Bottle with Rosettes

Object Name: 
Bottle with Rosettes

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Object Name: 
Bottle with Rosettes
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 10.2 cm, Diam (max): 6.7 cm
Not on Display
800-999 or later
Primary Description: 
Bottle with Rosettes. Transparent pale green, with very many bubbles (some are more than 1 cm long) and few brown or black stones. Blown; pincered. Bottle with pear-shaped body. Rim plain, with rounded lip; mouth curves down and in; neck is short and cylindrical, with continuous horizontal bulge near bottom; shoulder narrow and almost flat; wall curves down and out to greatest diameter, which is near bottom, and then in; base shaped like narrow disk, with flat bottom; pontil mark is roughly circular (D. about 1 cm). Pincered decoration on body below greatest diameter: six identical, contiguous or almost contiguous oval motifs (H. about 2 cm, W. about 2.9 cm) decorated in relief. Each motif has central dot surrounded by seven smaller oval dots. Underside of base has seven or eight faint radial lines, which are not part of the decoration but presumably reflect marks on the marver or similar surface, against which the parison was pressed.
Nahman, Maurice (French, 1868-1948), Former Collection
Montbault, Mrs. C. de la Haye, Source
Islamic Glass in the Corning Museum of Glass Volume Two (2014) illustrated, p. 139-140, #850; BIB# 113723