Box with Cover

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Object Name: 
Box with Cover
Accession Number: 
Overall H: 5.2 cm, Diam (max): 4.4 cm
On Display
about 1-50
Primary Description: 
Translucent deep blue, emerald-green and amethyst glass bands with opaque white bands and colorless bands casing gold foil, interior retains thick white iridescent weathering crust, exterior probably recently reground; mosaic or gold band glass technique, lathe-cut. Band groups have been laid into mold in three sections both in lid and body; the configuration begins with a central band of amethyst cased by a thin band of white and surrounded by a wide band of colorless glass with shattered gold in turn cased by a thin band of emerald-green to yellow- green glass. (a) Body, straight-sided cylindrical form with sharply beveled rim to receive lid, light lathe-cut groove on body immediately below lip, a second highlights the lower part of the body before the wall bends in sharply to form a flat base with two lightly cut concentric circles decorating the base. (b) Lid, ground rim, cylindrical form with rounded shoulder, small solid cylindrical handles in center of top of shallow lathe-cut decoration (2.5 cm diam.).
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