1-1/2 Liter Pyrex "Cinderella" Bowl

Object Name: 
1-1/2 Liter Pyrex "Cinderella" Bowl

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Object Name: 
1-1/2 Liter Pyrex "Cinderella" Bowl
Accession Number: 
H: 8.7 cm; Diam: 19 cm; L: 23.6 cm
Not on Display
Credit Line: 
Gift of Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management
Web Description: 
Interesting Facts about Pattern: - Colonial Mist was designed to accompany the Corelle Dinnerware pattern of the same name. - In the 1988 a four-piece clear Mixing Bowl set was released with the same pattern, but was marketed as “White Lace.” - Colonial Mist was the last opal PYREX pattern ever designed before production ceased in 1986. Pattern Description: Colonial Mist was designed to accompany the Corelle Dinnerware line of the same name. Released to the public in July 1983 this floral pattern was either white on a blue background or blue on a white background. The exception to this is the release of a clear four-piece Mixing Bowl set in the mid-1980s, which has a white band of daisies circumnavigating the bowl. However, the clear set was called “White Lace” rather than Colonial Mist and had a limited release. As usual, when sold as a set the mixing bowls alternated colors, but the nesting mixing bowls were also released as individual items. These had a blue background with a white printed pattern, so that the 402 and 404 bowls exist in two forms. By the 1980s the Pyrex dishes were marked with metric units only and Colonial Mist is no exception. As one of the last patterns to be produced on opal Pyrex, Colonial Mist does not include a refrigerator set, oval casseroles, or any ovenware pieces. It was discontinued in 1986 when opal Pyrex was no longer made.
Pattern Name: 
Colonial Mist
Corning Inc., Dept. of Archives and Record Management, Former Collection
Primary Description: 
1-1/2 Liter Pyrex "Cinderella" Bowl in "Colonial Mist" Pattern. Translucent white glass; blue enamel; white decoration non-lead and opalware glass; pressed, tempered, screen printed; hemispherical shape; machine finished rim with two lips, one lip wider than the other, top of both lips pressed in and tapered down; exterior of bowl blue, interior white, same printed white floral design on each half of bowl, design is a horizontal array of daisies, design breaks underneath lips; body rounded in toward bottom; bowl has ring foot; flat circular base with "442 1-1/2 L / PYREX / FOR OVEN AND / MICROWAVE / NO STOVETOP / OR BROILER / CORNING N.Y. USA / 2" pressed into it.