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How to Pack Glass for Shipping

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Learn how to pack glass for shipping from the expert preparators at The Corning Museum of Glass. This three-part video tutorial features step-by-step instructions of the soft packing/box-within-a-box method and foam cavity method. Also shown are examples of how to create custom packing enclosures for specialty objects.

Download the Tools & Materials Source List: Soft Packing Tools List - Corning Museum of Glass.pdf

Disclaimer: Guidelines for packing and handling are provided by The Corning Museum of Glass for reference only, and duty of care and common sense supersede instructions provided. These guidelines do not replace the advice of qualified professional staff and access to necessary equipment or supplies. The Corning Museum of Glass accepts no responsibility of liability for the quality of work, damage, errors, accidents, injuries, or the acts or omissions of any person not directly employed by The Corning Museum of Glass.

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Published on March 5, 2019