Pyrex Electric 4-piece Percolator Prototype

Object Name: 
Pyrex Electric 4-piece Percolator Prototype

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Object Name: 
Pyrex Electric 4-piece Percolator Prototype
Accession Number: 
H: 29.9 cm; L: 22.1 cm
Not on Display
about 1949
Credit Line: 
Gift of Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management
Primary Description: 
Colorless, transparent with blue-gray tint, opaque white, black, and red non-lead glass, white metal, rubber, yarn/thread, stainless steel, aluminosilicate, borosilicate mold-blown, by machine, pressed. a) cylindrical shape; machine finished top rim with pinched and curled lip; top of body rounded in; body has a channel around its circumference about one third of the way down from the rim to the base; metal band with latch in channel; detachable handle attached to body by metal band, "7826H" and "70" pressed into handle; old catalog number "476.82b" written in black ink in lower part of body; flat base with kick-up in center; there is a small tack/screw shaped piece attached to the underside of the top of the kick-up, the head is embedded into the kick-up; b) lid has flange knob; top of lid dome shaped; rim of greater diameter than top of lid and cylindrical insert; insert has two semicircular tabs, one opposite the other, old catalog number "476.82e" written in black ink on inside of insert; raised circle of glass with a diameter of the flange on lid underside, smaller raised circle of glass inside it; "PYREX®" and "MADE IN U.S.A." pressed into underside of lid; c) pump cylindrical shape with wide base; stem thin, machine finished top rim; just below the middle of the stem is a bulbous form; base bell shaped; old catalog number "476.82d" inscribed in black ink underneath base; d) base cylindrical shaped; flat top of base tapers in and up at its center to form conical shape (kick-up of pot fits over it); metal contact piece imbedded in top of conical shape; two tack/screw shaped pieces embedded in flat part of base top, one opposite the other; four equally spaced tabs/extensions on rim; body of base rounds out slightly, four sets of vertical ridges that extend from the top of the rim tabs to the bottom of the body, "E-C/PERC./BASE... For complete description see Notepad: 1998-07-17
Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management, Former Collection