  22. Krobo Powder Glass Beads: Part 1-- Contemporary Styles.

    Simak, Evelyn.

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  23. Improvisation in Borosilicate Glass.

    Eliott, Mark.

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  24. Le flaçon avec une vue du rivage près de Baiae.

    Filarska, Barbara.

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  25. Mary Filer: Neuressence.

    Laurence, Robin.

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  26. Glassware and Glass Manufacturing Equipment in Belgium.


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  27. Pregled i razvitak rimskog stakla u Crnoj Gori.

    Cermanović-Kuzmanović, Aleksandrina.

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  28. Special Exhibit of Corning Glass to Run through October.


    The Collector, v. 8, no. 314, May 1977, p. 6, ill. AI69747 CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  29. KMA Receives Gift of Major Work of Art.


    GAS News, v. 20, issue 5 (Sept./Oct. 2009), p. 2, ill. AI78636 Describes work commissioned from artist Richard Jolley. CitationDB Jolley, Richard Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.G23 ...

  30. The Arts and Crafts Exhibition.


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  31. Ursula Huth in Ise: Wasser Himmel Erde = Ursula Huth in Ise: Sea Sky Earth.

    Aoki, Tomoko.

    Aoki, Tomoko. Glashaus/Glasshouse, no. 3, 2005, p. 17, ill. 1435-8565 AI66375 Internationales Magazin für Studioglas Preview of the artist's first solo exhibition in Japan. In German and English. CitationDB Huth, Ursula Glass Art 1945- Location:  ...

  32. Nimrud: An Assyrian Imperial City Revealed.

    Baadsgaard, Aubrey.

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  33. Les Objets de parure de Visseiche (Ille-et-Vilaine).

    Labaune, Françoise.

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  34. Zuordnung von gepressten Gläsern aus PK 2003-4.

    Christoph, Fabienne.

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  35. 100 Jahre Glasfachschule Zwiesel = 100 Years Glasfachschule Zwiesel.


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  36. A propos de l'article de B. A. Shelkovnikov 'Le verre russe peint à l'émail du temps premongolien'.

    Gourecitch, F. D.

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