4 Magic Lantern Slides

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4 Magic Lantern Slides

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Object Name: 
4 Magic Lantern Slides
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about 1801-1994
Primary Description: 
Colorless; cut, printed, cold-painted, glued. Four rectangles of colorless sheet glass framed in green paper tape around edges. The slides are divided into three printed segments separated by lines. The two scenes on the right and left illustrate the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. (A) the left illustration shows Ali Baba's journey through the forest with his three donkeys. The right illustration shows the head of the bandits opening the cavern with the magic words: "Open, Sesame". The text in the center panel explains: "Histoire/ d'Ali Baba et de 40/voleurs Exterminés par une/ Escalve No. 1 Voyage à la forêt / il voit la troupe de voleurs./ No. 2 Étants cacher il interdits./ le Chef fait ouvrir la /porte de la Caverne en/Disant : Sésame, ouvre-toi. (B) Left illustration: Ali Baba standing frontally in the cave of the thieves admiring the treasure. On the right: ali Baba loading sacks into the carrying baskets of his donkeys. Text: "No.3 Ali-Baba an admiration dans la/caverne des voleurs.? no 4 il charge ses ânes/ de l'or des voleurs." (C) Left illustration: Ali Baba and his wife dig a hole for the treasure outside their house. Right illustration: Ali Baba rests on a couch smoking his hookah and talking to his wife standing in front of him. Text: "No 5. la femme d'Ali-Baba/ mesure l' or pendant/ quille creuse un trou/ pour le cacher./ No 6. la femme du frère/ d' Ali-Baba dit a son mari/ qu'il mesure l'or au/ boisseaux." (D) Left illustration: Morgiane, standing frontally, pours hot liquid into one of several large copper urns. Right illustration: Morgiane kills the leader of the thieves while he is entertained by her husband and his friends. Text: "Morgiane tue/ les voleurs caché dans/ les vases des cuir./ N 12. Morgiane tue/ le Chef des voleurs qui/ cetait introduit chez/ Ali Baba pour le tur."
Barandes, Rick, Source