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  1. Studioglas in Japan (28): The Memory of Shadows.

    Baba, Junichiro.

    Baba, Junichiro. Glashaus/Glasshouse, 2010, 2 (2010), p. 2, ill. 1435-8565 AI80177 Internationales Magazin für Studioglas Artist talks about his work. In German and English. CitationDB Baba, Junichiro Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  ...

  2. Lisované sklo z Jiřkova Údoli na Novohradsku. (Pressed Glass from Jirikovo Udoli in the Novohradsko Region).

    Klofáč, Radko.

    Klofáč, Radko. Ars Vitraria, 3, 1971, pp. 62-68, ill. AI82093 In Czech with English, French, Russian and German summaries. CitationDB Glass Central Europe ...

  3. Anatomie eine Glassammlers.

    Strasser, Rudolf G.

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  4. The Examination of Glass in the Museum Laboratory.

    Werner, A. E.

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  5. Canadian Glass.


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  6. Contribuţii la istoria sportului în Dacia Romanǎ. 1. Vasul de sticlǎ cu reprezentarea unei scene de luptǎ din castrul de la Bologa.

    Moşneag, Horea.

    Moşneag, Horea. Apulum: Acta Musei Apulensis, v. 47 (2010), pp. 255-263, ill. 1013-428x AI80998 Description of a Roman bottle, that depicts a boxing scene. English summary, p. 262. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  7. Die Glassammlung Hentrich im Kunstmuseum.

    Saldern, Axel von.

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  8. Exhibitions: Boris Dudchenko.

    Troy, Jack.

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  9. Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award 2011.


    Neues Glas/New Glass, 2011, 3 (Autumn 2011), pp. 71-90, ill. 0723-2454 AI83464 Includes an overview and brief profiles of 25 award recipients. In German and English. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N48 ...

  10. Obsidian Sources Characterized by Neutron-Activation Anaylsis.

    Gordus, Adon A.

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  11. Atelier für die Konservierung von Keramik und Glas.

    Wyss, R.

    Wyss, R. Jahresbericht, Zurich, 79, 1970, pp. 61-63, ill. AI82352 New restoration facilities. CitationDB Glass Germany ...

  12. Üvegkongresszus Prágában.

    Koós, Judith.

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  13. Xponika (Excavations in Rhodes- A Bead Factory, Early 2nd century B. C.).

    Weinberg, Gladys Davidson.

    Weinberg, Gladys Davidson. Archaiologikon Deltion, 23, No. 1, 1968, pp. 441-442, ill. AI83404 CitationDB Glassware Ancient ...

  14. The Chemistry of the Lycurgus Cup.

    The Chemistry of the Lycurgus Cup.

    Brill, Robert H.

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  15. An Introduction to Webb Corbett.

    Hajdamach, Charles R.

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  16. Über die geschichtliche Entwicklung der Glasmanufakturen in Kroatien im XVIII. Jahrhundert.

    Despot, Miroslava.

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  17. An Archaeologist's Guide to Nineteenth Century American Glass.

    Lorrain, Dessamae.

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  18. Empontilling: A History.

    Toulouse, Juluan H.

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  19. Minutes of MCGG Meeting on September 11, 2010.

    Weisberger, William.

    Weisberger, William. Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Group, (Sept. 11, 2010), pp. [1-3], ill. AI80830 Includes profile of artist Eunsuh Choi. CitationDB Choi, Eunsuh Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.M58 ...

  20. The Glass Industry of the Stourbridge District.

    Wodoworth, H. W.

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  21. Where's The Twin?

    Hubbard, Clarence T.

    Hubbard, Clarence T. Antiques Journal, 24, No. 8, August 1969, pp. 5, 28, ill. AI83013 Libbey cut glass set made in 1896. CitationDB Glass United States ...

  22. Au Louvre- Un nécessaire doublement impérial.

    Grandjean, Serge.

    Grandjean, Serge. Plaisir de France, 38, No. 389, May 1971, pp. 20-23, ill. AI82758 For Napoleon I. CitationDB Glass France ...

  23. Gläserfreuden: zart, spröde und edel-Die Sammlung heine in Karlsruhe.

    Petzet, Heinrich Wiegand.

    Petzet, Heinrich Wiegand. Weltkunst, XLI, No. 13, July 1, 1971, pp. 821-822, ill. AI82594 CitationDB Glass Germany ...

  24. Brian Clarke.


    Glashaus/Glasshouse, 2011, 1 (2011), pp. 26-27, ill. 1435-8565 AI81747 Internationales Magazin für Studioglas Review of the exhibition catalog Brian Clarke, Life and Death. CitationDB Glass Painting and Staining Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER ...

  25. A Promising New Glassmaking Centre.

    Sedina, Vladimir.

    Sedina, Vladimir. Glass Review, XXV, No. 7, 1970, pp. 218-219, ill. AI83697 CitationDB Glass Art 1945- ...

  26. Glasgefässe und Glasgegenstände.

    Radnóti, Aladár.

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  27. Tribute to Churchill.


    Illustrated London News, 254, No. 6761, March 1, 1969, p. 24, ill. AI83172 CitationDB Glass Glass art 1945- ...

  28. Sépulture gallo-romaine du Masde-Lors, commune de Saint-Junien-les-Combes.

    Lenoble, Roger.

    Lenoble, Roger. Bulletin, Société Archéologique et Historique du Limousin, XCV, 1968, pp. 35-36, ill. AI83741 Glass urn. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  29. Bohemian Glass Decor in the Style of Jean Berain.

    Drahotova, Olga.

    Drahotova, Olga. Annales du 4 Congrès des Journées Internationales du Verre, Ravenne-Venise...1967, Liège, 1969, pp. 193-199, ill. AI83103 CitationDB Glass Europe, Eastern ...

  30. Hong Kong Auction Review: Bonhams Celebrates Golden Gavel Auction.

    Chu, Clare.

    Chu, Clare. Journal of the International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society, v. 42, no. 2 (Autumn 2010), pp. 33-36, ill. 0734-5534 AI80597 Includes glass snuff bottles. CitationDB Bottles East Asia Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK9507.J86 ...

  31. Reviews: Group Exhibition: 'Domesticity: How We Live,' Morgan Glass Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 8, 2010-January 29, 2011.

    Clark, Vicky A.

    Clark, Vicky A. Glass, no. 121 (Winter 2010/2011), p. 39, ill. 1064-900X AI80811 The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly Review of the exhibition by 11 women artists. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5110.N54 ...

  32. The Ranamok Glass Prize 2010.

    Bond, Clare.

    Bond, Clare. Craft Arts International, no. 81 (2011), pp. 98-101, ill. 1038-846X AI81215 Report on the Sydney exhibition. CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER TT1.C87 ...

  33. British Archaeology Abroad, 1967.

    Emery, W. B.

    Emery, W. B. Antiquity, XLII, No. 166, June 1968, pp. 99-102, ill. AI84346 Excavations at Saqqâre- glass object with praeonomen of Ramses II. CitationDB Glassware, Ancient ...

  34. Collector's Corner: 'What Is It about Lalique Glass?' Rene Lalique, maitre verrier (1860-1945).

    Dawes, Nick.

    Dawes, Nick. The New England Antiques Journal, v. 30, no. 2 (Aug. 2011), pp. 53-55, ill. 0897-5795 AI83066 Career of the artist, with focus on his works in glass. CitationDB Lalique, René Glass France Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK810.N53 ...

  35. Modern Times in the Hall of Tradition at Expo 67.

    Maršíková, Jaromíra.

    Maršíková, Jaromíra. Czechoslovak Glass Review, XXII, No. 6, 1967, pp. 161-164, illus. AI85139 CitationDB Glass Art 1945- Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK5171.C9.G543 ...

  36. Book Review: Frit Secrets-- Condensed: A Flameworker's Guide to Using Reactive Glass Frits.

    Brimo-Cox, Susan.

    Brimo-Cox, Susan. The Glass Bead, v. 17, issue 4 (Autumn 2010), p. 13, ill. AI80489 International Society of Glass Beadmakers Book by Valorie Cox. CitationDB Technology Location:  Periodicals Call Number:  PER NK3650.B362 ...