2 Floral Plaque Inlays

Object Name: 
2 Floral Plaque Inlays

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Object Name: 
2 Floral Plaque Inlays
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
(a) H: 3.6 cm, W: 3.2 cm; (b) H: 2.2 cm, W: 1.8 cm
Not on Display
99-75 BC, possibly earlier
Credit Line: 
Gift of Carl Berkowitz and Derek Content
Primary Description: 
(a) Translucent medium blue glass matrix, canes of opaque white, turquoise, opaque red and opaque yellow, pitted surface, devitrifying in brown patches and spalling away; mosaic glass or millefiori technique. Trapezoidal fragment preserves one finished edge of a floral plaque with a central green thistle- like bud with feathery radiating protrusions of yellow cased with red, on the left are simple spheres of opaque white, on the right a sphere of turquoise, possibly cased with yellow in a green ground but entire upper surface is badly devitrified; back surface devitrified as well, uneven with some turbid yellow- green backing glass. (b) Translucent greyish medium blue glass matrix with canes of opaque white, opaque yellow and translucent green, dull surface; mosaic glass or millefiori technique. Fragment preserves no edges but the design of a wheat-like stalk in yellow with a large bud of yellow cased in white on either side, below on left a small round bulb or fruit consisting of long green segments cased with yellow; back retains turbid yellow-green glass with streaks of red.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Former Collection
Berkowitz, Carl, Source
Content, Derek, Source