Matchbox Containing Assorted Glass Parts of Marine Animals (4 Types)

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Matchbox Containing Assorted Glass Parts of Marine Animals (4 Types)

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Object Name: 
Matchbox Containing Assorted Glass Parts of Marine Animals (4 Types)
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Matchbox H: about 1.9 cm, W: 6 cm, D: 3.7 cm
Not on Display
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Leopold and Rudolf made different glass body parts ahead of time to streamline and standardize their production process. Only after receiving an order would they compile these parts into a model by assembling them with metal wires and glue. Once assembled, the model was painted and embellished to appear as realistic as possible. Although both father and son participated in all aspects of production, Leopold preferred to make the glass, while Rudolf concentrated on painting and finishing the models. These 40 matchboxes house premade glass parts for making a variety of invertebrate models. The collection demonstrates the Blaschkas’ meticulous attention to detail and organization. A matchbox case typically contains written text and an illustration disclosing its contents. Vibrant flames of colored glass attached to wire supports, wispy tendrils, groups of thin glass hairs, little eyes (“Kleine Augen”), and Tubularia grapes (“Tubularia Trauben”) are all stored securely in boxes.
Botanical Museum of Harvard University, Source
Pones, Gertrude (German), Former Collection
Primary Description: 
Match Box Containing Assorted Glass Parts of Marine Animals (4 Types). Colorless, white, and pink glasses, wood, paper; lampworked, assembled. Assorted glass parts of marine animals separated into four groups of similar parts: colorless glass hemispheres, curved pink shapes, white globular shapes, each with two attached loops, and one colorless glass rod. Glass parts stored in two-part match box covered in blue paper. Rectangular yellowed paper label with German inscription pasted on top of box.