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  1. ArtCraft Profiles: Peg Adams

    Dean, Karen A

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  2. Thermoses: Picnic Partners

    Wahlberg, Holly

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  3. Connecticut Embossed Cylindrical Whiskeys

    Toussaint, Phil

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  4. A Crystallo-ceramie Brooch

    Brown, Cynthia

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  5. Twentieth Century Vitraux from the Val-Saint-Lambert Glass Works

    Philippe, Joseph

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  6. The Taft Bloomers

    Kelly, Michael

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  7. Modernste ausbildungsplätze


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  8. NYC Mayor Proclaims November Glass Month


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  9. Researching the Golden Wedding Bottle


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  10. Identifying Waterford and Cork Glass

    Warren, Phelps

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  11. Antiques and Stuff: Paperweights

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  12. The Traditional Use of Magic Glass Beads in the Islamic World

    Sode, Torben

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  13. Jury Statement

    Frantz, Susanne K.

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  14. The Mosaic Project, Part 2: Building the Mosaic

    Porcelli, Joe

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  15. Storia del cannocchiale

    Solaini, P.

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  16. Educational Tumbler Series

    Britt, John

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  17. What We Have Looked Upon and Our Hands Have Touched

    Hanson, Rev. William

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  18. 100 Years of Flat Glass Manufacture: Technology Meets the Demand of an Exploding Industrial Society


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  19. Notizie/News: Due oggetti, un progettista


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  20. Stem of the Month

    Clark, Gordon

    Clark, Gordon continuing series: v. 7, no. 1, Jan. 1980--v. 9, no. 12, Dec. 1982 Pony Express AI9855 ill. Heisey glass CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  21. Japanese and the Glass

    Tsuchiya, Yoshio

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  22. Dunbar Glass Catalog Pages


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  23. Some Notes on Baltimore Bottles

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  24. Glass: New Directions. A Concise Glass History

    Lenhart, Carl

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  25. Baron' Stiegel, Early American Industrialist

    Papert, Emma N

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  26. Notizie/News: Forme sbozzate, forse imcompiute


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  27. Christmas in January

    Measell, James S.

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  28. More Fostoria Candlesticks

    Hayes, Phyllis

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  29. Kunst im Alltag


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  30. English Glass

    Mortimer, Martin

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  31. Orfitus and Constantius: A Note on Roman Gold-Glasses

    Cameron, Alan

    Cameron, Alan v. 9, 1996, pp. 295-301 Journal of Roman Archaeology AI1497 ill. Subject of 4th-c. gold glass identified CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  32. Jugs and Plates

    Petzal, Monica

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  33. Fake Tiffany Paper Labels on Art Glass


    v. 6, no. 12, Dec. 1997, pp. 140-141 Antique & Collectors Reproduction News AI6008 ill. CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  34. Favorite Pieces: Dithridge Princess Swirl

    Keller, Esther O.

    Keller, Esther O. v. 10, no. 5, Feb./March 1997, pp. 85-86 Glass Collector's Digest AI2993 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  35. Bending Glass for Lamp Shades

    Myers, Mary

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  36. Shedding Light on Fiber Optics

    Barreneche, Raul A.

    Barreneche, Raul A. v. 86, no. 4, April 1997, pp. 162-167 Architecture AI3280 ill. CitationDB Glass ...