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  2. Pattern Glass: Once Ignored, It is Today's Rising Star in Glass Field

    Thompson, Frances

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  3. Late Roman Glass at the University of Pennsylvania Museum: A Photo Essay

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  4. The Harger Lightning Rod Ball Produced by Fenton Art Glass Company

    Steiner, Phil

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  5. Shades of Green: Window Glass Wares of the 19th Century

    Stedman, Jeremy [Thomas]

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  6. Collecting the Seltzer Syphon, Our Collectable Soda Relative

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  7. Wild with Joy

    Harrison, Martin

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  8. Una tradizione millennaria


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  9. The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery: A Time of Reflection and Renewal

    Roberts, Ann

    Roberts, Ann Winter 1997, p. 18. Glass Gazette AI3193 Waterloo gallery now four years old CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  10. Brereton and le Breton

    Smith, Patrick W. Montague

    Smith, Patrick W. Montague v. 170, no. 4383, Aug. 20, 1981, p. 657 Country Life AI7626 ill. Drawing of 1608 of a window once in Brereton Church, Cheshire, commemorating martyrdom of Thomas ETC CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  11. Correct Glassware Designations

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  12. History of Glass Candy Containers

    Organ, Debbie, ed

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  13. Serçe Limani Glass Conservation Update

    Pannell, Jane

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  14. Union, Anti-Union or Jacobite?

    Watts, David C

    Watts, David C no. 69, Oct. 1996, p. 9 Glass Circle News AI2016 ill. Identifying glasses with possible "Union with England" motifs (1707) CitationDB Glass- Great Britain ...

  15. A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Bottles: Antique Bottle Collecting, Part 1

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  17. Antiques & Americana: Souvenir Glass

    Michael, George

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  18. Glass Finds from Early 17th Century Newfoundland


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  19. Shape of Sinks to Come


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  20. Serçe Limani 1979

    Bass, George F

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  21. Contemporary American Glass Beadmakers

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  24. Cambridge Vases: Part 3

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  25. On the Cover


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  26. The Stained Glass Degree Course at Edinburgh

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  27. Das neue 'Corning Museum of Glass' in New York


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  28. Museum Opens New Glass Study Room


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  29. The Hottest Thing in Town: The Beaded Universe

    Allen, Jamey

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  30. Museums Face the Problems of Collecting Industrial Design

    Wilk, Christopher

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  31. Vergabe des 'Zweiten Bayerwalk-Glaspreises:' Sonderausstellung im Glasmuseum Frauenau


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  32. Karel Bečvář a jeho návraty

    Šilhanová, Jana

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  33. A Century of Hostetter's Bitters or... It Pays to Advertise.

    Baxter, Frank.

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  34. What Constitutes Value in a Bottle? Part 1

    Guttenberg, John

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  35. Design Section: Anne Dybka

    Westmacott, Val

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  36. A Short History of Glassmaking in Bohemia


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