Perfume Bottle (Alabastron) with Gold Rim

Object Name: 
Perfume Bottle (Alabastron) with Gold Rim

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Object Name: 
Perfume Bottle (Alabastron) with Gold Rim
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 16.2 cm; Base Diam: 4 cm
On Display
399-200 BCE
Web Description: 
The rim of this vessel broke in antiquity and was replaced with a gold band.
Smith, Ray Winfield (American, 1897-1982), Source
Signorelli, Angelo (Italian), Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Perfume Bottle (Alabastron) with Gold Rim. Translucent deep blue glass, bubbly with slight iridescent film and some pitting, applied trails of opaque white, opaque yellow, and opaque light blue glass; core-formed, trail-decorated and tooled. Rim and part of neck missing, wall bends out from wide almost cylindrical neck to form elongated ovoid shape with almost straight sides and rounded base; entire surface decorated with alternating registers of fine trails wound ten to twelve times before changing color; all threads have been marvered in and dragged alternately up and down sixteen times to form an elaborate and delicate festooned or feathered pattern; somewhat below shoulder blue "ducks head" handles are applied, one is deformed and pulled out across the vessel. The broken neck has been covered with a medium gold cover forming a cap with a series of repousse dots which ring the opening; the opening is further elaborated by a thicker "washer" with two concentric rings of twisted gold wire soldered onto the upper surface. Presumably this regular hole held some type of stopper, the color of the washer and wire is somewhat lighter than the surrounding collar.
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