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  1. Flameworking: A Worldwide Overview

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  2. Oberkarntner Waldglas

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  3. J. & L. Lobmeyr-die indischen Dekore

    Neuwirth, Waltraud

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  4. Die Grabung des Jahres 1976 auf dem Münsterplatz in Neuss

    Härke, Heinrich

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  5. Drake's Plantation Bitters, the Product and the Bottles

    Bowers, David

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  6. Palace Workshops and Imperial Kilns Snuff Bottles of Emperor Qianlong

    Yang Boda

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  7. The Curious Medium of Cliché-Verre

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  8. Radiation hazards for ceramic and glass workers.


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  9. Notsjö glasbruk

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  10. 1995 vetri decorati 'Handle with Care'--Egizia.


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  11. Whitefriars, the Art of James Powell & Sons


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  12. Americana and Violin Bottles

    Parsons, Bob

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  13. Contemporary Norwegian Stained Glass

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  14. Museum Accessions

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  15. Steinstrukturbilder in Bauwerken, Wand- und Glasbildern in der Spätromanik und Gotik: Ihre Verwendung und Bedeutung in der mitteldeutschen Glasmalerei

    Möller, Roland

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  16. Bewitching Witchballs

    Butterfield, Oliver

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  17. Klaus Moje from Australia


    June 1993, pp. 43-44 Art and Crafts AI5056 ill. In Korean Fusing and slumping technique Additional info: Seoul CitationDB Moje, Klaus Glass Art 1945- ...

  18. That Old Black Magic

    Martinelli, Patricia A

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  19. Demonstrations: Blown, Cast, Flameworked and Stained Glass; Beads and Marbles

    Birkhill, Frederick

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  20. Glass Frosting: Decorative and Functional

    Nixon, W. C

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  21. Vznik a vyvoj vyroby technickeho skla na Jablonecku

    Markup, Miroslav

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  22. Niijima Glass Art Center: Studio Glass Activities Integratedwith Local Government and Community

    Noda, Yumiko

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  23. Greentown Glass

    Measell, James

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  24. Collectors' Facts: On the Pepper Plant Trail

    Thistlewood, Glen

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  25. The Economy Years


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  26. The History of Glass


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  27. Bevels and Color: Allen Graef's Lively Syntheses

    Forscey, Suzon

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  28. Eye Baths through the Ages. Part 2: 1800--1950

    Hansell, Jean

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  29. 'Baderleins geschnür und geschling.' Über Perlenarbeiten im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert

    Wilckens, Leonie von

    Wilckens, Leonie von no. 5, Sept./Oct. 1982, pp. 58-63 Kunst & Antiquitäten AI8900 ill. German beadwork (book covers, boxes, etc.) of 17th-18th c CitationDB Glass beads ...

  30. The Flemish Roundel in England

    Cole, William C.

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  31. Connoisseur Stemware

    Nye, Mark

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  32. Keramik und Glas--Unikate finnischer Künstler


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  33. Imperial Glass Corp. Sold


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  34. Artist Profile: Wes Hunting

    Yung, Marilyn

    Yung, Marilyn v. 9, no. 2, Spring 1997, p. 77 Niche AI2913 ill. CitationDB Wes Hunting Glass Art 1945- ...

  35. Five Neon Pet Peeves and How I Take Care of Them.

    Caba, Randall.

    Caba, Randall. no. 48, Nov./Dec. 1997, p. 80+, ill. Sign Builder Illustrated, AI6088 CitationDB Technology CMG ...

  36. Archaeogeophysical and Geochemical Studies at George Washington Carver National Monument, Diamond, Missouri

    Garrison, Ervan G

    Garrison, Ervan G v. 30, no. 2, 1996, pp. 22-40 Historical Archaeology AI1040 ill. Brief reference to finds of bottle and window glass fragments CitationDB Glass- United States ...