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  2. The Ernsting Foundation

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  5. Statuary Lighting: 1875-1925

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  6. Záznamy


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  8. Collecting Glass

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  9. Exhibit Highlights Recent Accessions

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  14. In the Making: Life's a Beach


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  15. 1982 NEA Artists Fellowships


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  18. The Specialty Glass Company

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  19. Measuring Technique for the Customer

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  20. James A. Weatherley

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  21. The Millennial Body: The Art of the Figure at the End of Humanity

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  24. A Journey in Glass: To Olive Glass on a Northwest Island.

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  26. Schnittgläser des 18. Jh.


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  29. Sale of a Famous Collection

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  31. Moses Bottle Variations, a Summary


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  32. Problem Solving-- Firing Gold Decals


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  34. Chihuly over Venice

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  35. Abstracts of Papers from the Third Congress of Japanese Glass Art Association: Mould for Glass Beads of Yayoi and Tumulus Period in Japan

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  36. What Ever Happened to Wistarburgh?: A Broader View

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