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  1. Chinese Snuff Bottles in Newark Museum


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  4. Konsthantverk: Ljusjuveler

    Nordin, Anna

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  5. Notizie/News: Mostre di arte e design


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  6. Chemical and Archaeological Evidence for the Destruction of a Sacred Animal Necropolis at Ancient Mendes, Egypt

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    Perlmutter, Jack

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  8. Verres romains à scènes de spectacles d'Excisum (Villeneuve sur Lot-Eysses, France). II: Origine de la couleur et implications technologiques

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  10. Sharpe

    Siemsen, Barbara

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  11. Goldrubinglases

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  12. New England Artists

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  15. A Bridge between Two Worlds

    Greco, JoAnn

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  16. J. A. J. Nolet

    Vermeulen, Peter

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  18. Artist Carves Success in Three-dimensional Crystal


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  19. Montreal's North American Glass Company

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  20. Picture Cures

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  21. Photographing Stained Glass

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  22. Exhibitions: Elements of Summer, Unique Glass


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  23. Depression Impressions

    Rinker, Harry L

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  24. Burr's Patent Nursing Bottle

    Greer, Frank

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  25. The Birth of the Blues: Using a Computer to Design Stained Glass

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  26. American Pottery, Glass and China

    Cox, Susan N

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  27. Un jeune verrier: Joël Linard

    Linard, Joël

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  28. Kittens Cup & Saucer

    Notley, Raymond

    Notley, Raymond no. 69, Feb. 1995, p. 3 The Carnival Glass Society Newsletter AI3809 ill. Fenton pattern Additional info: U.K. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  29. Down in the Dumps, Hitting the Bottles

    Hadac, Diane A

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  30. Kudos: Inventor Named Genius; Receives Grant


    v. 31, no. 7, July 1996, p. 20. U.S. Glass AI1212 Award to astronomer James Angel for developing a new method of casting glass for telescopes CitationDB Glass ...

  31. Shortform: London Glassblowing Workshop


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  32. Tiffany, the Man and His Glass 1848-1933

    Charon, Mural

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  33. The Caring Place: A Meditation Room for Chicago's Ronald McDonald House

    Weis, Helene

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  34. Decay of Medieval Stained Glass at York, Canterbury and Carlisle. Part 2: Relationship between the Composition of the Glass, Its Durability and the Weathering Products

    Gillies, Katherine J. S.

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  36. CIRVA: Creation and Research of Glass Art


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