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Namdoo Kim | Artist-in-Residence at The Studio

"Children in Korea today are like mass produced toys. They are meant to be all exactly alike, lacking individuality and quality of character, a whole society of people who are easily replaceable and hold little value as individuals, just like mass produced plastic toys or paper dolls,” says Namdoo Kim. See more of his work at Originally from South Korea, Kim currently is a resident artist at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. Kim recived a BFA in glass and ceramic at Hong-ik University in Seoul, South Korea, before earning his MFA in glass at RIT in 2013. A contemporary artist with a focus in “critical-pop art,” Kim uses a sense of sarcasm and pop-style resources to reveal political problems in Korea—specifically the aspects of contemporary Korean society on the relationship between children and parents. Through his work, Kim explores the loss of humanity and individuality today’s capitalist society, using children as an analog for toys, which represent the purity and innocence of childhood.