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Object Name: 
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Overall W: 1.3 cm, Diam: 6.9 cm, Th: .6 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Bequest of Jerome Strauss
Web Description: 
The object answers to the description of the glass bracelets found in the Agora Northeast workshop at Corinth (Gladys R. Davidson, Corinth, vol. XII, The Minor Objects, Princeton, 1952, pp. 83-84 and 262-265, nos. 2145, 2150, 2151, 2157, and 2159). This material was thought by Davidson to date from the 11th and 12th centuries. However, the chronology of the medieval features at Corinth has been the subject of considerable debate, and the bracelets may be somewhat later than originally supposed. The excellent condition of our object, and the fact that intact bracelets of this type appear on the market fairly frequently, suggests that modern imitations may exist -- hence the inclusion of the word "probably" in this catalog entry.
Strauss, Jerome (1893-1978), Source
Primary Description: 
Translucent grayish blue glass, with yellowish white and very pale gray paint or enamel; rod painted softened and bent into circular form so that ends could be joined, manipulated. Bracelet, with triangular cross-section which is flattened where ends of rod were joined; outer surface decorated with continuous band of yellowish white ornament consisting of three circular or oval motifs alternating with three and one-half diamond-shaped motifs (the half diamond motif is overlapped by one end of the rod); all motifs have, at center, quatrefoil or fleur-de-lis reserved against white background, surrounded by dots within white border; in triangular spaces between each pair of motifs and edges of bracelet, pale gray V-shaped element containing three leaves or petals. At edge, opposite flattened area, three short nicks, which appear to be deliberate.