Calligraphy Set in Original Presentation Box

Object Name: 
Calligraphy Set in Original Presentation Box

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Object Name: 
Calligraphy Set in Original Presentation Box
Place Made: 
Accession Number: 
(a) Water Dish H: 3.7 cm, Diam (max): 11.4 cm; (b) Seal H: 11 cm, W: 3.8 cm, D: 3.4 cm; (c) Brush Rest H: 3.1 cm, W: 9.7 cm, D: 4.1 cm; (d) Ink Stone H: 1.4 cm, Diam (max): 10.2 cm; (e) Wrist Rest H: 1.5 cm, W: 8.5 cm, D: 8.5 cm
Not on Display
probably 2015
Credit Line: 
Gift of the Shanghai Museum of Glass
Primary Description: 
Calligraphy Set in Original Presentation Box. The set contains a (a) Brush Washer, (b) Seal, (c) Brush Rest, (d) Inkstone, and (e) Wrist Rest containing lavender-scented fill. The glass elements (a-d) are constructed primarily of dark purple, seemingly black, glass with small amounts of white glass. Both glass colors softly fade into one other in some areas, while a strong contrast between the two is found in other areas. The (a) Brush Washer is a short, circular, straight-walled dish with one area of white glass that covers both a portion of the object’s wall and base. The (b) Seal has a square base with elongated-rectangular body that terminates in a sculptural form resembling a small piece of coral. The undulating form of the (c) Brush Rest also resembles coral and the white glass appears smoke-like on the upper portion of the dark purple, seemingly black, base. The (d) Inkstone is concave and circular, with a smoke-like area of white glass surrounded by mottled white glass specks. The (e) Wrist Rest is a square fabric pillow containing lavender-scented fill. Each of the objects fits securely inside (f-h) a custom-built, fabric-covered wood presentation box. The box includes a flat cover, and outer lid.
Shanghai Museum of Glass, Source
[presumably artist's signature in Chinese characters]
Stamped (e) on corner of wrist rest in red ink
[presumably artist's signature in Chinese characters]
Molded intaglio (c) on base of brush rest