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Overall H: 56 cm, W: 18 cm, D: 17 cm
Not on Display
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Bifurcation reimagines and reinvents traditional glass bangle bracelets for a new purpose and a new audience. Fused, stretched, and recombined, the bangles retain their original pattern and color, but now evoke architecture, spun sugar, and even tangled computer cables. Bidstrup embarked on this body of work following a residency in Chennai, India at ChoChoMa Studios which advocates for the reinvigoration of traditional Indian crafts. -Susie J. Silbert Instagram: @stine.bidstrup
Bidstrup, Stine (Danish, b. 1982), Source
Primary Description: 
Sculpture, "Bifurcation". Colorless, white and black glass; fused, stretched, cold-worked. Colorless, white and black fused and stretched glass amorphous sculpture.
Corning Museum of Glass 2018-05-12 through 2020-01-05
New Glass Now is an international survey of contemporary glass celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Museum’s flagship contemporary publication, New Glass Review. For 40 years, New Glass Review has served as an annual benchmark for contemporary glass, documenting the innovation, dexterity, and creativity of artists, designers, and architects working in this challenging material. New Glass Now also commemorates the 40th and 60th anniversaries, respectively, of two groundbreaking exhibitions in the Museum’s history: New Glass: A Worldwide Survey (1979) and Glass 1959. These landmark exhibitions documented glass on a global scale and brought unprecedented critical and popular attention to the material, its makers, and designers. Just like New Glass Review and its precursor exhibitions, New Glass Now will be curated from an open call for submissions by the Museum’s curator of modern and contemporary glass and a panel of guest curators. Selected entries will be included in both New Glass Review 40 and the exhibition New Glass Now.
Scandinavian Glass – starting all over
Glass Factory, Boda 2017-09-30 through 2017-11-11
Finnish Glass Museum 2017-11-23 through 2018-03
Glasmuseet Ebeltoft 2018-04-21 through 2018-09-23
'Scandinavian Glass – starting all over’ is a collaboration between three highly estimated Scandinavian museums – Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in Denmark, The Glass Factory in Sweden and The Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki, Finland – which aims at redefining the future for glassmaking. The project has been supported by The Nordic Culture Fund as part of their focus on ´handmade’ art and craft. The practice and the context of glassmaking have changed dramatically over recent years. Large-scale glass production, which used to be at the core of the economy and development within craft and design, is practically non-existent today. The collapse of the glass industry has therefore, resulted in a gap, which ‘Scandinavian Glass – starting all over’ aims to fill by a number of activities, most prominently through a touring exhibition, focussing on new and current tendencies within Scandinavian glass – the most comprehensive presentation within the last two years.
:(infra) structures (2019) illustrated, pp. 52-53; BIB# 720507
Scandinavian glass--starting all over (2018) illustrated, p. 46;