Aspherical Mirror

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Object Name: 
Aspherical Mirror
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Overall H: 56.2 cm, W: 169 cm, L: 232.4 cm
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Web Description: 
This mirror is actually shaped like a fraction of a sphere, and its focal point is at the center of the sphere. As you approach it, before you reach the focal point, the mirror shows you upside down and makes you appear far away. When you get to the focal point, you suddenly appear right side up and much larger than life. Spherical mirrors like this one are used in flight simulators for training pilots. A projector creates an image on a screen. This image, when reflected in the mirror, looks realistic. It allows pilots to practice taking off, landing, and other activities.
Pilkington Aerospace, Source
Primary Description: 
Aspherical Mirror. Fused silica glass; metal, ground; assembled. Curving concave shape mounted in metal framework.