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  7. Heisses Glas auf hoher See = Hot Glass at Sea with Annette Sheppard and The Corning Museum of Glass.

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  10. Corning's Ribbon Machine.

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  11. How Venice Proves Craft's Pertinence.

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  16. Making a Sangha Stone-- Introducing Buddhist Meditative Techniques to Flameworking.

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  17. Tous les verres de Gallé sout en principe signés.

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  19. Bottles for Britannica.


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  25. Hohe Glasbecher vom Pompejityp mit einer Verzierung, die meistens aus eingeschliffenen, dichtgestellten Furchen oder Facetten besteht.

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  27. Developing Goblet Skills.

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  28. Sbirka skla a porcelánu národního umělce Dr. Ladislava Vycpálka. (The Colelction of Glass of Dr. Ladislav Vycpalek).

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  30. Descendants of New England Glass Craftsmen Keep History Alive....


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  32. How to Make Stainless Steel Molds for Shaping Kilnformed Glass: Inspiring Ingenious Solutions.

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  33. The Hemingway Miniature.

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