Special and Archival Digital Collections

Special & Archival Digital Collections

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[Manuscript of Mappae clavicula] - Library
[De ira Dei ; De opificie Dei sive de hominis formatione; De phoenice]. - Library
The art of glass : wherein are shown the wayes to make and colour glass, pastes, enamels, lakes, and other curiosities / written in Italian by Antonio Neri, and translated into English, with some observations on the author [by C. M., i.e. Christopher Merret]. Whereunto is added an account of the glass drops made by the Royal Society, meeting at Gresham College. - Library
Nouveau tarif du prix des glaces, 1791. - Library
Fra den kunstindustrielle udstilling : erindringsblade / ved C. Nyrop. - Library
La culture artistique en Amérique / S. Bing. - Library
Hawkes cut glass. - Library
De bello Judaico / Josephus. - Library
Actinologia britannica : a history of the British sea-anemones and corals / by Philip Henry Gosse. - Library
The American art of glass / John La Farge. - Library
Documents de bijouterie et orfèvrerie modernes / Paul Follot. - Library
[Untitled] [art original]. - Library
[Untitled] [art original]. - Library
[Sea anemones] [art original]. - Library
Tethys leporina [art original] : linné. - Library
St. Monica [art original]. - Library
Drawings from painted glass in Norfolk / I. Talman. - Library
[Stained glass window design of St. Gobnait for Honan Hostel and Chapel, Cork, Ireland] [art original]. - Library
Coloured sketch for one of two lunettes above The Eve of St. Agnes window [art original]. - Library
Carl Hosch, Haida Bohemia : glasmanufaktur und kronleuchterfabrik = fábrica de cristaleria y de araãs = manufacture de verrerie et fabrication de lustres = fabrica em artigos de cristal e em lustres = fabbrica di cristalli e lampadari = manufacture of glassware and chandeliers = fabriek van glasartikelen en kroonkandelaars. - Library
F. & C. Osler, Calcutta. - Library
Photographs. - Library
Fine china, rich cut glass, catalogue no. 15. - Library
No. 82 [catalog]. - Library
[Milk bottle catalog]. - Library
1908 [lighting catalog]. - Library
Album de lampes électriques, plafonniers et tulipes en émaux translucides vitrifiés. - Library
Glass caskets / manufactured by DeCamp Consolidated Glass Casket Co. - Library
Salviati & C. [picture] : Venise, Grand Canal, S. Gregorio, vis-à-vis le Grand Hôtel. - Library
Glass advertisements from The Keystone. - Library
Le doge de Venise visitant les verreries de Murano [picture]. - Library