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  1. Junge Triererin steht 'ihren Mann'


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  2. Artist Focus: Steven Stelz


    v. 1, no. 1, Sept. 1990, p. 3 Uroboros Glass Studios AI4010 ill. CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  3. Obituaries: Kiki Kogelnik

    Cash, Stephanie

    Cash, Stephanie Ebony, David v. 85, no. 3, March 1997, p. 126 Art in America AI3416 ill. CitationDB Kogelnik, Kiki Glass Art 1945- ...

  4. Exhibition of Art Nouveau & Art Deco Glass at the SunderlandMuseum


    Autumn 1996/Winter 1997, pp. 12-15 The Guild of Glass Engravers Newsletter AI3879 ill. Curator of the exhibit explains the show to the Guild CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  5. Recent Finds of Western-Related Glassware, Textiles, and Metalwork in Central Asia and China

    Laing, Ellen Johnston

    Laing, Ellen Johnston v. 9, 1995, pp. 1-18 Bulletin of the Asia Institute AI5195 ill. Sasanian, or apparently Sasanian, facet-cut bowl from Datong CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  6. Pravěké sklo ve sbírce Okresního muzea v Chomutově

    Černá, Eva

    Černá, Eva v. 7, 1982, pp. 135-139 Ars Vitraria AI8893 ill. Beads CitationDB Glass beads ...

  7. Paul Marioni at the Banff Centre

    Zissoff, Mary Jane

    Zissoff, Mary Jane v. 6, no. 2, Spring 1981, p. 9 The Leadline AI6433 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  8. A Beginners Guide to Collecting Miniature Lamps

    Grammer, Marion

    Grammer, Marion v. 20, no. 7, Sept. 1996, pp. 6A-8A The New York-Pennsylvania Collector AI1353 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  9. Layouts, Useful Ideas

    Millard, Richard

    Millard, Richard no. 1, Sept. 1981, p. 4 Stained Glass Guidelines AI7214 ill. CitationDB Flat glass ...

  10. Depression Dogwood Pattern

    Angus, Fern

    Angus, Fern v. 41, no. 15, April 9, 1997, p. 95 Antique Trader Weekly AI2814 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  11. Crystal Ornaments on Steel Hoods

    Schlumberger, Eveline

    Schlumberger, Eveline no. 16, May 1981, pp. 50-53 Connaissance des Arts AI8722 ill. Lalique radiator caps CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  12. Vårregn-- under träden en bäck av glas

    Wärff, Göran

    Wärff, Göran no. 3, 1997, pp. 10-11 Kulturspridaren AI5404 ill. A 17th-c. haiku by Basho illustrated on glass in 1955 Additional info: Smälands Museum, Växjö CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  13. Peachblow: Fact vs. Fiction

    Billings, Johanna S.

    Billings, Johanna S. v. 4, no. 1, Spring 1997, p. 1+ Rose Bowl Collectors AI5981 ill. CitationDB Glass History ...

  14. Reviews: Mona Hatoum

    Baker, Kenneth

    Baker, Kenneth v. 95, no. 11, Dec. 1996, pp. 126-127 ARTnews AI1913 ill. San Francisco installation with numerous light bulbs CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  15. Una mostra dedicata a Shiro Kuramata

    Sottsass, Ettore

    Sottsass, Ettore no. 788, Dec. 1996, pp. 53-56 Domus AI5310 ill. In Italian and English Tokyo exhibit (designed by the author) of furniture and interiors by Kuramata; includes glass chairs CitationDB Sottsass, Ettore/Kuramata, Shiro Glass Art 1945- ...

  16. Light Fantastic

    Becker, Vivienne

    Becker, Vivienne Jan. 1997, pp. 26-29 Swarovski AI3948 ill. The "Aurora Borealis" cut glass stone and its use in designer jewelry since the 1950s CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  17. Constructing Inner Space

    Dietz, Paula

    Dietz, Paula Spring 1978, u.p New York Arts Journal AI6773 ill. Christopher Wilmarth, steel and glass sculptor CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  18. The Evolution of Glassmaking Techniques

    Burgoyne, Ian

    Burgoyne, Ian v. 80, no. 1, June 1980, pp. 28-30 Museums Journal AI9198 ill. Pilkington Glass Museum CitationDB Glass ...

  19. La Verrerie d'eclairage

    Laville, Guy

    Laville, Guy no. 8, July 1979, pp. 75-77 Metiers d'Art AI6547 ill. French lighting production CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  20. Isola Murano-- EOS, Glassmaker

    Sato, Madoka

    Sato, Madoka no. 3, Aug. 1993, pp. 87-89 Glass and Art AI5019 ill. In Japanese Visit to EOS glass company in Murano, and Lino Tagliapietra's work Additional info: Tokyo CitationDB Tagliapietra, Lino Glass Art 1945- ...

  21. Bead Research on the Internet

    Karklins, Karlis

    Karklins, Karlis no. 28, April 1996, pp. 9-10. The Bead Forum AI1073 CitationDB Glass beads ...

  22. A Sea of Glass.

    Coleman, Caryl.

    Coleman, Caryl. v. 2, no. 3, Jan./March 1893, pp. 265-285, ill. The Architectural Record, AI7524 General history of stained glass, mostly about St. Denis and Chartres. CitationDB Glass painting & staining CMG ...

  23. The Glass Centre, St Lucia Campus, University of Queensland.


    v. 3, no. 4, Nov. 1996, pp. 2-3, ill. Hot Gas, AI4082 New center for laboratory, industrial, and artistic glassworking. Additional info: Scientific Glassblowers Association of Australia CitationDB ...

  24. Murano


    v. 23, no. 1 (133), 1996, pp. 12-13 The Miniature Bottle Collector AI2455 ill. 1970s bottles of Murano glass CitationDB Bottles ...

  25. A Sensual Experience of Objects


    v. 4, no. 1, Fall 1997, p. 13 American Style AI5223 ill. SOFA exposition in Chicago; piece by Joel Philip Myers CitationDB Myers, Joel Philip Glass Art 1945- ...

  26. Exhibit Mixes History, Design with a Twist of Whimsy


    v. 25, no. 4, June 1, 1996, p. 5 The Daze AI2356 ill. "Shaken, Not Stirred: Cocktail Shakers and Design" exhibit CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  27. Formrevy: Glas-material för konsthantverk

    Ehn, Märit

    Ehn, Märit v. 77, no. 5 (no. 606), 1981, p. 32 Form AI6286 ill. Boda artist Bertil Vallien CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  28. Young Artist of 1997


    no. 2 (66), 1997, p. 58 Form Function Finland AI4661 ill. Light installations by architectural team of Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  29. Health and Safety: Crystalline Silica


    v. 1, no. 1, Fall 1990, p. 6. The Firing Line AI1449 Additional info: Orton Firing Institute, Westerville, OH CitationDB Glass ...

  30. Finds from the Free Grammar School at the Whitefriars, Coventry, c. 1545-c. 1557/58

    Woodfield, Charmian

    Woodfield, Charmian v. 15, 1981, pp. 81-159 Post-Medieval Archaeology AI8037 ill. Beads and vessel fragments CitationDB Glass- Great Britain ...

  31. From Start to Finish: Carnival Glass from Riihimaki, Finland. Part 1

    Smith, Bob

    Smith, Bob no. 14, 1997, pp. 9-14 Network AI5906 ill. Additional info: U.K. CitationDB Glass- Scandinavia ...

  32. Story of Lotton

    Billings, Johanna S.

    Billings, Johanna S. v. 30, no. 1, March 24, 1997, p. 6+ Antique Week AI2802 ill. Charles Lotton Additional info: Eastern edition CitationDB Lotton, Charles Glass Art 1945- ...

  33. Summer of '45

    Dohan, Andrew H.

    Dohan, Andrew H. 1997, pp. 76-77 Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association AI4491 ill. Millefiori and other types of canes made by Corning Glass Works CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  34. News: Cristallo per Isgrò.


    no. 334, Nov. 1994, p. 84, ill. Abitare, AI5574 In Italian and English. Emilio Isgrò's oversized sculpture of the "Tablets of Moses"for Fiam Italia. CitationDB Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  35. Paşabahçe in Turkey

    Asar, Ertan

    Asar, Ertan no. 42, Autumn 1996, p. 8. The Glass Cone AI1985 History of Paşabahçe glassworks in Beykoz, Turkey CitationDB Glass History ...

  36. Recent Developments in Glass Cutting Technology

    Stephens, M

    Stephens, M v. 58, no. 10, Oct. 1981, pp. 329-330 Glass AI9433 ill. Additional info: U.K. CitationDB Glass ...