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  1. Early American probate inventories / editor, Peter Benes; associate editor, Jane Montague Benes.

    Benes, Peter.
    Boston, Mass. : Boston University, c1989.

    Benes, Peter. 24834 Boston, Mass.: Boston University, c1989. 184 p.: ill.; 23 cm. TX311 Papers derived from a conference held 11-12 July 1987. Includes bibliographical references. Annual proceedings (Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife); 1987. Annual ...

  2. Environmental science & technology.

    Easton, Pa. : American Chemical Society, c1967-

    American Chemical Society. 0013-936X 37080 ES&T Jan. 1978- Environmental science and technology Easton, Pa.: American Chemical Society, c1967- v.: ill. (some col.), ports.; 29 cm. 13 no. a year, 1977- Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 1967)- The research section, ...

  3. 40 Jahre: Erwin-Stein-Schule, Staatliche Glasfachschule, Hadamar: Festschrift.

    Erwin-Stein-Schule/Staatliche Glasfachschule Hadamar.
    Hadamar : Erwin-Stein-Schule, [1989]

    Erwin-Stein-Schule/Staatliche Glasfachschule Hadamar. 36813 1949-1989: 40 Jahre Erwin-Stein-Schule Staatliche Glasfachschule Hadamar Hadamar: Erwin-Stein-Schule, [1989] 36 p.: ill.; 21 x 21 cm. NK5150 The school's name was changed in 1983 to Erwin ...

  4. Museo civico d'arte industriale e galleria Davia Bargellini / [a cura di Renzo Grandi; testi di Carlo De Angelis... et al.].

    Museo civico d'arte industriale e galleria Davia Bargellini.
    Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna : Grafis, [1987]

    Museo civico d'arte industriale e galleria Davia Bargellini. Grandi, Renzo. De Angelis, Carlo. L30000 25259 Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna: Grafis, [1987] 233 p., 16 p. of plates: ill. (some col.); 29 cm. N2519.8 Includes index. Cover-title: Il Museo ...

  5. The identification of English pressed glass 1842-1908 / Jenny Thompson.

    Thompson, Jenny.
    [s.l.] : Jenny Thompson, 1989 ( Kendal, Cumbria : Dixon Prtg.)

    Thompson, Jenny. 0951549103 33729 [s.l.]: Jenny Thompson, 1989 (Kendal, Cumbria: Dixon Prtg.) 166 p.: ill. (some col.), facsims.; 30 cm. NK5143 Pages 89-166 recreate the lists of British designs and trademarks for 1842-1883, and 1884-1908. CMGL also has ...

  6. An archaeological study of nineteenth century U.S. and historic "Old Goshen" window glass / by M. Alan Overstreet.

    Overstreet, M. Alan.
    Provo, Utah : Brigham Young University, April 1982.

    Overstreet, M. Alan. 36788 Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University, April 1982. 61 p.: ill.; 28 cm. TP860 Includes bibliographical references (p. 55-61). "A report submitted to Professor Dale L. Berge for Anthropology 597R." CMG has photocopy only ...

  7. Glas och handel i Senromersk tid och Folkvandringstid: en studie kring glas från Eketorp-II, Öland, Sverige = Glass and trade in the late Roman and migration periods: a study on glasses found in Eketorp-II, Öland, Sweden / Ulf Näsman.

    Näsman, Ulf.
    Uppsala : Uppsala University Institute of North-European Archaeology, 1984.

    Näsman, Ulf. 9150605704 31170 Glass and trade in the late Roman and migration periods Uppsala: Uppsala University Institute of North-European Archaeology, 1984. 166 p.: ill., maps; 30 cm. NK5107.6 Bibliography: p. 129-140. Thesis [Ph.D.]--Uppsala ...

  8. Price guide to Collectible glass: book 2 / John F. Hotchkiss.

    Hotchkiss, John F.
    Rochester, N.Y. : Hotchkiss House, 1970.

    Hotchkiss, John F. Lagerberg, Ted (Theodore C.) Color picture guide... collectible glass, book 2. 36945 Rochester, N.Y.: Hotchkiss House, 1970. Rev. ed. 7 p.; 22 cm. NK5109 Cover title. To be used in conjunction with Color picture guide... collectible ...

  9. Mathews's annual Bristol directory and commercial list for the year 1824.

    Bristol : Joseph Mathews, 1824.

    31098 Bristol directory, 1824 Bristol: Joseph Mathews, 1824. 26. ed. 292 p.; 18 cm. DA690.B8 Glass entries: p. 221. Special CorningDB Glass industry and trade England Bristol. YKM Bristol (England) Directories. ...

  10. Rich cut glass / Libbey Glass Company.

    Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA.
    Toledo, Ohio : Libbey Glass Co., [between 1893 and 1895]
    Trade Catalogs

    Libbey Glass Company, Toledo, OH, USA. 28249 Cut glass Toledo, Ohio: Libbey Glass Co., [between 1893 and 1895] 34 p.: ill.; 23 x 31 cm. Cut glass: Libbey Glass Co., Toledo, OH, USA (F-1869C) The first 22 p. differ only very slightly from the earlier ...

  11. Frederic Edwin Church--the Icebergs / by Gerald L. Carr; with an introduction by David C. Huntington.

    Carr, Gerald L.
    [Dallas] : Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, [c1980]

    Carr, Gerald L. 26680 [Dallas]: Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, [c1980] 109 p.: ill. (some col.); 23 x 28 cm. ND237.C56 Bibliography: p. 108-109. Stacks CorningDB Church, Frederick Edwin, 1826-1900. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  ND237.C56C31 Books ...

  12. Äggkoppar: äggställare och äggställ = Egg-cups, double egg-cups, egg-stands / av Nils G. Wollin.

    Wollin, Nils G. (Nils Gustaf), 1892-1964.
    Stockholm : Nordiska Museet, 1962.

    Wollin, Nils G. (Nils Gustaf), 1892-1964. 30602 Stockholm: Nordiska Museet, 1962. 109 p., 1 col. plate: ill.; 21 cm. NK4695.E4 Includes index. English summary: p. 75-103, and picture captions. Stacks CorningDB Eggcups. ...

  13. Paradoxon--üveg--művészet: Iparművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, 1995. május 30-szeptember 1 / [a kiállítást rendezte és a katalógust írta, Varga Vera; szaklektorok, Bohus Zoltán és Horváth Márton; a katalógust szerkesztette, Lichner Magda].

    Iparművészeti Múzeum (Hungary)
    Budapest : A Múzeum, [1995]

    Iparművészeti Múzeum (Hungary) Varga, Vera. Bohus, Zoltán. Horváth, Márton. Lichner, Magda. 9637098461 36826 Paradoxon--glass--art Budapest: A Múzeum, [1995] 1 portfolio (8, 82 p.): col. ill., ports.; 31 cm. NK5171.H9 Cage CorningDB Glass artists ...

  14. L'Exposition Universelle de Vienne: Journal illustré.

    Paris : L'Exposition Universelle de Vienne: Journal illustré.

    Franck, Jules. 22572 Paris: L'Exposition Universelle de Vienne: Journal illustré. 640 p.: ill.; 38 cm. No. 1, 3 Avril 1873- No. 40, 6 Décembre 1873. T960 Glass: Groupe 9. All published, cf. ULS. Editor-in-chief: Jules Franck. No. 21 (Aug. 16, 1873) ...

  15. Past and future: some reflections.

    Houghton, James R., 1936-
    Corning, N.Y. : Corning, [1996]

    Houghton, James R., 1936- 39887 Corning, N.Y.: Corning, [1996] 34 p.; 22 cm. HD9623.U45 Cover title. "A speech by James R. Houghton, Chariman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Corning Incorporated to the Corning Senior Leadership Meeting, ...

  16. Export catalogue / of United States Glass Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., manufacturers of pressed and blown glassware.

    United States Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
    Pittsburgh , Pa. : United States Glass Co., 1915.

    United States Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. 29669 Pittsburgh, Pa.: United States Glass Co., 1915. 350 p.: chiefly ill. (part col.); 31 x 38 cm. Tableware: United States Glass Company, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (F-5339T) F-5339T, 9 sheets. Microfiche only, ...

  17. Les verreries antiques du Musée Archéologique d'Epernay / par Hubert Cabart, Jean-Jacques Charpy et Charles Poulain.

    Cabart, Hubert, 1945-2013.
    Châlons-sur-Marne : Société Archéologique Champenoise, 1994.

    Cabart, Hubert, 1945-2013. Charpy, Jean-Jacques. Poulain, Charles. Musée Archéologique d'Epernay. 36578 Châlons-sur-Marne: Société Archéologique Champenoise, 1994. 94 p.: ill. (some col.), map; 30 cm. NK5107 Includes bibliographical references ...

  18. English & Irish glass, with an introduction by W.A. Thorpe...

    Thorpe, William Arnold, 1901-1965.
    London, Boston, The Medici Society [1927]

    Thorpe, William Arnold, 1901-1965. 28501 London, Boston, The Medici Society [1927] xii, 35 p. col. front., 65 plates (5 col.) 26 cm. NK5143 f-3646, 3 sheets. f-3646, 3 sheets. Hard copy in library NK5143.T55. Books: p. 35. Glossary: p. 33-34. Cage ...

  19. [Katalog] / Villeroy & Boch, Keramische Werke GMBH, Kristallfabrik Wadgassen-Saar.

    Villeroy & Boch Wadgassen/Saar, Germany.
    Wadgassen-Saar : Villeroy & Boch, [1966?]

    Villeroy & Boch Wadgassen/Saar, Germany. 28935 Wadgassen-Saar: Villeroy & Boch, [1966?] [35] β.: chiefly ill.; 22 x 22 cm. F-4203T F-4203T In English, French, and German. Ware includes goblets, pitchers, decanters, tumblers, vases, ash trays. ...

  20. Maurine Littleton Gallery presents Ginny Ruffner: [Exhibition] January 8- February 1, 1989.

    Maurine Littleton Gallery.
    Washington, DC : the Gallery, [1988].

    Maurine Littleton Gallery. 33027 Washington, DC: the Gallery, [1988]. [5] p.: col. ill.; 25 cm. NK5198.R92 Text by Bonnie J. Miller. Stacks CorningDB Ruffner, Ginny Exhibitions. Glass artists United States 20th century. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  ...

  21. Chinese export art in the eighteenth century [by] Margaret Jourdain and R. Soame Jenyns.

    Jourdain, Margaret.
    London, Country Life; New York, Scribner, 1950.

    Jourdain, Margaret. Jenyns, Soame, 1904- 25641 London, Country Life; New York, Scribner, 1950. 152 p. (p. 73-144 illus.) col. front. 29 cm. NK1068 Bibliographical footnotes. Stacks CorningDB China trade art. Porcelain, Chinese. China Commerce United ...

  22. Glas fra Thüringen: Edstilling 24. marts- 12. maj 1991 Glasmuseum Ebeltoft = Glas aus Thüringen: Ausstellung 24. März- 12. Mai 1991 Glasmuseum Ebeltoft, Dänemark.

    Glasmuseum Ebeltoft.
    Ebeltoft : Glasmuseum, 1991.

    Glasmuseum Ebeltoft. 8798324764 34240 Glas aus Thüringen Ebeltoft: Glasmuseum, 1991. 32 p.: ill. (some col.); 21 x 21 cm. NK5150 Glass artists: Walter Bäz-Dölle, Hartmut Bechmann, Albrecht Greiner-Mai, Günter Knye, Hubert Koch, Horst Müller-Litz, ...

  23. Erickson freehand glass in color: Bremen, Ohio, 1943-1961, by Ramona C. and Franklin H. Knower.

    Knower, Ramona C., 1905-
    [Columbus, Ohio, 1971]

    Knower, Ramona C., 1905- 27263 [Columbus, Ohio, 1971] 33 p. illus. (part col.) 23 cm. NK5112.9.E6 f-4963, 1 sheet. Hard copy in library NK5112.9.E6.K73. Cover title. Cage CorningDB Erickson, Carl Ebert, 1899-1966. Erickson Glass Works. Glassware United ...

  24. Toothpick holders: china, glass and metal / Prepared by members of the National Toothpick Holder Collector's Society.

    National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society.
    [Marietta, OH : Antique Publications, c1992]

    National Toothpick Holder Collectors Society. 0915410885: $37.95 35287 [Marietta, OH: Antique Publications, c1992] 140 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. NK5440.T6 Includes index. Bibliography: p. 125-130. Stacks CorningDB Toothpick holders Collectors and ...

  25. Davidson's glass: from Gateshead to the world.

    [S.l. : s.n.], 1993 ( South Shields, Tyne and Wear: Peterson).

    Shipley Art Gallery (Gateshead, England) 35665 [S.l.: s.n.], 1993 (South Shields, Tyne and Wear: Peterson). [6] p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. TP854.E5 Cover-title. "A souvenir of the exhibition first shown at Shipley Art Gallery, 1993." ...

  26. Glassworks: an interactive science enrichment program.

    Davis, Marcie.
    Miami : M. Davis, 1991.

    Davis, Marcie. 36422 Miami: M. Davis, 1991. [10] leaves; 28 cm. TP857.3 The author has established a program for illustrating and describing the physical and chemical characteristics of glass. Stacks CorningDB Glass Study and teaching. Glass Properties. ...

  27. Victor Horta / Franco Borsi, Paolo Portoghesi; foreword by Jean Delhaye; translated from the Italian by Marie-Hélène Agüeros.

    Borsi, Franco.
    New York : Rizzoli, 1991.

    Borsi, Franco. Portoghesi, Paolo. 0847812901: $85.00 25925 New York: Rizzoli, 1991. 413 p.: ill. (some col.); 33 cm. NA1173.H8 Includes bibliographical references (p. 409-410) and index. Includes stained glass, lighting. Stacks CorningDB Horta, Victor, ...

  28. Notes on the stained glass of the Oxford district / by E. S. Bouchier.

    Bouchier, E. S. (Edmund Spenser), b. 1876.
    Oxford : B. H. Blackwell, 1918.

    Bouchier, E. S. (Edmund Spenser), b. 1876. 29502 Oxford: B. H. Blackwell, 1918. 105 p.; 18 cm. F- Fiche only, filmed from borrowed source. f-6700, 2 sheets; hard copy in library NK5344.O9.B75. Duncan 1521. Includes indexes. Microform CorningDB Glass ...

  29. Jean A. Chalmers bicentennial collection.

    Ontario Crafts Council.
    [Toronto] : Ontario Crafts Council, 1984.

    Ontario Crafts Council. 33099 [Toronto]: Ontario Crafts Council, 1984. [16] p.: ill.(chiefly col.); 22 x 22 cm. TT27.O5 Exhibition opened at Rails' End Gallery, Haliburton, and traveled to other locations. Includes stained glass work of Robert Jekyll ...

  30. Decorative Wedgwood in architecture and furniture / Alison Kelly.

    Kelly, Alison, 1913-
    New York : Born-Hawes, 1965.

    Kelly, Alison, 1913- 26412 New York: Born-Hawes, 1965. 146 p.: ill. 26 cm. NK4335 Bibliography: p. 137-139. Includes index. Stacks CorningDB Wedgwood ware. Decoration and ornament, Architectural Great Britain. Furniture England. ...

  31. Glas, Band 2. Glassammlung Hentrich, Jugendstil und 20er Jahre. Bearb. von Helga Hilschenz.

    Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf.
    Düsseldorf, 1973.

    Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf. Hilschenz-Mlynek, Helga. 25587 Glassammlung Hentrich, Jugendstil und 20er Jahre Düsseldorf, 1973. 535 p. ill., col. plates 25 cm. NK5102.5.D9 For fiche, use that of Hilschenz book: f-4911, 8 sheets. Signatures and trade-marks: p ...

  32. An eighth pattern glass book. Drawings by the author.

    Kamm, Minnie Watson, 1886-1954.
    Grosse Pointe, Mich., Kamm Publications, c1954 (1970 printing)]

    Kamm, Minnie Watson, 1886-1954. Kamm, Minnie Watson, 1886-1954. Eighth pitcher book. 29338 Two hundred pattern glass pitchers Grosse Pointe, Mich., Kamm Publications, c1954 (1970 printing)] 1. ed. 218 p. illus. 22 cm. NK5112.53 f-3644, 4 sheets. First ed. ...

  33. Plany = Plans: Gosudarstvennyĭ Ėrmitazh = Hermitage Museum = Musée de l'Ermitage / A.R. Sirkov.

    Gosudarstvennyĭ Ėrmitazh (Russia)
    Leningrad : the Museum, 1961.

    Gosudarstvennyĭ Ėrmitazh (Russia) Sirkov, A. R. 31501 Leningrad: the Museum, 1961. [14] p.: ill., col. plans; 17 x 22 cm. N3350 In Russian, English and French. Spiral bound. Stacks CorningDB Gosudarstvennyĭ Ėrmitazh (Russia) Art Russia (Federation) ...

  34. Tumblers with a past, by Leroy C. and Mertie B. Simon. Photographer, Frank Fish.

    Simon, Leroy C.
    [Brooksville, Fla.] 1967

    Simon, Leroy C. 27583 [Brooksville, Fla.] 1967 1 v.(unpaged): col. plates.; 23 cm. NK5440.D7 f-5466, 1 sheet. f-5466, 1 sheet. Hard copy in library NK5440.D7.S59. Cage CorningDB Tumblers (Drinking glasses) Drinking vessels. Pressed glass United States. ...

  35. Fine Crystal by the Tiffin Glassmasters.

    United States Glass Company, Tiffin, OH, USA.
    Tiffin, Ohio : United States Glass Company, [1958?]

    United States Glass Company, Tiffin, OH, USA. 39740 Tiffin, Ohio: United States Glass Company, [1958?] [40] p.: ill. United States Glass Company Cover title. Trade catalog. Looseleaf notebook, inserts with various pagings. TC CorningDB United States Glass ...

  36. Mediterranean archaeology.

    Sydney : Dept. of Archaeology, University of Sydney, 1988-

    University of Sydney. Dept. of Archaeology. 1030-8482 38247 Meditarch Sydney: Dept. of Archaeology, University of Sydney, 1988- v.: ill.; 30 cm. Annual Vol. 1 (1988)- English, French, German, and Italian. Title from cover. Periodical CorningDB Archaeology ...