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  1. Die Glasdruckkunst oder Hyalotypie, durch welche, ohne Abnutzungder Formen, Millionen Abdrücke von Zeichnungen, einfarbigen Gemälden und Schriften aller Art wohfeiler und leichter... / von Fr. A.W. Retto.

    Retto, Fr. A. W.
    Quedlinburg Leipzig : Gottfr. Basse, 1840.

    Retto, Fr. A. W. 29554 Quedlinburg Leipzig: Gottfr. Basse, 1840. 15 p.; 21 cm. NE1849.G5 f-1220, 1 sheet; hard copy in library NE1849.G5.R43*. Uses glass as an engraving medium. Special CorningDB Prints Technique. Engraving Printing. ...

  2. Juried exhibition of North Carolina crafts: catalogue of the exhibition.

    North Carolina Museum of History.
    Raleigh : North Carolina Museum of History, 1983.

    North Carolina Museum of History. 25127 Raleigh: North Carolina Museum of History, 1983. 47 p.: chiefly ill. (some col.); 21 x 28 cm. TT145 Held March 18-June 30, 1983, North Carolina Museum of History, Raleigh, N.C. Includes glass by Gary Beecham, ...

  3. Dominick Labino.

    Labino, Dominick.
    [S.l. : s.n., 1973?]

    Labino, Dominick. 33071 [S.l.: s.n., 1973?] [16] p.: ill.; 14 cm. NK5198.L2 Bibliography: p. [3]-[4]. Book constitutes a curriculum vitae. Cage CorningDB Labino, Dominick. Glass artists United States 20th century. Location:  Secured Stacks Call Number:  ...

  4. The stained glass of York / by Amy Oldfield; photography by Fred Spencer.

    Oldfield, Amy.
    York : Maxiprint, c1991.

    Oldfield, Amy. Spencer, Fred. 1871125057 (pbk): £4.50 34997 York: Maxiprint, c1991. 41 p.: col. ill.; 23 cm. NK5344.Y6 Text on inside covers. Earlier editions use the author's pseudonym A.L. Laishley. Cage CorningDB Glass painting and staining ...

  5. Old English porcelain: souvenir of an exhibition held in the galleries of Messrs. James Connell & Sons.

    James Connell & Sons.
    Glasgow : James Connell & Sons, [191-?] (Carson & Nicol).

    James Connell & Sons. 35633 Glasgow: James Connell & Sons, [191-?] (Carson & Nicol). 123 p.: chiefly ill.; 30 cm. NK4485 Catalog is undated. Stacks CorningDB Porcelain, English Catalogs. ...

  6. Les tabatières chinoises: le guide du collectionneur / Bob C. Stevens.

    Stevens, Bob C.
    Fribourg : Office du Livre, 1980.

    Stevens, Bob C. 33935 Fribourg: Office du Livre, 1980. 324 p.: col. ill.; 31 cm. NK9507 Includes index. Translated by Vérène Nicollier. Bibliography: p. 313-322. Stacks CorningDB Snuff boxes and bottles Collectors and collecting. Location:  Stacks Call ...

  7. Le luminaire et les moyens d'éclairages nouveaux. [1re]- série.

    Janneau, Guillaume, 1887-1968.
    Paris : Moreau, [c1926- ]

    Janneau, Guillaume, 1887-1968. 20563 3me sér. has title: Luminaire: procédés d'éclairages nouveaux Paris: Moreau, [c1926-] v.: chiefly plates; 34 cm. NK6196 F-7994 includes no. 1-no. 3 (no. 3 was borrowed for filming and lacked plates 10, 18, 21, ...

  8. Prospections géophysiques à faible profondeur; applications à l'archéologie, par A. Hesse.

    Hesse, Albert, 1938-
    Paris, Dunod, 1966.

    Hesse, Albert, 1938- 23950 Paris, Dunod, 1966. viii, 149 p. illus., profiles. 24 cm. 35 F. CC77 Bibliography: p. [147]-149. Stacks CorningDB Archaeology Methodology. Geophysics. ...

  9. Designs and color schemes for porcelain and glass decorations / by D. M. Campana.

    Campana, D. M. (Domenic Mathews), b. 1871.
    Chicago : D.M. Campana, [1909-1912]

    Campana, D. M. (Domenic Mathews), b. 1871. 24310 Chicago: D.M. Campana, [1909-1912] [40] p., 119 β. of plates (nos. 37-156 in portfolio): col. ill.; 20 cm. NK4605 Series covers stamped "H.S. Orr, Portville, N.Y." Series A-T Stacks CorningDB ...

  10. Tables of analyses of clays, etc. / comp. by Alfred Crossley.

    Crossley, Alfred.
    Wellsville, N. Y., : Randall Pub. Co., 1947.

    Crossley, Alfred. 27949 Wellsville, N. Y.,: Randall Pub. Co., 1947. 48 p.: tables; 15 x 20 cm. 4th ed. TP811 Flooded, some damage, previously pin-bound. f-742, 2 sheets. Hard copy in library TP811.C95.1947. Stacks CorningDB Clay Analysis. Location:  ...

  11. Taylor Bros & Company, Inc., manufacturers of cut glass, Philadelphia.

    Taylor Bros. & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA.
    Shreveport, La. : American Cut Glass Association, [ca.1980].
    Trade Catalogs

    Taylor Bros. & Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA. Vay, Florence Taylor. 30469 Shreveport, La.: American Cut Glass Association, [ca.1980]. 45 p.: ill.; 23 x 31 cm. Cut Glass: Taylor Bros. & Co., Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) (F-6602C) Cover title reprint. ...

  12. Sozialpolitische Schriften.

    Abbe, Ernst, 1840-1905.
    Jena, G. Fischer, 1906.

    Abbe, Ernst, 1840-1905. 24451 Jena, G. Fischer, 1906. xiii, 402 p. port. 24 cm. HD8450 Added t.-p.: Vorträge, Reden und Schriften sozialpolitischen und verwandten Inhalts. His Gesammelte Abhandlungen, 3. Bd. Stacks CorningDB Carl Zeiss (Firm: 1846) ...

  13. Ruskin and Venice: a loan exhibition at the J. B. Speed Art Museum, 16 October-19 November 1978 / arranged and introduced by Robert Hewison.

    J.B. Speed Art Museum.
    [London] : Thames and Hudson for the J. B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Ky., c1978.

    J.B. Speed Art Museum. Hewison, Robert, 1943- 21846 [London]: Thames and Hudson for the J. B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville, Ky., c1978. 112 p.: ill. (some col.), ports., facsims.; 24 cm. N6921.V5 Bibliography: p. 107) and index. Includes CMoG object: 96.3 ...

  14. Industriekultur: Peter Behrens and the AEG, 1907-1914 / by Tilmann Buddensieg in collaboration with Henning Rogge, with contributions by Gabriele Heidecker... [et al.]; translated by Iain Boyd Whyte.

    Buddensieg, Tilmann.
    Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1984.

    Buddensieg, Tilmann. Rogge, Henning. 0262021951 22524 Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, c1984. xiv, 520 p.: ill. (some col.); 23 x 27 cm. NX550 Includes index. "Major works and writings of Behrens": p. [498]-505. Bibliography: p. 508-515. Stacks ...

  15. The Marble connection newsletter.

    Norton, MA : Love Marbles, 1992-2000

    Love Marbles (Firm) 38415 Norton, MA: Love Marbles, 1992-2000 9 v.: ill.; 28 cm. Quarterly Vol. 1, no. 1 (Oct. 1992)-vol. 8 [ie 9], no. 1 (Winter 2000). Title from caption. Marble Connection Periodical CorningDB Marbles Collectors and collecting ...

  16. A Marinha Grande em 1870: nas Memorias historico-estatisticas de Algumas Villas e Povoações de Portugal.

    Brito Aranha, Pedro Wenceslau de, 1833-1914.
    Marinha Grande, Portugal : Museu Santos Barosa, 1996.

    Brito Aranha, Pedro Wenceslau de, 1833-1914. 9729586667 36913 Memorias historico-estatisticas de Algumas Villas e Povoações de Portugal Marinha Grande, Portugal: Museu Santos Barosa, 1996. 64 p.: ill.; 21 cm. TP854.P8 Reprint of an 1871 text. Cage ...

  17. Callatis Mangalia.

    Muzeul de Arheologie Constanța.
    Constanța : the Museum, [1968]

    Muzeul de Arheologie Constanța. Canarache, V. Rădulescu, Adrian. 31546 Constanța: the Museum, [1968] [24] p.: ill., maps; 24 cm. DR296.M2 Compiled by V. Canarache and A. Rădulescu. English edition of a work also published in Roumanian, French, Russian ...

  18. Priskurant öfver Kosta Glasbruks tillverkningar.

    Kosta glasbruk, Kosta, Sweden.
    [Kosta : s.n. ], 1882.

    Kosta glasbruk, Kosta, Sweden. 30158 [Kosta: s.n.], 1882. [16] p.: ill.; 21 x 26 cm. Tableware: Kosta glasbruk, Kosta, Sweden (F-6004T) F-6004T. Filmed copy borrowed for filming. CMGL now owns photocopies. Printed 1882 has been altered in ink to 1885. ...

  19. Max Klinger: Wege zum Gesamtkunstwerk / mit Beiträgen von Manfred Boetzkes... [et al.]; und einer umfassenden Klinger-Dokumentation. [Ausstellung 4. August bis 4. November 1984]

    Max Klinger: Wege zum Gesamtkunstwerk / mit Beiträgen von Manfred Boetzkes... [et al.]; und einer umfassenden Klinger-Dokumentation. [Ausstellung 4. August bis 4. November 1984]

    Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum.
    Mainz am Rhein : P. von Zabern, c1984.

    Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum. 3805308116 3805308124 (Museumausgabe) 22841 Mainz am Rhein: P. von Zabern, c1984. 297 p.: ill. (some col.), ports.; 24 cm. N6888.K65 Bibliography: p. 293-297. Stacks CorningDB Klinger, Max, 1857-1920. Artists Germany 19th ...

  20. Studies in Islamic art / Ralph Pinder-Wilson.

    Pinder-Wilson, Ralph H.
    London : Pindar Press, 1985.

    Pinder-Wilson, Ralph H. 0907132367: £50.00 24862 London: Pindar Press, 1985. 321 p.: ill.; 25 cm. N6260 "All but two of the papers reprinted [here] were written between 1949-1976." Includes bibliographies and index. "Glass in China during ...

  21. Vincent van Gogh / text by Meyer Schapiro.

    Schapiro, Meyer, 1904-
    New York : Abrams, 1952.

    Schapiro, Meyer, 1904- 26743 New York: Abrams, 1952. 6 p., [15] leaves of plates: col. ill.; 38 cm. ND653.G7 Abrams art book Art treasures of the world StacksO CorningDB Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890. Painting Netherlands 20th century. ...

  22. Die Liebe: der ursprüngliche Intuitionismus / Kristian Klepsch jun.

    [S.l. : s.n., n.d., 1995?]

    36845 [S.l.: s.n., n.d., 1995?] [16] p.:bill. (some col.); 30 cm. NK5198.K64 Stacks CorningDB Klepsch, Kristian, 1966- Catalogs. Engraved glass Germany 20th century. Glass artists Germany 20th c. Location:  Stacks Call Number:  NK5198.K64L71 Location:  ...

  23. Jon Kuhn: [exhibition] December 7-January 6, 1996.

    Habatat Galleries.
    Boca Raton, FL : Habatat Galleries, 1995.

    Habatat Galleries. 36457 Boca Raton, FL: Habatat Galleries, 1995. 16 p.: ill. (some col.); 28 cm. NK5198.K95 Essay by Joan Falconer Byrd. Includes bibliographical references (p. 15). Stacks CorningDB Kuhn, Jon, 1949- Exhibitions. Glass artists United ...

  24. Das farbige Ornament aller historischen Stile: nach eigenen Aquarellen / hrsg. von Alexander Speltz, Architekt; vier [i.e. drei] Abteilungen, je sechzig Tafeln mit Text enthaltend.

    Speltz, Alexander.
    Leipzig, K.F. Koehler's Antiquarium [c1914-23]

    Speltz, Alexander. 24019 Leipzig, K.F. Koehler's Antiquarium [c1914-23] 3 v. (portfolios): ill., 180 col. mounted pl.; 39 x 29 cm. NK1510 Library has: Abt. 2 and Abt. 3. Includes glass mosaics, stained glass and glass objects (v. 3, pl. 10, 38). ...

  25. Ampurias / Diputación Provincial de Barcelona, Servicio de Investigaciones Arqueológicas.

    Barcelona : [Imprenta Rubiralta], 1939-1982.

    Barcelona (Spain: Province). Servicio de Investigaciones Arqueológicas. Barcelona (Spain: Province). Instituto de Prehistoria y Arqueología. 0212-0909 Empúries (DLC) 90641852 (OCoLC)ocm21061034 37285 Barcelona: [Imprenta Rubiralta], 1939-1982. v.: ill. ...

  26. Danish arts and crafts 1931-1981: illustrated through glimpses of the history of Den Permanente / Frederik Sieck.

    Sieck, Frederik, 1916-
    [Copenhagen?] : Den Permanente, c1981.

    Sieck, Frederik, 1916- 8798122509 (pbk.): kr98.00 22986 [Copenhagen?]: Den Permanente, c1981. 95 p.: ill. (some col.); 25 cm. NK983 Includes bibliographical references. Stacks CorningDB Den Permanente A/S. Industrial design Denmark 20th century. ...

  27. A Victorian thirst / Ken Arnold.

    Arnold, Ken.
    Maiden Gully, Australia : Crown Castleton Publ., 1990.

    Arnold, Ken. 0985795320 34420 Maiden Gully, Australia: Crown Castleton Publ., 1990. 240 p.: ill., facsims.: 29 cm. NK5440.B6 Includes index. No. 312 of a limited edition of 1000 copies. Stacks CorningDB Bottles Collectors and collecting Australia. Glass ...

  28. Catalogue and buyers' guide no. 69 / reprinted directly from Montgomery Ward & Company 1901 catalog.

    Montgomery Ward.
    Chattanooga, Tn. : Antique Research Publications, [1968?]

    Montgomery Ward. 28701 Chattanooga, Tn.: Antique Research Publications, [1968?] 24 β.: ill.; 28 cm. TS199 Contains sections on: Glass, china, toys, clocks, lamps, canes and umbrellas. Stacks CorningDB Manufactures Catalogs. Department stores Catalogs. ...

  29. 880-01 Seiyō bunka no denrai / henshū kaisetsu Kondō Ichitarō... [et al.]

    Tōkyō : Myōgi Shuppansha, Shōwa 27 [1952]

    Kondō, Ichitarō, 1910-1961. Ishida, Mosaku. 32333 Importation of Western culture Tōkyō: Myōgi Shuppansha, Shōwa 27 [1952] 118 p.: ill., maps; 22 cm. DS836 Glass: p. 105. Hakubutsukan bunkashi shirīzu / kanshū Ishida Mosaku; 3 Stacks CorningDB ...

  30. Evolution of glassmaking techniques: a temporary guide to the collection / Pilkington Glass Museum.

    Pilkington Glass Museum.
    St Helens, Lancashire : Pilkington Brothers Ltd., January 1974.

    Pilkington Glass Museum. 28417 St Helens, Lancashire: Pilkington Brothers Ltd., January 1974. 22 p.; 30 cm. NK5102.5.S1 New acquisitions supplement: 1 p., laid in. Cage CorningDB Glassware Catalogs. Glassware History. ...

  31. Horst Michel: Formgestaltung. Ausstellung März-Mai 1979.

    Museum des Kunsthandwerks Leipzig.
    Leipzig : Museum des Kunsthandwerks, 1979.

    Museum des Kunsthandwerks Leipzig. 29846 Leipzig: Museum des Kunsthandwerks, 1979. [20] p., [34] β. of plates; 21 cm. NK5198.M6 Stacks CorningDB Michel, Horst, 1904- Glass artists Germany 20th century. Industrial design Germany 20th century. Decorative ...

  32. 880-01 Reihō Kōya / Sōhonzan Kongōbuji.

    Yakayama-ken : Kōyasan Shuppansha, [19--]

    32328 Treasures of Kōya-san Yakayama-ken: Kōyasan Shuppansha, [19--] 79 p.: ill.; 19 cm. BQ6353.K8 Cover title. Stacks CorningDB Buddhist art Japan Wakayama-ken. Buddhist temples Japan Wakayama-ken Kōya-chō. ...

  33. Kestner Museum, 1889-1964 / Irmgard Woldering.

    Woldering, Irmgard, 1919-
    [s.l. : s.n., 1964?] (Hannover : Culemann)

    Woldering, Irmgard, 1919- 21446 [s.l.: s.n., 1964?] (Hannover: Culemann) 208 p.: ill.; 25 cm. N2305.H37 "Sonderdruck aus ʻHannoversche Geschichtsblätter' Neue Folge Band 18, Heft 2/4." I. Zur Geschichte des Museums.-- II. Katalog der ...

  34. Modelling and sculpture; a full account of the various methods and processes employed in these arts by Albert Toft.

    Toft, Albert, 1862-
    Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott, [1924]

    Toft, Albert, 1862- 21261 Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, [1924] 347p.: ill.; 21 cm. NB1170 Part 1. Modelling and sculpture: p. 19-264. Part 2. A few masterpieces considered: p. 265-344. The new art library Stacks CorningDB Modeling. Sculpture Technique. ...

  35. Stone, clay, glass: how building materials are found and used / Robert L. Bates.

    Bates, Robert Latimer, 1912-
    Hillside, N.J. : Enslow Publishers, c1987.

    Bates, Robert Latimer, 1912- 0894901443: $11.95 26150 Hillside, N.J.: Enslow Publishers, c1987. 64 p.: ill.; 25 cm. TP791 Includes index. Bibliography: p. 61. Glass: p. 37-44. An Earth resources book Stacks CorningDB Building materials. Clay. Glass ...

  36. Report of the visitors.

    Ashmolean Museum.
    Oxford, University Press.

    Ashmolean Museum. 0473-6400 Ashmolean Museum. Annual report of the visitors of the Ashmolean Museum. (OCoLC)ocm08022524 37376 Oxford, University Press. v. illus. 21 cm. N1449 Latest issue consulted: 1947. Ashmolean Museum (Report of the Visitors) ...