4 Fragments

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Object Name: 
4 Fragments
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Credit Line: 
Gift of Mrs. Betty Gruene Speir
Primary Description: 
(a) Colorless glass, with yellowish-green tinge; bubbly, probably blown, enameled, gilded. Large, thick-walled vessel; possibly a beaker or bottle; fragment preserves vessel wall and part of base with applied thick trail at base; pattern of red enameled loops lightly drawn to form register of peaks or heart-shape elements which form register above base; gilt decoration over this has worn away; (b) colorless glass, with yellowish tinge; bubbly, thin patches of iridescence on exterior surface; blown, enameled, gilded. Bottle or omom; fragment preserves part of neck, shoulder, and body; lively, stylized ornament in thin red enamel and gilt ring the neck of vessel forming collar with regular triangular projection pointing out and downward to body; traces of more elaborate enamel and gilt decorative motives are placed below this collar; not preserved enough for positive identification; (c) colorless glass, with yellowish-green tinge; bubbly, some dark brown patches of iridescence; probably blown, enameled, gilded. Probably a bottle; fragment preserves part of neck and shoulder; sparse array of thin red enamel lines with gilt decoration ring neck area below which a section of kufic is painted in red enamel and gilt filled; (d) colorless glass, with yellowish tinge; slightly bubbly, unweathered; probably blown, enameled, gilded. Small fragment preserves wall of vessel of unknown shape; thin and delicate red enamel lines form register of kufic; a medallion with a kufic inscription and part of foliate decoration below; both register and medallion gilt filled.
Speir, Betty Gruene, Source
McKearin, George S. (b. 1874), Former Collection