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  1. Vintage vanity bags & purses: an identification & value guide / Roselyn Gerson.

    Vintage vanity bags & purses: an identification & value guide / Roselyn Gerson.

    Gerson, Roselyn.
    Paducah, Ky. : Collector Books, c1994.

    Gerson, Roselyn. 089145599X 26992 Paducah, Ky.: Collector Books, c1994. 270 p.: col. ill.; 29 cm. NK4890.H34 Includes bibliographical references (p. 266-269). Beaded bags: p. 144, 150, 204-205. Stacks CorningDB Handbags Collectors and collecting. Location ...

  2. Slavia antiqua.

    Warszawa [etc.]

    Uniwersytet Warszawski. Katedra Archeologii Pradziejowej i Wczesnośredniowiecznej. Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu. Katedra Archeologii Pradziejowej. 0080-9993 37208 Warszawa [etc.] v. ill. 25 cm. Annual t. 1- 1948- D147 Polish, Czech, and ...

  3. Eastern price list: July 1, 1978 to July 1, 1979.

    Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA.
    Moundsville, W.Va. : Fostoria Glass Co., 1978.
    Trade Catalogs

    Fostoria Glass Company, Moundsville, WV, USA. 29945 Moundsville, W.Va.: Fostoria Glass Co., 1978. 20 p.: ill.; 28 cm. Fostoria Glass Company Cover title. Includes index. Clearwater T0205 F-5964T, 1 sheet. Filmed from borrowed source; CMGL now owns 2 c. TC ...

  4. David Kindersley: his work and workshop: with illustrations from the workshop archives / by Montague Shaw.

    Shaw, Montague.
    Cambridge, England : Cardozo Kindersley Editions & uitgeverij de Buitenkant, 1989.

    Shaw, Montague. 0950194638 (Hardback) 095019462X (Pbk.) 24928 Cambridge, England: Cardozo Kindersley Editions & uitgeverij de Buitenkant, 1989. 96 p.: ill.; 26 cm. NK3631.K5 Includes engraving on glass. Stacks CorningDB Kindersley, David, 1915- ...

  5. Contemporary Scottish glass / Glasgow Museums & Art Galleries, St. Enoch Exhibition Centre, 20 September- 25 November 1979.

    Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries.
    Glasgow : Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, 1979.

    Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries. Blench, Brian J. R. St. Enoch Exhibition Centre. 30144 Glasgow: Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, 1979. [8] p.: ill.; 21 cm. NK5145 Cover title. Text by Brian J.R. Blench. Issued for the meeting of the International ...

  6. Guia sumària del Museu de les arts decoratives instal·lat al Palau de Pedralbes.

    Barcelona (Spain). Junta de museums.
    Barcelona : [1933].

    Barcelona (Spain). Junta de museums. Barcelona (Spain). Junta de museus. 25839 Barcelona: [1933]. [2d ed.] 68 p.: ill., fold. plans; 21 cm. N3410.4 Glass: p. 45-47. Stacks CorningDB Art museums Spain Barcelona. ...

  7. 880-02 Yoshiwara seirō nenjū gyōji / [Jippensha Ikku cho; Kitagawa Utamaro ga]

    880-01 Jippensha, Ikku, 1765-1831.
    880-03 Tōkyō-shi : Takeda Denʾemon : Ōkawa Jōkichi, [1803-1899]

    880-01 Jippensha, Ikku, 1765-1831. 880-06 Kitagawa, Utamaro, 1753?-1806. 32519 880-07 Seirō ehon nenjū gyōji 880-08 Nenjū gyōji 880-03 Tōkyō-shi: Takeda Denʾemon: Ōkawa Jōkichi, [1803-1899] 2 v.: col. ill.; 23 cm. HQ247.T6 Young girl blowing a ...

  8. Anlage und Betrieb der Glasfabriken, mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Hohlglasfabrikation / von Robert Dralle.

    Dralle, Robert.
    Leipzig : Baumgärtner, 1886.

    Dralle, Robert. 27718 Leipzig: Baumgärtner, 1886. xii,490 p.: ill.; 24 cm. TP857 Issued with an atlas of 40 plates, 32 cm. CMGL atlas is shelved in Jumbo. f-3724, 8 sheets, for text; f-1852, 2 sheets, for atlas. Hard copy in library: TP857.D76 Cage ...

  9. The Black Partizan site, by Warren W. Caldwell.

    Caldwell, Warren W. (Warren Wendell)
    Lincoln, Neb. : Smithsonian Institution, River Basin Surveys, 1966.

    Caldwell, Warren W. (Warren Wendell) 24181 Lincoln, Neb.: Smithsonian Institution, River Basin Surveys, 1966. iii, 145 p. illus., maps. 26 cm. E78.S63 Includes bibliographical references. Flooded, cockled, original paper binding. Glass finds;: p. 72. ...

  10. [Catalogue of chandeliers or "phantastic lampaderos."]

    Eliodoro Pavanello, Venezia, Italy.
    Venezia : Eliodoro Pavanello, [between 1895? and 1910?]

    Eliodoro Pavanello, Venezia, Italy. 30805 Venezia: Eliodoro Pavanello, [between 1895? and 1910?] [7] β. of plates (looseleaf): entirely ill. (some col.); 25 x 33 cm. F-7644LG F-7644LG Rubber stamp on cover: Carlos de sa Pereira, Lisboa. Faint transfer on ...

  11. Gammal och ny teknik för handgjort glas / [Vlastimil Carbol, Bo Simmingsköld].

    Carbol, Vlastimil.
    Växjö : Glasteknisk Utveckling AB, 1981-1983.

    Carbol, Vlastimil. Simmingsköld, Bo. 30720 Växjö: Glasteknisk Utveckling AB, 1981-1983. 2 v.: ill.; 26 cm. TP859 Spiral bound. Originally planned to be a 3 vol. set; vols. 2-3 were published as Del II. Old and new techniques for manual glass production ...

  12. This is glass.

    Corning Glass Works.
    Corning, N.Y. : Corning Glass Works, [1964?]

    Corning Glass Works. 23497 Corning, N.Y.: Corning Glass Works, [1964?] 56 p.: ill.; 28 cm. TP857.3 Cover title. Cover image is glass piping. Cage CorningDB Corning Glass Works. Glass United States 20th century. Location:  Secured Stacks Call Number:  ...

  13. Art nouveau en art deco in Nederland: verzamelobjecten uit de vernieuwingen in de kunstnijverheid van 1890 tot 1940 / Frans Leidelmeijer en Daan van der Cingel; fotografie, Erik Hesmerg.

    Leidelmeijer, Frans.
    [Netherlands] : Meulenhoff/Landshoff, c1983.

    Leidelmeijer, Frans. Cingel, Daan van der. Hesmerg, Erik. 9029080124 9789029080125 39710 [Netherlands]: Meulenhoff/Landshoff, c1983. 191 p.: ill. (some col.); 25 cm. 39710 Includes bibliographical references (p. 182-184) and index. Lamps and lighting, ...

  14. Le Musée Gréco-Romain 1931-1932 / par Evaristo Breccia.

    Breccia, Evaristo, 1876-1967.
    Bergamo : Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, 1933.

    Breccia, Evaristo, 1876-1967. Matḥaf al-Yūnānī al-Rūmānī (Alexandria, Egypt) 31432 Bergamo: Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, 1933. 52 p., 59 β. of plates: ill.; 30 cm. N5336.A3 At head of title: Municipalité d'Alexandrie. Stacks ...

  15. Commercial lighting... / by Moe-Bridges Corporation.

    Moe-Bridges Company, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
    Milwaukee, Wis. : Moe-Bridges Corp., [1935]

    Moe-Bridges Company, Milwaukee, WI, USA. 29079 Milwaukee, Wis.: Moe-Bridges Corp., [1935] 16 p.: ill.; 28 cm. Lighting: Moe-Bridges Corp., Milwaukee, WI, USA. (F-3493LG) F-3493LG. Microfiche only, original catalog borrowed for filming. Clearwater LG0204 ...

  16. History of manufactures in the United States, 1860-1914 / by Victor S. Clark.

    Clark, Victor S. (Victor Selden), 1868-1946.
    Washington : Carnegie Institution, 1928.

    Clark, Victor S. (Victor Selden), 1868-1946. 34493 Washington: Carnegie Institution, 1928. 949 p.: ill.; 26 cm. T21 Glass: p. 794-797; see index for additional references. Includes bibliographical references (p. 629-650). Carnegie Institution of ...

  17. The Hagley Museum: a story of early industry on the Brandywine.

    Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation.
    [Wilmington, Del.] : The Foundation, c1957.

    Eleutherian Mills-Hagley Foundation. 23781 [Wilmington, Del.]: The Foundation, c1957. 50 p.: ill. (some col.), maps; 21 cm. T180.W7 Stacks CorningDB Hagley Museum. E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company History. Industrial museums. Industries United States ...

  18. The new collector's hand-book of marks and monograms on pottery & porcelain of the renaissance and modern periods, with upwards of 5000 marks / by William Chaffers.

    Chaffers, William, 1811-1892.
    London : William Reeves, 1952.

    Chaffers, William, 1811-1892. Litchfield, Frederick, b. 1850. 20274 Marks and monograms on pottery & porcelain London: William Reeves, 1952. Rev. and considerably augmented by Frederick Litchfield. x, 367 p.: ill.; 19 cm. NK4215 Chinese dynasties: p ...

  19. Glasgraveren.

    Gezellig Thuis Club, Utrect.
    Utrecht : Kluwerpers, c1980.

    Gezellig Thuis Club, Utrect. 22161 Utrecht: Kluwerpers, c1980. 60 p.: ill. (some col.); 21 x 21 cm. TP863 In portfolio with patterns for engraving: 3 (18 x 10 cm.), 4 (21 x 21 cm), 2 folded (42 x 21 cm.); 1 white pencil for roughing out design; and 1 ...

  20. Second book of carnival glass: one hundred patterns / Marion T. Hartung.

    Hartung, Marion T.
    Emporia, Kansas : Hartung, l965.

    Hartung, Marion T. 30340 Carnival glass, second book Emporia, Kansas: Hartung, l965. 2nd ed. 131 p.: ill.; 22 cm. NK5112.73 f-3656, 2 sheets. Hard copy in library NK5112.73.H33c v.2 1965. Cage CorningDB Carnival glass. Glassware United States History 20th ...

  21. Sklo Ludviky Smrčkové 1923-1959, srpen 1959.

    Krajský Vlastivédný Ústav.
    Pardubice : Krajský Vlastivědný Ústav, 1959.

    Krajský Vlastivédný Ústav. Hetteš, Karl. 29191 Výstava skla Ludviky Smrčkové, 1923-1959 Pardubice: Krajský Vlastivědný Ústav, 1959. 15 p.: ill.; 21 cm. NK5198.S6 f-1556, 1 sheet; hard copy in library NK5198.S6.K89. Signed by artist. Text by ...

  22. The first quarter century of the Pierpont Morgan Library; a retrospective exhibition in honor of Belle da Costa Greene. With a tribute to the library and its first director by Lawrence C. Wroth. New York, April 5 through July 23, 1949.

    Wroth, Lawrence C. (Lawrence Counselman), 1884-1970.
    [New York, 1949]

    Wroth, Lawrence C. (Lawrence Counselman), 1884-1970. Pierpont Morgan Library. 27558 [New York, 1949] 67p. [49] plates (incl. facsims., part col.) 27 cm. Z881.M84 Stacks CorningDB Greene, Belle da Costa. Books History Exhibitions. Libraries Special ...

  23. Vetri di Murano = Veneziansk Glasskunst 1400-1989 / [tekster: Attilia Dorigato, Rosa Barovier Mentasti]

    [Milano] : Handelskammeret i Venezia og Regionen Veneto, 1989.

    Dorigato, Attilia. Barovier Mentasti, Rosa. Kunstindustrimuseet i Oslo. 33442 [Milano]: Handelskammeret i Venezia og Regionen Veneto, 1989. 51 p.: ill. (some col.); 24 x 25 cm. NK5152 Exhibition from Apr. 12-May 20 1989 at the Kunstindustrimuseet i Oslo. ...

  24. Medals and plaquettes from the Sigmund Morgenroth collection, by Ulrich Middeldorf and Oswald Goetz.

    Morgenroth, Sigmund.
    [Chicago] The Art institute of Chicago, 1944.

    Morgenroth, Sigmund. Middeldorf, Ulrich Alexander, 1901- Götz, Oswald, 1896-1960. Art Institute of Chicago. 20429 [Chicago] The Art institute of Chicago, 1944. xiv, 64 p., 1 l. front., xxxii pl. on 16 l. 28 x 22 cm. NK6303 Bibliography: p. 61-62. ...

  25. I Miȩdzynarodowy kongres archeologii słowiańskiej = 1er Congrès international d'archéologie slave. Warszawa 14-18 IX 1965.

    Wrocław : Zakład Narodowy Im. Ossolińskich, 1970.

    Congrès international d'archéologie slave (1st: 1965: Warsaw) Congrès international d'archéologie slave (1st: 1965: Warsaw) 35189 Wrocław: Zakład Narodowy Im. Ossolińskich, 1970. 518 p., 1 fold. pl.: ill.; 23 cm. DR20 Chiefly in German, ...

  26. Spiegelungen: neue Studien zur Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte / Hildegard Urner-Astholz.

    Urner-Astholz, Hildegard.
    Bern ; München : Francke, c1984.

    Urner-Astholz, Hildegard. 3772015816: 38.00F 23061 Bern; München: Francke, c1984. 244 p., 32 pl.: ill.; 23 cm. NK602 Bibliographies and notes: p. 211-241. Auserlesene Gläser aus dem spätrömische Friedhoft von Stein am Rhein: p. 159-177. Stacks ...

  27. Party and imagination.

    [Washington, DC] : Gensler, 1996.

    Gensler. 36676 Gensler: a celebration [Washington, DC]: Gensler, 1996. 13 p.: col. ill.; 16 x 21 cm. TT145 Includes glass by Therman Statom, Susie Krasnican and Carol Cohen. Stacks CorningDB Handicraft United States 20th century Exhibitions. Location:  ...

  28. The world of Watteau, 1684-1721, by Pierre Schneider and the editors of Time-Life Books.

    Schneider, Pierre.
    New York, Time, inc. [1967]

    Schneider, Pierre. Time-Life Books. 27350 New York, Time, inc. [1967] 191 p. illus. (part col.) 31 cm. ND553.W3 Bibliography: p. 185. Time-Life library of art Stacks CorningDB Watteau, Antoine, 1684-1721. Painting France 18th century. France Social life ...

  29. Tra simbolismo e déco: ceramiche di Nonni, vetri di Murano, disegni e pastelli di Prini.

    [S.l. : s.n.], 1986 ( Faenza : Litografica Faenza)

    Bojani, Gian Carlo. Storelli, Antonio. Quesada, Mario. 33850 [S.l.: s.n.], 1986 (Faenza: Litografica Faenza) 59 p.: ill.(some col.); 22 x 22 cm. NK792 At head of title: Comitato Promozione Turistica Riolo Terme, Assessorato alla Cultura Provincia di ...

  30. Acquisitions 1964-1973.

    Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire (Belgium)
    Bruxelles : Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire, 1974.

    Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire (Belgium) 28052 Bruxelles: Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire, 1974. 89 leaves in various pagings; 30 cm. N1835 Glassware: Antiquité classique. no. 72-97; Proche-Orient, no. 142-146; Islam, no. 46-55 ...

  31. Nihon cheko chizen garasu ten: festival ceského z japonskeho skla 1992-1993.

    [S.l. : s.n., 1992].

    36336 Festival ceského a japonského skla 1992-1993 [S.l.: s.n., 1992]. 110 p.: ill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5198 Catalog for an exhibition, shown at Mánes Gallery, Prague; the Muzeum dekoratíhno umeni Azabu, Tokyo, the Village of Glass, Hiroshima, and 2 ...

  32. Millersburg glass: as I know it / Marie McGee; edited by James Measell; photography by David Richardson.

    McGee, Marie.
    Marietta, Ohio : Glass Press, c1995.

    McGee, Marie. Measell, James. 1570800067 (hb) 1570800057 (pb) 36151 Marietta, Ohio: Glass Press, c1995. 160 p.: ill. (some col.); 29 cm. NK5112.9.M6 Includes value guide. Includes bibliographical references (p. 155) and index. Cage CorningDB Glassware ...

  33. Glaspreis 81: Wettbewerb innerhalb der "Glaskunst 81": Internationale Ausstellung zur Studioglasbewegung der Gegenwart: 3.9. bis 18.10.'81 in der Orangerie in Kassel / [Kataloggestaltung, Ulrich O. Kriwet, Hubert Samland].

    Orangerie (Kassel, Germany)
    Kassel : Werkstatt Verlag, [1981]

    Orangerie (Kassel, Germany) Kriwet, Ulrich O. Samland, Hubert. Süssmuth-Mitarbeiter-Stifting. Glaskunst 81. 31130 Kassel: Werkstatt Verlag, [1981] [50] p.: ill.; 15 x 21 cm. NK5198 Sponsored by Süssmuth-Mitarbeiter-Stiftung. Issued with exhibition ...

  34. The glory hole.

    Weston, W. Va. : West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd., 1996-2003

    West Virginia Museum of American Glass. 38488 All about glass (OCoLC)ocm52148583 Weston, W. Va.: West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Ltd., 1996-2003 v.: ill.; 28 cm. Quarterly No. 1 (spring 1996)-no. 19 (winter 2003). NK5112 Title from caption. Title ...

  35. Emile Gallé / Philippe Garner.

    Emile Gallé / Philippe Garner.

    Garner, Philippe.
    New York : Rizzoli, 1976.

    Garner, Philippe. 0847800369 28209 New York: Rizzoli, 1976. 167 p.: ill. (some col.). ports.; 32 cm. NK5198.G1 Includes index. Bibliography: p. 163. Stacks CorningDB Gallé, Emile, 1846-1904. Art nouveau. Glass artists France 19th century. Location:  ...

  36. Mycenae and the Mycenaean Age, by George E. Mylonas.

    Mylonas, George E. (George Emmanuel), 1898-
    Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press, 1966.

    Mylonas, George E. (George Emmanuel), 1898- 22532 Princeton, N.J., Princeton University Press, 1966. xvi, 251 p. illus., maps, plans. 29 cm. DF221.M9 Bibliography: p. 239-241. Stacks CorningDB Civilization, Mycenaean. Mycenae (Extinct city) Location:  ...