Lobed Bowl

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Object Name: 
Lobed Bowl
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 6.8 cm, Diam: 17 cm
On Display
125-50 BCE
Primary Description: 
Lobed Bowl. Colorless glass with grey tinge, bubbly with dull surface and pitting on exterior, deeper worm tracks and some iridescence on interior; cast or sagged, wheel-cut, and polished. Deep bowl with twelve large bosses protruding from body, thick rounded rim bends in and down to form gentle convex profile with slightly flattened base, interior below rim is profiled with two lathe-cut grooves, the first slightly wider than the second; a band 2.5 cm high below the rim has been lathe-polished, the lower section 5 mm wide has been profiled into a horizontal band just above the large ovoid lobes which project below; three wheel-cut grooves decorate the bottom of the bowl and from this a rosette with six pointed petals alternate with broad "leaves"; these leaves are formed by the wide grooves which intersect the horizontal band below the rim; the pointed petals which are outlined by the same wheel and split with a medium line stop ca. 1 cm below this line; a lobe falls between each petal and "leaf".
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