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  1. Conservation of Dalle de Verre at the New York Hall of Science.

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  2. Isabel De Obaldía: Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art.

    Kupfer, Mónica E.

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  3. Rekonstrukce výzdoby emailovaného poháru na noźce z nálezu v Praze 1, na můstku.

    Špaček, Ladislav.

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  4. Pairpoint Glass Follow-Up.

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  5. Bemerkungen zu einigen Glasreliefs des 2 Jahrtausends v. Chr. aus Syrien und Palästina.

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  6. A Locke Art Glass Bell.

    Trinidad, A. A.

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  7. The Phoenicians in Their Homeland.

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  8. Tombe romane a Vicoforte.

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  9. French Glass Paperweights.

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  10. Depression Heritage Cinderella Glass.

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  11. Simulation of Concentration Profiles for Ternary Ion Exchange in Silver-Containing Phosphate Glasses.

    Wakabayashi, H.

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  12. Enameled and Gilded Islamic Glasses in Syria- Part III.

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  13. Sto let ústavu skla a keramiky na VŠChT v Praze (1909-2009).

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  14. The Effects of Lithia and Alumina on the Viscosity and Strength of Commercial Fibreglass and Other Glass Compositions.

    Wallenberger, Frederick T.

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  15. Book Reviews: Voices of Contemporary Glass-- The Heineman Collection.


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  16. Harry Northwood-- Custard Glass Titan.

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  17. Gläser aus der Islamischen Blütezeit des 8-14, Jahrhunderts.

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  18. London Selection: The Glass Is Half Full but Mainly for British Wares.

    Crane, Anne.

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  19. Soy Frames for Georgian Sauces.

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  20. Enquête sur le 'Verre de Montpellier.'

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  21. Treasures for Toledo.

    Wittmann, Otto.

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  22. Recent Development and Applications of Bulk Glassy Alloys.

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  23. How Were the Glass Flowers Made?

    Ware, Mary Lee.

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  24. Letter from London- Decanters from the Atelier of James Giles.

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  25. International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK, 23 August-11 September, 2010.

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  26. Tiffany Glass.

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  27. Et stiplet hollandsk glas.

    Schou-Christensen, Jorgen.

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  28. Seven Years After.

    Hogan, D. E.

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  29. Line 201.


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  30. Talking About Sale-Rooms.

    Davis, Frank.

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  31. Le sépulcre du Haut Moyen-Âge près du village Kharatchoï sur le Territoire montagneux des Tchétchènes.

    Vinogradov, V. B.

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  32. What We Are Doing to Generate Interest in Cut Glass.

    Carlson, Craig E.

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  33. London Firm Credited With Production of First Ornamental Food Jars Which Doubled As Vases.

    Fogelsong, Katie.

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  34. The South Lyndeboro Glass Company.

    Chamerblain, Beverly.

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  36. Cracks in Swedish Glass.

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