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  1. Pattern Glass Lamps

    Prime, Mark Coxe

    Prime, Mark Coxe v. 3, no. 3, Fall 1996, p. 17 NewsJournal of the Early American Pattern Glass Society AI2461 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  2. H'in Diamond Marks Heisey

    Howard, Marjorie

    Howard, Marjorie v. 20, no. 9, Jan. 1980, p. 47+ Collectors News AI9893 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  3. Commission Marks 50 Years of Distinguished Glassmaking

    Frantz, Susanne K

    Frantz, Susanne K Winter 1996, p. 6 The Corning Museum of Glass Newsletter AI1902 ill. Lino Tagliapietra is awarded 1996 Rakow Commission CitationDB Tagliapietra, Lino Glass Art 1945- ...

  4. A New Thrust for Marketing Glass Jars Highlights Convenience in Cooking


    v. 101, no. 5, Dec. 1980, pp. 6-7 American Glass Review AI8911 ill. Developing containers to be used in microwave ovens CitationDB Bottles ...

  5. Edles Glas


    no. 4, Dec. 1995/Jan. 1996, p. 24 Art Aurea AI3858 ill. Work of Jack Ink at the Glasmuseum Rheinbach CitationDB Ink, Jack Glass Art 1945- ...

  6. Exhibitions. The Camberwell Collection: Object Lesson

    Haslam, Malcolm

    Haslam, Malcolm no. 144, Jan./Feb. 1997, pp. 55-56 Crafts AI3008 ill. Includes 1950s-1960s glass in a collection originally made for teaching good design principles in British schools Additional info: U.K. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  7. Mixed Tastes

    Davis, Frank

    Davis, Frank v. 167, no. 4305, Jan. 10, 1980, pp. 68-69 Country Life AI8494 ill. Stipple-engraved goblet by David Wolff CitationDB Glass- Netherlands ...

  8. Collecting Difficulties

    Dane, Jeffrey

    Dane, Jeffrey v. 23, no. 8, Aug. 1997, pp. 47-48 Antique Review AI5600 ill. Inkwell collecting CitationDB Glass History ...

  9. The Timeless Elegance of Lalique Glass. A Look at the Glass and Its Maker

    Kaellgren, C. Peter

    Kaellgren, C. Peter v. 10, no. 3, 1977-1978, pp. 14-19 Rotunda AI8764 ill. CitationDB Art Deco Art Nouveau ...

  10. Rodiaka in Achaea

    Papadopoulos, Thanasis J.

    Papadopoulos, Thanasis J. Jones, Richard E v. 13, 1980, pp. 225-235 Opuscula Atheniensia AI7825 ill. Mycenaean beads CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  11. Sklo 20. století v Pardubicích

    Adlerová, Alena

    Adlerová, Alena no. 18, Sept. 1, 1994, p. 12 Ateliér AI4360 ill. English summary 20th-c. glass from the collection of the museum in Pardubice. Work by Marie Glückaufová, Jiřina Žertová, and Dana Zámečníková illustrated CitationDB ...

  12. Mummy Beads. Part 2

    Keggan, Cheryl Lynn

    Keggan, Cheryl Lynn Nov./Dec. 1996, pp. 2-3. Arizona Bead Society Newsletter AI3766 CitationDB Glass beads ...

  13. The Renovation of St. Aloysius

    Menzies, Henry Hardinge

    Menzies, Henry Hardinge v. 91, no. 3, Fall 1996, pp. 188-191 Stained Glass Quarterly AI1646 ill. New Canaan, Connecticut, church windows designed by Frederick Cole of Rohlf's Stained and Leaded Glass CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  14. Glass Finds at Acre Throw New Light on the 'Syro-Frankish' Group

    Engle, Anita

    Engle, Anita Jerusalem: Phoenix Publications, 1982, pp. 35-70 Glass and Religious Man AI8452 ill. CitationDB Glassware, Medieval ...

  15. Chain Gang


    v. 56, no. 4, Aug./Sept. 1996, pp. 46-47 American Craft AI1217 100 artists contribute to making an 85-ft. chain; includes a silver and glass link by Julie Mihalisin CitationDB Mihalisin, Julie Glass Art 1945- ...

  16. Wilhelm Wagenfeld.


    no. 4, Dec. 1995/Jan. 1996, pp. 98-99, ill. Art Aurea, AI3863 Glass stacking dishes by the German designer. CitationDB Wagenfeld, Wilhelm Glass art 1945- CMG ...

  17. Sulphides: Portraits Sealed in Glass

    Albertson, Karla Klein

    Albertson, Karla Klein v. 4, no. 1, June/July 1990, pp. 58-62+ Glass Collector's Digest AI8666 ill. CitationDB Glass History ...

  18. Gettin' Hot in Corning: Hot Glass Horizons '96.

    Sciarabba, Jack.

    Sciarabba, Jack. no. 136, June/July 1996, pp. 20-21. Glass Craftsman, AI1126 Gil Reynolds conducts weekend of lectures and classes. CitationDB Glass CMG ...

  19. Dog Days of August

    Grizel, Ruth

    Grizel, Ruth v. 1, no. 6, Aug. 1997, pp. 2-3 The Glass Animal Bulletin AI5857 ill. Dogs by many companies CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  20. Mosaic Pavements as an Index of Prosperity and Fashion

    Dauphin, Claudine

    Dauphin, Claudine v. 12, 1980, pp. 112-134 Levant AI7720 ill. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  21. Chinese Snuff Bottles in the China Trade

    Curtis, Emily Byrne

    Curtis, Emily Byrne v. 10, no. 2, March/April 1980, pp. 90-99 Arts of Asia AI9314 ill. Also reverse paintings on glass CitationDB Glass- East Asia ...

  22. Beginner's Corner for New Bottleos: The Hamilton or Torpedo

    McRae, Alan

    McRae, Alan v. 3, no. 2, Sept./Oct./Nov. 1996, pp. 22-23. Australian Antique Bottles & Collectables AI2165 CitationDB Bottles ...

  23. Fall Fellowships Awarded


    v. 19, no. 3, Summer 1996, p. 6 The Journal, A Newsletter for Friends of Wheaton Village AI2894 ill. Junichiro Baba, Ken Carder, Melanie Guernsey, Beth A. King CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  24. Murano heute-Wege aus der Sackgasse

    Ricke, Helmut

    Ricke, Helmut no. 2, July 1980, pp. 47-57 Neues Glas AI6581 ill. Italian artists Barbini, Seguso, Vistosi CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  25. The Rare & Unusual

    Nelson, Leland K

    Nelson, Leland K v. 6, no. 6, Dec. 1980, pp. 5-6 Carnival Glass Encore AI9932 ill. CitationDB Glass- United States ...

  26. Zaniklé sklářství ve Smrčné u Jihlavy

    Adler, Jiří

    Adler, Jiří v. 31, no. 7, 1981, pp. 197-198 Sklář a Keramik AI8162 English summary Early history of glassworks in Smrčná near Jihlava CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- Central Europe ...

  27. Magdalen College Chapel West Window

    Guy, John

    Guy, John no. 1, 1997, pp. 14-15 Stained Glass AI4547 ill. Additional info: British Society of Master Glass Painters CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  28. Tools from the Garbanstangle Man

    Rasmussen, Bill

    Rasmussen, Bill v. 10, no. 3, Oct./Nov. 1996, pp. 1-5 Glass Line AI3178 ill. Lampworking tools CitationDB Glass ...

  29. Reviews: Dan Flavin

    Lawson, Thomas

    Lawson, Thomas v. 20, no. 2, Oct. 1981, p. 76 Artforum AI6350 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  30. Memories of the Mechanical Age: Howard Ben Tré's Cast Glass

    Hollister, Paul

    Hollister, Paul no. 3, 1982, pp. 127-133 Neues Glas AI6815 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  31. Der Traum vom Glück: Baccarat in der Wiener Europarat-Ausstellung


    v. 71, no. 9, Sept. 1996, p. 32 Die Schaulade AI1685 ill. Historismus exhibit in Vienna includes glass from Baccarat CitationDB Glass- France ...

  32. Glas aus vier Jahrhunderten

    Prager, Wolfgang

    Prager, Wolfgang v. 52, no. 19, Oct. 1, 1982, p. 2658 Weltkunst AI8275 ill. Germanic pieces on market, Vienna CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- Central Europe ...

  33. Our Forefathers in Glass

    Charleston, Robert J

    Charleston, Robert J v. 21, no. 1, Feb. 1980, pp. 27-36 Glass Technology AI8288 ill. Compares conditions and methods of ancient glassmaking with today CitationDB Glass- Germany Glass- Central Europe ...

  34. Glasgemälde aus dem Besitz...


    1995, p. 111 Historisches Museum Basel. Jahresbericht 1994 AI1562 ill. Acquisition of two windows designed in 1930 by Paul Boesch and executed by Emil Gerster CitationDB Glass Painting & Staining ...

  35. From 'Madison Avenue' to Stained Glass in N.H.

    Roberts, Ed

    Roberts, Ed Summer 1981, p. 8 Glass World News AI7232 ill. Glass Artist Phil Stein CitationDB Flat glass ...

  36. Recognizing and Rendering Period Styles. Part 1

    Goldman, Stu

    Goldman, Stu no. 140, Feb./March 1997, pp. 6-11 Glass Craftsman AI3185 ill. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...