Bottle with Calligraphic Inscription

Object Name: 
Bottle with Calligraphic Inscription

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Object Name: 
Bottle with Calligraphic Inscription
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Overall H: 25.4 cm, Diam: 16.5 cm
Not on Display
Web Description: 
Dutch calligraphy on glass is one of the peaks in the history of glass. A few artists residing in or around Leiden developed this art to perfection. Among them was the schoolmaster Bastiaan Boers (1650-1713). He and his son Marten also published a copybook with examples of calligraphy. Bastiaan Boers did not pursue glass engraving as a profession. Like many of his fellow artists, he remained an amateur. Nine works signed by him are known today. Boers dedicated this bottle to his wife, Helena Willem Juyst.
Dantzig, M. M. van, Source
Primary Description: 
Clear very bubbly glass with slight greenish tinge; free-blown and engraved. (a) Spherical body with slight kick and rough pontil mark at base, slender almost cylindrical neck with thickened lip having sloping edge, applied ring collar below rim; (b) conical stopper with solid spherical finial; on the body: "De vriendschap is's levens zout" surrounded by flourishing ornaments in calligraphic style; at bottom of neck in small letters: "Helena Willem Zuyht (?)", at base around pontil mark: "B. Boers Warmont 20 April 1697".
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