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  2. Beykoz işi cam eşya

    Bayramog|/lu, Fuat

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  3. A Note on Glass Objects from Gupta Levels

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  6. Fatimid glass jetons: token currency or coin weights?

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  7. Talking About Sale-Rooms- Glass of Rarity and Sentiment.

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  11. Basic Oxide Formulae and Notes on Color-Mixing.

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  12. Some Egyptian Bead-work Faces in the Wellcome Collection at University College, Swansea.

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  16. La Verrerie de Biot tire parti du tourisme industriel = The Biot Glassworks Takes Advantage of Industrial Tourism.

    Lamigeon, S.

    Lamigeon, S. Offrir International, no. 438, trimestre 4 (2011), pp. 32-37, ill. 1282-0849 AI79163 "One of the finest companies in the living heritage is maintaining its manufacturing through making visitors from the whole world discover its know how. ...

  17. Fustat Expedition Preliminary Report: Back to Fustat-A 1973.

    Scanlon, George T.

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  18. These Are Heady Times for Glass Blowers' High Art.

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  21. Cutting Edge Technology-- The Ferghana Process of Medieval Crucible Steel Smelting.

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  30. Two Flavia Burials from Grange Road, Winchester.

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  32. Hedwig Beaker Acquired by Corning Museum of Glass.


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  33. A Roman Figure- Cut Vessel From Caerleon.

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  34. Recent Accessions.


    The Cullet, (Autumn 2011), p. 1, ill. AI84906 Includes a postal card, a mustard jar, a sampler, and a plaque featuring a winter scene, 1830 to the 1880s. News from the Sandwich Glass Museum CitationDB Glass United States ...

  35. Une coupe à d'or découverte à Farrono Portugal.

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