9 Fragments of Mosaic Inlays

Object Name: 
9 Fragments of Mosaic Inlays

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Object Name: 
9 Fragments of Mosaic Inlays
Accession Number: 
Papyrus Stalk L: 2 cm
Not on Display
299-1 BCE
Credit Line: 
Gift of Carl Berkowitz and Derek Content
Primary Description: 
Nine fragmentary elements of mosaic glass inlays composed of canes of translucent yellow-brown, translucent deep blue, translucent yellow-green, opaque red and opaque yellow glass; mosaic glass or millefiori technique, ground and polished on one surface, original backing material preserved. Fragments represent two portions of a large green rosette with red center outlined in black with concentric circles of white, black and red as well as a portion of a composite papyrus column, the upper crust and vertical members preserved, two joining fragments of a wedjet-eye and four unidentifiable elements of similar surface pattern and thickness; some glasses may be cemented together rather than actually fused.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Former Collection
Berkowitz, Carl, Source
Content, Derek, Source
Pre-Roman and Early Roman Glass in The Corning Museum of Glass (1979) illustrated, pp. 219-220, #633; BIB# 29547